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Hi everyone, and happy Friday! I hope you are doing great today and ready for day number 26 of my 30 Days Beauty Blogger Challenge. I've been blogging since May 2013. There were many ups and downs throughout my blog's existence. Today we will cover the typical beauty blogger's problems we all encounter in our blogging way. Most of them were encountered while working with beauty brands, and fashion stores and while collaborating with other bloggers. Apart from sharing these issues with you, I'll also give you a few simple tips that will help you avoid these issues. Let's take a look!

Stolen Pictures

I love taking and editing pictures for my blog. I have numerous beauty reviews, step-by-step makeup tutorials, and guides on my blog. Before starting your blog, be ready that most of the pictures you will post online are going to be used illegally on other online sources. I've seen pictures of my makeup look, product photography I've taken, and even my selfies on beauty stores and blogs without any shootout or mentioning my name. Thankfully, there was no inappropriate content (at least I didn't find it!).

How to Avoid This?

Probably the most common and easiest way to protect your images from theft is to apply a watermark. You can simply add the name of your blog or Instagram handle to your image. You don't even need basic Photoshop skills, because there are many useful photo editing apps and online websites that will help you watermark your images.

If you don't want your pictures to be used illegally, simply don't upload them on platforms, where a download/safe function exists. Still, even this method will not guarantee copyright safety for your intellectual property.

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Sample Countries

Next is the most typical beauty blogger problem, well-known by bloggers, who write their blogs in English, but don't live in an English-speaking country. Let's face the harsh blogger's reality – the coolest opportunity are available for the US and European bloggers/YouTubers. Hence, be prepared to be rejected by a brand, when they hear your residential address.

How to Avoid This?

Luckily for all of us, in recent years the 'sampling problem' has been improving. More and more brands and indie companies collaborate with smaller creators from different countries. Don't be shy to reach out to a brand, if you think your readers will be interested in finding out about it. Rejection is a part of the blogging way, and it is totally fine to face it.

Free Promo Content

Please, understand me right. There is nothing wrong with helping bloggers and brands to grow. Writing content that introduces brands and services is a good way to network and connect. Sharing is caring, right? Be ready to embrace another bblogger's reality: there are tons of brands, who seek free promo posts on your blog and social media. In return, they offer a small 'possibility' of their favorite posts.

Just imagine, you spend our writing, editing, and picking relevant pictures for your post for a chance of 'possibility' to be featured...Yes, this is what most smaller, younger creators get.

How to Avoid This?

I recommend you simply not agree to every single email you receive. Pick only those, that sound the most interesting and beneficial for you and your blog. Ask collaborators to post their content before you and set some guidelines. Basic rules will sift out abusers.

close-up og Liz Breygel's face with a dripping foundation and messy loose powder on the skin

Toxicity of the Comunity

The beauty bloggers' community is not as sweet and friendly, as you might think. Certainly, creators and influencers love leaving encouraging comments and do follow for follow trains. However, most of the time creators think of you as a rival or contested. And there is also nothing wrong with that. Business is business for most content creators. Nobody owes you anything, and you surely don't own anything. 

How to Avoid This?

I faced a few little blogging 'disloyalties' myself. Now I look at the beauty community and beauty blogging differently. Unfortunately, there is no certain recipe on how to protect your heart. As if in any other environment, you learn how to shelter yourself, I guess. I certainly did. 

Dissatisfied Customers

From time to time, bloggers receive various collaboration opportunities. An offer to try and write your thoughts on a product or promote a recent fashion collection. Misunderstanding often occurs between content creators and brands. Maybe the picture you used wasn't relevant, or they gave you the wrong name/link to include in the post.

How to Avoid This?

Signing a simple agreement with a brand can be a way to avoid any troubles in the future. You can also follow strict rules/guidelines for content. These two methods will help you to protect your content, and save you time and your nervous system.

Final Thoughts...
Overall, being a beauty blogger can be both rewarding and challenging. Every career has its ups and downs. I hope my little blogging 'bumps' will teach you to avoid them. Bloggers need to know every aspect of this path, before challenging themselves. I wish you lots of inspiration and patience along the way. 

Lots of love,