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OOTD : Black Lace Romper

liz breygel romper onesie summer lace black outfit how to style romper ideas

Hi guys and happy Saturday! Finally an outfit post on my blog! Outfit blog posts are always the hardest and the most challenging posts for me, because I'm a stay at home person and rarely go outside. But if I manage to hang out I prefer to look my best, even wearing the most simple casual outfit. With the summer fast approaching everyone tries to find a casual outfit that can keep you fresh and comfortable throughout a hot summer day. A simple and gorgeous one piece jumpsuit or romper is a perfect everyday casual outfit that anyone can wear and feel comfortable. 

Vintage Trend Is Coming Back!

vintage retro 50s 60s outfit ideas how to wear liz breygel

Vintage style usually refers to clothing and accessories originating from a previous era and throughout the fashion history designers drew inspiration from the past. I bet everyone admits that our grandparents had an awesome sense of style. When I was younger I never understood all those old - fashioned brooches, handbags and lace camisoles my great grand-mother loved to wear everyday. But today things have changed and I would borrow one of those fashionable pieces with great pleasure.

Summer 2017 Wardrobe Essentials

When it comes to essential wardrobe items it seems like you need a lot of pieces to complete few outfits. But in fact there aren't many pieces you need for a stylish summer look. From the comfortable bodysuit to the tassel bikini, meet and greet top fashion picks that will help you to look your best this summer and provide a basic foundation for your outfits. While creating this post I tried to consider major spring-summer 2017 season trends and transform them into wearable looks.

MacQueen Cushion Lip & Cheek Tint | Review & Swatches

liz breygel beauty makeup macqueen tint light pink review swatch

I’m not a big fan of lip glosses, butters and glossy lipsticks in general, that's why I like to use matte and semi matte lip products for my everyday makeup looks. Some time ago I was lucky enough to try out the YesStyle Korean Beauty Box full of lovely makeup and beauty products which every makeup junkie should try. That's how I fell in love with gorgeous Cushion Lip & Cheek Tint by a Korean makeup brand MacQueen New York. Unlike many other Korean brands MacQueen New York sells their makeup products at affordable prices and I was very excited to mention it on my blog.

Catrice Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer | Review

liz breygel beauty review makeup concealer catrice makeup cosmetics

Many people suffer from dark circles, hyper pigmentation, spots and the fastest way to get rid of this little flaws is to cover them up with a good concealer. No one denies the need of a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes even a balanced diet and a long sleep cannot hide those pesky dark circles. Today I want to talk about the Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer by a famous drugstore makeup brand Catrice.

Diamond Step By Step Makeup Tutorial | April Birthstone

close up eye makeup

Hi guys! It is time for a new birthstone makeup tutorial inspired by a girl's best friends - diamonds. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on the Earth and natural diamond stones are extremely rare therefore unique! Diamond is a symbol of eternal love and provides it`s wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength. While creating today`s step by step makeup tutorial I was inspired by a raw Diamond stones - they are unclear, a little bit cloudy and their colors can dramatically vary from a faint yellow shades to black. I've decided to keep my Diamond makeup clear and simple, so without further ado let's start!

How To Dress Like That Poppy

zaful trend outfit liz breygel that poppy conspiracy style get the look

Who doesn't know That Poppy nowadays? She is truly a modern style icon and a good fashion example to follow. Her fashion and music style is hard to explain, maybe that's why That Poppy has so many fans - every one will find something for themselves. I would say her style is a mild mixture between soft grunge and pop, very similar to the '90s No Doubt and Cyndi Lauper. That Poppy always looks innocent and cute like a doll and just like a real life doll she always wears soft pastel color tones with some crazy prints.

Yummy & Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

healthy snacks for pregnant What food to eat during pregnancy liz breygel

Eating healthy and tasty during pregnancy can be hard at times, but healthy and well balanced diet is crucial for well-being. If you have a crazy food cravings you can always tame them with a help of few simple and very delicious healthy snacks that have all the necessary nutrients and will keep you and your little baby healthy and happy. All of the snacks I`m going to show you today meet the need for all the essential pregnancy nutrients, they are easy and fast to make and contain about 180 - 250 calories.

That Poppy Inspired Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

that poppy im poppy makeup tutorial step by step eye makeup for everyday brown eyes breygel

It is hard to find a person who doesn't know a famous pop start, singer and youtuber That Poppy and her innocent, cute and slightly controversial style. I can spend long hours surfing through forums and different YouTube channels discovering new interesting conspiracy theories on Poppy and her odd videos. People may love this artist or hate her but no one can deny that Poppy has one of the best makeup and outfits on the modern stage. That`s why today I want to show you how to create her iconic makeup look. Ready to go? Let`s start!