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Why Brazilian Hair Extensions Are The Best?

real hair guide how to choose pick the best virgin hair

Nowadays a lot of women purchase natural hair extensions to keep up with beauty trends, other women like to use hair extensions to create an extra volume and length for their thin hair. Regardless of the reasons, the higher is the quality of a real hair weave the better are the final results. A higher-quality hair extensions will serve you longer, unlike a cheaper and low-quality hair.

Coachella Beauty Festival Makeup Tutorial

boho indian inspired coachella makeup look brown eyes

Coachella is the most popular art, music and fashion festival in the world that brings together thousands of talented people together to celebrate diversity. This festival is a perfect place for all artistic people, who like to be different and express themselves through fashion, music and art pf makeup. Tired of boring casual fashion, social rules and everyday neutral makeup

All About Postpartum Belly Wraps

belly area abdominal muscles after birth blogger before after

Every new mom wants to return to her pre-pregnancy weight and body shape as fast as possible. Apart from healthy mommy diet, well-planned exercising and healthy lifestyle, there is one more thing that can help you to tone your abdominal muscles - a good postpartum belt. Of course postpartum belts aren't miracle cure for everything, but they can play an important role in post-pregnancy recovery.