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[Day 5] Current Beauty Wishlist

january girl fashion beauty wishlist makeup blog what is in my wishlist

Hi guys and welcome to day five of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge! I don't remember when was the last time I shared with you my beauty wishlist, so today I'm going to show you what are my current makeup, beauty and skincare cravings. What can be better than a little window shopping? It always helps me to raise up my mood and helps me to prevent rash purchases.

[Day 4] First Aid Beauty | Makeup Survival Kit

all you need for makeup look how to gather makeup bag kit school work office

Probably everyone was in situation,  when you need desperately need to create a beautiful makeup look in hurry. Today is day four of my 30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge and I'm going to talk about essential makeup products you need for a perfect face. Forget about bulky and heavy makeup bag full of products you never use! You need only few makeup products to create a full face makeup and be ready to rock, even if you are on a desert island.

[Day 2] My Blogging Routine

My Blogging Routine blog organization blog posts schedule how to january girl successful blog
Picture by Corinne Kutz
Blogging is a difficult task, that demands concentration, inspiration and dedication, especially if you plan to work on your blog on a regular basis. In the very begging of my blogging journey it was very hard to catch the right rhythm and find an inspiration for my blog posts. Today I continue my 30 Day Blogger Challenge and I'm going to talk about my usual blogging routine, how I plan my blog posts and where I find inspiration and new interesting topics.

[Day 1] 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge

beauty fashion blogger month 30 day challenge intro how to january girl
Picture by Arnel Hasanovic
In the end of the previous year I have experienced a slow stagnation on my blog. I had no energy and inspiration to develop and provide a quality content here on January Girl. Everyday and every night I was thinking about this complicated blog moment and did not think of anything better, than to return back to the origins. To distract my very own mind and put this dysfunctional energy in more productive stream I've decided to challenge myself with a 30 Days Blog Challenge.