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[Day 30] How To Look Great Without Makeup | No Makeup Selfie

girl without makeup, clean skin tips

I'll be honest with you, guys, posting this no makeup selfies is a little bit uncomfortable for me, but only a few years ago this would be absolutely impossible. But as the years went by I started to realize that every person looks beautiful in their own skin. There is absolutely no need to invest a huge amount of money on expensive skin care products and makeup to be good-looking with no makeup. It is day thirty and today we are going to discuss how to look good and feel comfortable without any makeup.

[Day 29] How I Did My Makeup In High School | Then Vs.Now

30 days beauty blogger challenge january girl liz breygel

High school is the best and the worst time of our lives. I definitely don't want to ever go back to high school, but with a huge interest want to analyze how I did my high school makeup. Welcome guys to the 29th day of my challenge and today we are going to go back in time and look at how horrible my makeup was about ten years ago.

[Day 28] Favorite Makeup Trick | Poreless, Doll-Like Skin

30 days beauty blogger challenge make your pores disappear vanish

Hi everyone, welcome to the day number 28 of 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge Today I'm going to share with you my favorite makeup trick, which I learned from my favorite makeup artist Wayne Goss. It is an easy and fast makeup technique, that helps you to immediately make your pores disappear. 

How To Wear Bodycon Dress | Style Guide

pretty women in yellow bodycon dress

Sexy and stylish tight fitting bodycon dresses are probably the hottest garments ever made! But how to make your bodycon dress look just as flattering as Kim Kardashian's? Tight fitting nature of bodycon dress can make it hard to pull off, but there is nothing impossible for fashionable ladies, is there? With the spring fashion season rapidly approaching our wardrobes, I've gathered the most trendy and flattering bodycon dresses for women, together with a fashion store FashionMia.

[Day 26] Typical Beauty Blogger Problem | Things Every Beauty Blogger Should Know

30 thirty day days beauty blogger challenge

Hi everyone and happy Friday, I hope you are doing great and ready for day number 26 of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge. I've been blogging since May 2013 and had many successes and failures throughout my path. Today I want to share with you some of the most common problems I have encountered as a beauty blogger, while working with beauty brands, fashion stores, and creating new content. And of course give you some tips that will help you avoid these issues.

[Day 23] Beauty Essentials Every Beauty Lover Should Have

beauty essentials

At times choosing beauty and makeup products can be overwhelming, but do we actually need all those products on the market? Luckily, the answer is no! Today I'm going to share with you a few basic beauty must-haves every girl is going to use in her beauty routine, without spending all of her budget on unnecessary products. Who needs to pay for expensive face mask, when at home avocado mask is just as good?

[Day 22] Taylor Swift - End Game | Celebrity Makeup Tutorial

get the look taylor swift makeup step by step tutorial hair

Hi everyone, are you ready for 22th day of my challenge? Today we are going to try out Taylor Swift's makeup look from one of her latest music video 'End Game'. Basically, her makeup is a glammed-up everyday look with some cat eyeliner and posh lips. All you need for this makeup is a deep red lipstick, liquid or cream eyeliner and a very basic contouring palette. You can use cream contouring palette or powder contouring, whatever technique you like more. I'm not trying to look like Taylor, just want to recreate the gorgeous makeup look she is wearing in her music video.

Best Wedding Themes Ideas For 2018 | Part 2 Bridesmaid Dresses

beautiful woman on the field in prom dress

Hi everyone and welcome to the second part of the Best Wedding Themes Ideas For 2018, today with a help of online store MillyBridal we are going to find out how to choose a perfect bridesmaid dress for your wedding. Choosing beautiful bridesmaid dresses is as important as choosing your own wedding gown, because you want your girlfriends to look just as flattering as yourself on wedding day. I've tried to pick few bridesmaid dresses, that look very comfortable and your bridesmaids can wear them more than just once.

[Day 20] Top Favorite Makeup YouTubers

[Day 20] Top Favorite Makeup YouTubers by Liz Breygel on January Girl blog

YouTube takes up a very huge spot in my everyday life. I write my blog posts, cook and even sleep together with my tablet, where some interesting video plays in the background. YouTube video are the reason behind my makeup addiction and today on day 20th of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge I want to share with you some of my favorite YouTubers. These people inspire me and lead me through the path of makeup journey. 

Best Wedding Themes Ideas For 2018 Part 1

loving couple is curdling and sitting next to the lake

There are so many touching and thrilling wedding themes and sometimes it is so hard to choose one that will be perfect for you and your future husband. Today we are going to take a look at some of the hottest wedding themes for the year 2018. With a help of online store MillyBridal I'll give you some interesting ideas and advises, that will help to make your dream wedding become a reality.

