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Living Coral New Year Spotlight Makeup Look & Step By Step Tutorial

festive new year eye makeup look tangerine orange blushing living coral eye inspired by pantone 2018 color of a year

According to the latest Pantone color report 'living coral' will be the color of the next 2019 year. Lively, bright and eye-catching 'living color' is a perfect blend between tangerine and sweet watermelon hues. I'm in love with this shade, it makes blue, green and brown eyes stand out! That's why this New Year night I'm definitely going to wear 'living coral' color on my eyes and strongly suggest you to try it out as well. Follow this easy step by step makeup tutorial for a festive and vivid spotlight New Year eye makeup!

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Wedding DJ

wedding arty music ideas how to chose music for wedding

Image Source: Pixabay

The wedding reception is always a time to let your hair down, and your choice of music (and DJ) could be the difference between a hit and an epic fail. It isn’t simply a question of playing any music and letting things develop on their own, as a skilled DJ can pick up the partygoers’ vibes and capitalise on that by introducing tracks that the people simply must dance to. Knowing your audience in the key to a successful DJ party session, and if you are soon to be hiring such a professional, here are some things to consider before making a commitment.

Cranberry Red Glitter Eyeliner Look For Christmas | Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

maquiagem festiva de natal vermelho passo a passo tutorial delineador glitter bloguiera

Ladies and gentlemen, it is only few weeks left until the best and most highly anticipated time of a year. Christmas Eve is all about saturated holiday colors, sparkling glitter, delicious food and deep conversations with your best friends and relatives. Whether you are planning to spend your Christmas day and night with your family, colleagues or the person you love, you are going to need a nice holiday makeover! So now, when we have decided to give our nails a glamorous cranberry red manicure it is time to think about a matching and equally festive makeup look. Is there anything more Christmas appropriate, than cranberry red glitter? Red sparkles will beautifully fit the glamorous red nails and the overall celebratory atmosphere of Christmas party.