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Throughout my early and even late teenage years I've always been self-conscious about my petite breast size. It seemed like every girl around me grew and became more feminine, while my body never changed. For a very long time, this part of my body harmed my self-perception. At times I felt less of a woman, just because my body was different from all the girls around me and the women I saw in movies and magazines. 

The years went by and the older I become, the more appreciation I gain for the way I look. My bust size hasn't changed much, but I started looking and finding positive aspects of having petite sizes. Now, I'm absolutely sure that small breasts can be just as attractive and sexy as their larger sisters, especially if you pick up the right faceting for the gems. Here are a few of my favorite lingerie styles and materials, which will make you feel feminine and dashing even if you are an owner of a tiny breast size.

Basic Nude Bra

Let me start with the ultimate must-have lingerie piece for anyone who has breasts — the basic nude bra. I know this sounds like a cliché, but there are lots of girls who struggle to find this type of lingerie. It is absolutely mandatory to have a perfect fit bra that has similar to your natural skin tone color. The basic nude bra shouldn't have bumpy decorations, voluminous lace details, or rhinestones details. 

The more simple is the model, the more occasions it will fit. You can wear such a smooth, almost seamless bra under a regular white (it won't be noticeable) or black tee, under a see-through chiffon blouse, or under a regular button-up shirt. A basic nude bra should be able to fit most of your basic wardrobe staples.

young woman wearing a see-trhough pink bralette
Photo:  Alberto Stragapede

Strapless Bra

We all know that 'invisible' bra straps aren't actually invisible. Even Jenna Marbles made fun of 'invisible' straps in her famous video What Your Bra Means. I feel like those straps actually attract even more attention, than a regular bra's straps. Thus, it is nice to have another basic bra in your fashion collection, but this time a strapless bra. You can get a 2-in-1 bra with removable straps, just make sure to find a model with a wide under-bust band, so it stays put all day long. My personal favorite is a nude balconette bra with smooth cups. Wear such a strapless bra with strapless tops and dresses or one-shoulder garments.

Lace & Strappy Bralette

Undistinguished, barely-there bralettes are my favorite kind of bras for a small breast. Strangely, I feel my best in a cute bralette with delicate lace or mesh. Of course, such bras won't provide enough support and coverage, they primarily exist to emphasize the beauty of everyone's body. Little to no padding, silk, satin, or even thin cotton material allows your skin to breathe while a subtle see-through lace adds sophistication. Bralettes usually have no underwire so you'll feel comfortable all day long. 

woman with a small breast in a lace bodysuit
Photo: Daria Sannikova

Breast Petals

Sleek and invisible breast petals (or nipple covers) are useful for anyone who has nipples and isn't ready to free them just yet. On days when I don't feel like wearing any bra at all, silicone covers come in handy, covering just the right amount of boob area. They come in different shapes and colors, there are even special nipple covers for men. The ideal breast petal should feel lightweight on the skin and be made of soft material that won't slip off during the day.

Bodies or Bodysuits

When it comes to more sexy lingerie for 'special' occasions I prefer see-through bodies or bodysuits that fit tight on a figure but still feel comfortable. As much as I like beautiful lingerie sets with bustiers and underwire baby dolls. They never look great on my small breasts. Thankfully, I learned to appreciate the simplicity of sleek silhouettes and fell in love with see-through bodysuits. I have special feelings for bodysuits with long and short sleeves, you can even wear such a piece for a night out if you style it fashionable with other clothes from your wardrobe.

young woman with small breast in a black calvin klein top and jeans
Photo: Aiony Haust

Ruffled Swimsuits

Wearing swimsuits have always been my biggest insecurity. In fact, I rarely meet a girl who feels comfortable in a bikini. In the past, I always wore swimsuit tops with large padding, often larger than I actually needed, and hard underwire. These constructions never made justice neither for my body type nor for my bust but, is what I chose to wear to hide the small size. If you desire just a little bit more coverage on the décollete area, opt for ruffled swimsuit tops. Flirty ruffles, decorations, and folds of material will add more volume in this area, balancing out the figure.

Sport Bras

Unfortunately for us all, petite breasts are just as prone to sagging as the larger sizes. They can get tender during active workouts, therefore require extra support. The model of a small bra for smaller breasts should depend on the sport you are practicing. For moderate exercising like yoga, Pilates, and swimming you won't need to invest in fancy models. 

Stop your choice of models that won't constrain your movement and allow the skin to breathe. Cotton is my fabric of choice, especially during the summer. If you give preference to active sports like running or team sports, then it is better to find a sports bra that will provide serious support underneath the breast area, because the weight of the breast should be supported by the bra's band.

That's all for today, lovelies, I hope you'll find these tips useful and they will help you to finally overcome the insecurities you have. Thank you for the visit, please let me know in the comments if you have any other petite breast hacks or fashion tips in your mind. I will be happy to adopt your ideas. Talk to you all very soon, hugs, kisses, and stay safe!

Lots of love,