[Day 19] First Date Makeup Tutorial

how to look great first date makeup and hair pictures ideas january girl

Everyone knows the importance of the first impression, even Coco Chanel claimed, that we will not have a second chance to make a first impression. Welcome to the nineteenth day of my extremely long-lasting 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge and today I'm going to show you how to create a very simple, light and innocent makeup look for your very first day.

[Day 18] Perfect Instagram Eyebrow Step By Step Tutorial

how to fill in your eyebrows eye brow simple easy makeup tutorial

Hi, everyone, day 18 of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge I would like to dedicate to eyebrows. I know that some girls still struggle to get the desirable effect Instagram eyebrows. Of course, you can go to a fancy beauty salon and pay expensive for microblading your natural brows. But what if I say that you can easily shape your eyebrows at home, using only a few basic makeup products. All you need is an eyebrow product of your choice: brow pomade, powder or pencil. Foundation or concealer to clean up the edges, spoolie and a small synthetic brush for application and blending. Follow this easy step by step eyebrow tutorial to learn how to fill in your eyebrows at home.

Easy Floral Spring Nails With Nail Stickers

step by step nail art tutorial january girl born pretty store nail supplies

Hello, everyone, how are you feeling today? Pretty nails is the best way to cure a bad mood and melancholy, slightly adding a variety in your routine. I don't know about you guys, but I can already feel the spring mood rushing in the air. That's why today I want to show you how to create these beautiful spring inspired manicure with the help of Floral Nail Art Stickers* by one of my favorite nail and beauty stores Born Pretty Store. 

[Day 16] Morning Beauty Routine

morning routine

Good morning, beauties, how do you feel today? Today I would like to share with you my morning beauty routine and tell you a little bit about the products I love to use. First off I would like to start my morning with a glass of water. I have dry to combined skin type and experience some complications with water consumption, so this step is especially important to me. Staying hydrated is crucial for a proper functioning of the body and for healthy skin.

[Day 15] Monochrome Makeup Look | Ultra Violet

30 days beauty blogger challenge makeup step by step tutorial pictures brown eyes

Hi everyone, welcome to the day 15 of the 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge, the half of the challenge is in my blogging past, but the better half is just going to happen. Today I want to share with you this incredibly mysterious and seductive Ultra Violet monochrome makeup look. Monochrome makeups are very easy and fun to create. You can use any color that you like and that looks beautiful on you. Here is the list of the products I used to create my Ultra Violet look.

[Day 14] Five Favorite Blogs To Read

beauty fashion blog bloggers to ready check out today

Hi everyone, today I'm going to share with you my top five favorite blogs that I read from time to time. To tell the truth it was a very complicated task to choose only five blogs, especially because some of the bloggers stopped posting their content regularly and I really wanted you to check them out. But, despite that, I still come back to these resources for some inspiration and that's why I included them in my today's blog post.

[Day 12] Everyday Natural Makeup Look | Step By Step Tutorial

easy simple day everyday eye makeup for brown eyes matte eyeshadow janaury girl

Hi everyone, today is day twelve of my 30 Days Blogger Challenge and today I'm going to show you my everyday makeup look and even share with you a very simple step by step tutorial, so you can also try out this natural makeup. The main everyday makeup rules I follow are: light nude colors, seamless blending and matte finish. Neutral matte eyeshadows always look better and more natural on the skin, than shimmer finishes. Find your perfect nude colors, that will beautifully complement your skin complexion. For your eyebrows try to use matte powder, instead of a regular brow pencil or brow pomade to make them look more natural.

[Day 11] Favorite And Least Favorite Makeup Trends

beauty blogger makeup strobing contouring colored eyebrows mascara glitter trend glossy eyelids

Hi guys and welcome to day 11 of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge. Today we are going to discuss some of my favorite and least favorite makeup trends. I believe that every makeup trend out there has its right to be popular and, obviously, most of them are going to disappear, but sooner or later we are going to catch them once again. That's why today we are going to looks at some of these trendy look once again.

How To Wear All-Black Outfit:Total Black Outfit Ideas

How To Wear All-Black Outfit:Total Black Outfit Ideas

You've definitely heard about the Golden Globes 2018 ceremony and all black dress code. Hollywood movie stars, like Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Watson, Viola Davis and many others appeared on the red carpet wearing all black dresses and suits to support a campaign against sexual harassment Time's Up. All nominees were in beautiful black garments and I thought they all were looking so great.

