How To Wear All-Black Outfit:Total Black Outfit Ideas

You've definitely heard about the Golden Globes 2018 ceremony and all black dress code. Hollywood movie stars, like Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Watson, Viola Davis and many others appeared on the red carpet wearing all black dresses and suits to support a campaign against sexual harassment Time's Up. All nominees were in beautiful black garments and I thought they all were looking so great.

I entirely disagree with everyone, who thinks that wearing all black outfits is boring. Even iconic Coco Chanel claimed,"Black has it all" 'and "it wipes everything else around". Black color, absence of color to be precise, is not only versatile and easy to wear, black is incredible stylish. You don't need to be like a school Goth from the 80’s or mid-2000's emo kid to look and feel yourself comfortable in monochromatic all-black outfit.

There are numbers of rules, when wearing black clothes, but we are not going to discuss those restricting statements. Instead we are going to focus on very simple and game-changing tips, that will take your black outfit on a new higher level.

  • Casual Blackout

Feeling a little bit unsure about wearing all-black outfit? Start by adding black colors in your look slowly. The best way to start is a simple black shirt or a black distressed skinny jeans. Later, when you will feel more confident with black, you can add some black accessories and shoes.

black color clothing outfit liz breygel january girl fashion style trend blog blogger

Kendall Jenner | Christina Hendricks | Jessica Alba

black color clothing outfit liz breygel january girl fashion style trend blog blogger

Nicola Peltz | Gigi Hadid | Kylie Jenner

black color clothing outfit liz breygel january girl fashion style trend blog blogger

Olivia Palermo | Alessandra Ambrosio | Miranda Kerr

  • Dress For The Season

This means you need to consider the material and style of the garment, when choosing your outfit. A lightweight, transparent materials look the best during the spring/summer season, when the weather is warm. Thick cotton, leather and woolen fabrics work best for cold time of year.

  • Add Textures

The best way to dissolve the dullness of all-black outfit is to add some frisky textures. Tassels, feathers and black fur look very stylish and can easily spice up any boring outfit. Don't forget about my favorite black lace, you can wear it on special night occasions.

  • Vintage Vibes

Probably the easiest and the most eye-catching way to wear black color is by adding a veil of vintage to your outfit. Get a black classic dress, add hipster glasses or an old-fashioned jewelry and you will always look stylish and sophisticated.

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