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If you would like to contact me, ask a question, or simply say 'hi' please don't hesitate and email me at I will be happy to talk to you. For a small chat, you can simply tweet me, my Twitter (X) account is @melanfolia. I always reply to all the tweets and mentions, see you there! Additionally, you can find my social media by clicking on the corresponding images on the footer to the left. You can also contact me via the form below.

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Let’s Grow Together

As a content writer and blogger, I value all collaboration opportunities, especially with new brands, small businesses, and fellow creators seeking to learn and grow together. Therefore, I may accept guest posts, backlinks, and clickable banners on my blog, but only if they offer valuable and useful content to my readers and followers.

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Do your products empower individuals to feel confident and embrace their unique beauty? If so, we might be a perfect fit! We only partner with brands that offer high-quality, relevant content that resonates with our readers.

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If you are a brand, company, or small business and would like to contact me regarding PR samples or any other work opportunity, please, feel free to email me at (Melanfolia Blogs). I will contact you back in no time!

What is a PR Sample?

Some of the amazing products you see here might have been sent to me as press samples. This means I get to try them out before you do and share my honest thoughts. As of March 2014 anything marked with an asterisk (*) indicates that the product has been sent to me as a PR sample for review consideration.

Rest assured, my reviews are always 100% genuine. Just because a product is a gift doesn't mean it gets a free pass! I'm here to give you the real scoop on what works and what's worth your hard-earned cash.