[Day 10] Rock The Night | Party Makeup Step By Step Tutorial

30 thirty days beauty blogger challenge january girl beauty makeup blogger

Hi everyone, I can't believe it is already day 10 of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge and 1/3 of the challenge is already in the past. Anyway, today I'm going to show you my personal favorite Party Makeup Look. Pantone, the global color authority revealed The Color Of Year 2018 and it turned out to be Ultra Violet. I've decided to add this gorgeous color to my makeup look. This party makeup look is super easy and fun to create and it looks gorgeous on every eye color. Follow these simple steps to achieve the look.

[Day 9] What's In My Bag?

fashion beauty blogger liz breygel what is in my makeup bag wallet purse

Zaful Crossbody Mini Bag | S. Oliver Outstanding Women | MP3 Mini Player | Molang Diary | Lip Balm | Hair Ties | Essence Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss | Lime Crime Velvetines Lipstick | Oversized White Watch | Skinue Mini Cream | Ring Set | 

Hi everyone and welcome to the ninth day of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge. Today I'm going to reveal my most intimate secrets and turn my mini bag inside out, just to show you what's in it! I will try to keep this blog post as honest as possible, but I'm going to save you from unnecessary trifles like old receipts and chewing gum wrappers. So, let us begin!

[Day 8] Favorite Fashion Style | Grunge

[Day 8] Favorite Fashion Style | Grunge

Hey guys and welcome to the day number eight of my 30 Days Blogger Challenge. Today I'm going to talk about my favorite grunge fashion style and inform you a little bit about the history of its origin. The reason why I love all things grunge lies in the simplicity and universality of this style. Grunge doesn't seek popularity and doesn't want to keep up with the society of consumerism.

Hottest Prom Dress Trends 2018

girl in pretty red dress

Shopping for your perfect Prom Night dress can be an overwhelming experience and difficult task.The start of a new prom season brings a brand new fresh fashion trends, but there are still some eternal prom staples with some long-lasting effect on the whole prom industry. Why wait until the actual start of the new prom season, when we can forecast some of these trend today? Today I'm going to talk about these everlasting prom dress trends, which I have gathered for you with a help of Simple Dress - an online store with a huge range of gorgeous evening dresses for every taste and occasion. 

[Day 6] Blogging Essentials For Productive Work

[Day 6] Blogging Essentials For Productive Work

You certainly may not need a fancy setting, most powerful computer system and Barcalounger to create an informative and interesting blog post, but there are a few simple things that can make your creative process easier and more enjoyable. Today is day six of my 30 Days Blogger Challenge and I'm going to talk about you my blogging essentials that help me to keep my work fun and productive. 

[Day 5] Current Beauty Wishlist: Lush, Holika Holika, 3 Concept Eyes

Hi guys and welcome to day five of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge! I don't remember when was the last time I shared with you my beauty wishlist, so today I'm going to show you what are my current makeup, beauty and skincare cravings. What can be better than a little window shopping? It always helps me to raise up my mood and helps me to prevent rash purchases.

[Day 4] First Aid Beauty | Makeup Survival Kit

full makeup bag

Probably everyone was in a situation, when you need desperately need to create a beautiful makeup look in a hurry. Today is day four of my 30 Day Beauty Blogger Challenge and I'm going to talk about essential makeup products you need for a perfect face. Forget about bulky and heavy makeup bag full of products you never use! You need only a few makeup products to create a full-face makeup and be ready to rock, even if you are on a deserted island.

[Day 2] My Blogging Routine | Planning, Writing & Sharing Your Blog Posts

My Blogging Routine
Picture by Corinne Kutz
Blogging is a difficult task that demands concentration, inspiration and dedication, especially if you plan to work on your blog on a regular basis. In the very beginning of my blogging journey it was very hard to catch the right rhythm and find an inspiration for my blog posts. Today I continue my 30 Day Blogger Challenge and I'm going to talk about my usual blogging routine, how I plan my blog posts and where I find inspiration and new interesting topics.

[Day 1] 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge

beauty fashion blogger month 30 day challenge intro how to january girl
Picture by Arnel Hasanovic
At the end of the previous year I have experienced a slow stagnation on my blog. I had no energy and inspiration to develop and provide a quality content here on January Girl. Everyday, and every night I was thinking about this complicated blog moment, and did not think of anything better than to return to the origins. To distract my very own mind and put this dysfunctional energy in more productive stream I've decided to challenge myself with a 30 Days Blog Challenge.