close-up portrait ofJudy Alvarez from Cyberpunk 2077 cosplayed by Molza

In Night City looks are everything. It doesn't matter if you are a busy Corporate, rebellious Street Kid, or free-spirited Nomad, you have to express yourself through your style. Your hair is not an exception! As may have guessed, while playing Cyberpunk 2077, I've decided to put together a compilation of my favorite female hairstyles from the game. Maybe these looks will inspire you to try something new in real life? Some of these hairstyles are super-edgy, while others can be rocked daily. In any case, each of these Cyberpunk 2077 hairstyles can be modified according to your own preferences. Enjoy, get inspired, and don't forget to let me know your favorite look.

woman with big,pink afro hairPhoto: Carina Soares

#1. Big Afro

I would love to start with one of the most eye-catching hairstyles in the game. This jaw-dropping afro, without any doubt, will make everyone around you jealous. The key ingredient of such hair is patience and a lot of deep conditioning. Keep your hair care routine as natural as possible, and avoid bleaching, relaxing products, and hot tools. Your regular hair care routine will be rewarded with a dream hairstyle.

woman with space bun hairstyle and long bangsPhoto: Nyané Lebajoa

#2. Double Bun with Bangs

The double bun hairstyle with long bangs, also known as space buns was once very popular among Tumblr users, so it was nice to see them in-game. To get this delicious-looking bun, you'll need to gather your hair in two high pigtails and use round donut accessories, to support the style. You can also style your hair around socks if you don't have special hair donuts. Leave the bangs loose, and fix the look with hair spray.

daryl hannah as pris in blade runner 1982

#3. Messy Short Hair

If you have watched the original Blade Runner movie (1982) with Daryl Hannah as Pris the "basic pleasure model" replicant, then you have recognized this short and messy hairstyle. It was definitely inspired by her character and referenced in the game. It won't be an easy task to tease up and style this chin-length hair, with voluminous bangs, but doesn't it look fantastic?

woman with short bob hair and short bangsPhoto: Iva Varvarchuk

#4. Medium Bowl Cut with Baby Bangs

The next haircut reminds me of Jadis's hair from The Walking Dead series. A chin-length slightly shaggy bob, with short and straight bangs. A few years ago short bangs were so controversial, yet today we can see this hairstyle on runway shows, and I learned to like the way it looks. There is something cosmic about it, unlike regular bangs, this look is made to reveal your face, but not to conceal or hide your features.

woman with buzzed side, curly hairPhoto: Rachel Renae Paz

#5. Sideswept Medium Cut

Judy Alvarez has an exceptional fashion style and a dream haircut. Was she inspired by P!nk or maybe Scarlett Johanson, we will never know, but this side buzz cut is definitely worth copying? And, if you aren't ready for the radical change, then you can always go for a faux buzz cut, hiding the long sides in tight and sleek cornrows.

medium, assymetrical bob hairstyle on blonde hairPhoto: Maggie

#6. Sideswept Messy Cut

For those, who prefer wearable hairstyles, Cyberpunk 2077 prepared this choppy asymmetrical bob, which can be styled both casually, or extravagantly. This haircut is shorter on one side of your head, while the other side remains diagonally long. Add an interesting twist to this haircut by coloring your hair icy blonde, which you can tone later into any other semi-permanent color you like.

woman with short afro dreads
Photo: West Indie Ray

#7. Short Afro Dreads

Short dreadlocks are easy to wear and style. Wear them freely for a relaxed look, pin the sides for a more daring style, or pick your dreads up and tie them into a top knot. You can also dye your dreads in various bright shades, changing them every other week. Or add synthetic or natural hair extensions to your dreadlocks.

woman with high ponytail and undercut

#8. Ponytail with Undercut

This sleek ponytail is my personal favorite. In the game, such a ponytail was decorated with metal rings, but the geometrically styled undercut was pretty much the same. The best part of this hairstyle is its versatility. Don't be surprised, because while you wear your hair in a high ponytail or braid, everyone can see the buzzed back of the head, but when you let your hair loose, the undercut is completely concealed.

woman with blue and green deathhawk hairstyle
Photo: Eleanor Rose

#9. Mohawk

It looks like the classic mohawk will never go out of fashion. Citizens of the Night City love wearing this rebel hairstyle even in the distant year of 2077. I won't lie to you, the mohawk demands constant care, and special styling techniques, which won't be easy to master. But once you practice this look, you'll never want to wear your hair down.

black woman with a shaved head
Photo: nyekake

#10. Bald

Some ladies, who already tried going bald, say that this was a life-changing experience. They claim to come back to this style in the nearest future, and that every woman needs to try being bald at least once in a lifetime. The best thing about the bald style is that you won't need to spend your money and time caring for your hair. Five minutes in the shower is all the hair care routine you'll need to follow.

woman with purple quiff hairstyle

#11. Short Quiff

The quiff is a hairstyle from the 50s that combines the characteristics of a short pixie and faux hawk in one, glamorous style. The longer part of the hair is brushed upwards, and fixed with gel or hairspray, to make this style last longer. I believe you could see similar hair rocked by Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne in the 2010s.

kendall jenner with her hair combed back

#12. Combed Back Hair

Another wearable hairstyle from Cyberpunk, which you have already seen on a red carpet. The beauty of this style lies in its simplicity and elegance. It is very easy to do yourself, and easy to pull off. All you need is to tease the top of your hair, then carefully combed back, smoothing the teased hairs. Final touch — a few coats of hair spray.

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