Liz Breygel shows the beautiful, first date makeup look

Everyone knows the importance of the first impression, even Coco Chanel claimed, that we will not have a second chance to make a first impression. Welcome to the nineteenth day of my extremely long-lasting 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge and today I'm going to show you how to create a very simple, light, and innocent makeup look for your very first day.

1. Boys love natural beauty, so try to keep your makeup as simple and natural as possible. Fill in your eyebrows with brow powder and apply some eyeshadow primer to make your eye makeup last longer.

2. Highlight the corners of your eyes and your brow bone, after applying a peach shimmer eyeshadow all over your eyelids. Draw a beautiful thin winged eyeliner and curl your lashes.

3. Finish your first date makeup with some mascara and forget about false eyelashes.

4. After your eye makeup is done you can apply lightweight BB cream or foundation on your face and set it with translucent powder. Skip contouring and instead apply some highlighter on the highest points of your face and blush on your cheeks.

5. For the lips use a hydrating rosy or peachy lipstick and don't forget to add some shine to your lips.

That's all lovelies, just don't forget to put on your beautiful smile and have fun on your first date. Keep up with my 30 Days Blogger Challenge and I'll talk to you tomorrow, hugs and kisses.

Lots of love,