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Living Coral New Year Spotlight Makeup Look & Step By Step Tutorial

festive new year eye makeup look tangerine orange blushing living coral eye inspired by pantone 2018 color of a year

According to the latest Pantone color report 'living coral' will be the color of the next 2019 year. Lively, bright and eye-catching 'living color' is a perfect blend between tangerine and sweet watermelon hues. I'm in love with this shade, it makes blue, green and brown eyes stand out! That's why this New Year night I'm definitely going to wear 'living coral' color on my eyes and strongly suggest you try it out as well. Follow this easy step by step makeup tutorial for a festive and vivid spotlight New Year eye makeup!

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Wedding DJ

wedding arty music ideas how to chose music for wedding

Image Source: Pixabay

The wedding reception is always a time to let your hair down, and your choice of music (and DJ) could be the difference between a hit and an epic fail. It isn’t simply a question of playing any music and letting things develop on their own, as a skilled DJ can pick up the partygoers’ vibes and capitalise on that by introducing tracks that the people simply must dance to. Knowing your audience in the key to a successful DJ party session, and if you are soon to be hiring such a professional, here are some things to consider before making a commitment.

Cranberry Red Glitter Eyeliner Look For Christmas | Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

maquiagem festiva de natal vermelho passo a passo tutorial delineador glitter bloguiera

Ladies and gentlemen, it is only few weeks left until the best and most highly anticipated time of a year. Christmas Eve is all about saturated holiday colors, sparkling glitter, delicious food and deep conversations with your best friends and relatives. Whether you are planning to spend your Christmas day and night with your family, colleagues or the person you love, you are going to need a nice holiday makeover! So now, when we have decided to give our nails a glamorous cranberry red manicure it is time to think about a matching and equally festive makeup look. Is there anything more Christmas appropriate, than cranberry red glitter? Red sparkles will beautifully fit the glamorous red nails and the overall celebratory atmosphere of Christmas party.

Make Your Christmas Eve A Night To Remember

Make Your Christmas Eve A Night To Remember engagement proposal during the Christmas eve

Did you know that festive Christmas Eve is the most popular time of a year to get engaged? I believe New Year's night, when people celebrate the ending of the previous year and welcome the new begging, is such as nice for engagement as a Christmas annual festival! Don't hesitate and get romantic this holiday season, your partner will be excited to get a wedding proposal on this special day. So, if you like the idea, you should start planning one of the biggest decisions of your lifetime today and get the ideal ring engagement ring for your partner. You have a power to turn this Christmas Eve a night, that you and your partner will remember your whole life.

Choosing Jewellery To Become A Family Heirloom

beautiful antique vintage jewelry how to choose heirloom

When you purchase antique jewellery, you are not only buying something that looks good and has history, as you are potentially investing in something that can become a family heirloom. Many different types of antique jewellery are suitable to become an heirloom. If you are looking for something that you can pass down to future generations of your family, then below are some ideas of how to go about this, and what items may be good to consider.

Winter Spring 2019 Makeup Trends: Runway Makeup Report

erdem dries von noten dior fenry beauty  versace marni lequan smith Simone Rochas tendências de maquiagem 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to prepare your favorite makeup brushes, makeup palettes ad liquid liners. The new fashion season has finally arrived and brought a bunch of brand new makeup and fashion trends. So, unfasten your safety belts and play around with sparkling glitter and bold colors. From washes-out eyeshadow colors at Anna Sui and Fenty Beauty to long thick cat eyeliner at Versace and upgraded red lips at Negris Le Broom. Today I've gathered up the most striking makeup trends, stolen from the backstage of the latest runway fashion shows. 

Festive Christmas Glam Nails | Cranberry Red Manicure With Holographic Accent

unhas holográficas como fazer unhas para o natal de natal passo a passo tutorial

Hello, lovelies, now that the holiday season has officially started, it is time to get in the spirit! Celebrate the upcoming holidays with a pretty makeover for your nails. This year I've decided to do a very simple manicure with a cute holographic accent on the ring finger. Everyone can recreate such cheerful manicure at home with no problems. So stay tuned if you are searching for a holiday manicure for your nails!

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in 'Nirvana' and 'Taupe Is Dope' Review & Demo

grunge nails close up

Everyone knows the life's simple truths - you can have enough shoes, lipsticks and nail polishes in your collection. Especially, if you are a huge nail polish junkie and love doing your manicure at home, playing around with colors, shapes and designs. I'm not a huge fan of elaborate design on my nails, simply because I get bored with the way they look too fast. So, between the waves of creativity, I love wearing calming, yet refined colors on my nails. And few weeks ago I have finally found two shades, which perfectly resemble my love for edgy neutrals. Let's get ready to sin together with Sinful Colors!

Red Carpet Secrets You Can Use in Your Daily Life

tapete vermelho moda ideas blogueira liz breygel

Perfect hair, makeup and ideal outfit... The biggest Hollywood stars may look like they have it all figured out, when in fact they have just been exposed to some extra tips and tricks when it comes to their beauty routines. Want to know how celebrities get ready for the red carpet event? Here are some of those secrets so that you too can flash that red carpet smile!

Passion Fruit Nectar by Brazilian Skin Care Brand Natura | Ekos Maracujá Hidratante

Natura Ekos Maracujá Hidratante Resenha blogueira

Winter is coming and that means we need to start changing out lightweight hand creams and body lotions for products with thicker textures and more nourishing formulas. Adding natural beauty oils in your skin care routine or using a nourishing diy homemade masks is always a idea, but why don't we get a good moisturizer with lightweight formula. As the weather is getting colder and colder each day, I though it is a perfect time to talk about one of the best creams for dry hands by very famous Brazilian skin care brand Natura.

Makeup Trend Dissection: K-Beauty Gradient Lips Inspired by Ball-Jointed Doll

como fazer boca ombre efeito degrade passo o passo maquiagem

Bigger isn't always better, especially when it comes to beauty standards. East is a delicate matter and, sometimes, the finest are the facial features, the more they considered to be appealing and charming. And, I guess, that is why we love viral k-beauty trends so much! Unusual makeup techniques always inspire me to try something different, forcing me to take a fresh view on a regular beauty routine. Today we are going to dissect one of my favorite makeup trends - a romantic, dulcet gradient lip look inspired by ball-jointed doll makeup.

Trying Out Peel-off Nail Lacquer For The First Time

peel-off esmalte para unhas antes depois bege como fazer unhas naturais

I love doing my manicure at home! Shaping, filing, and painting is quite a relaxing experience to me, especially if the final results turn out to be worth the labor. But, at the same time, I don't feel like spending too much time on this task. Doing your own nails demands a certain level of dedication and some practice. Some people simply don't like the idea of spending money on manicure and pedicure procedures. Therefore, finding a quick and easy way to do your very own nails at home is an important priority for many nail junkies.

Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara Blackest Black | Review & Before After

Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara resenha cílios antes depois blogueira liz breygel january girl

Hello, lovelies! Recently I run out of my super old and almost completely dry mascara, so that means it is finally time to try out something new. I was looking for the best volumizing, lash defining and budget friendly mascara, and spotted Revlon Ultimate All-in-One mascara in one of the online beauty stores. After I saw a sleek packaging, I've decided to give this mascara a try and share my experience with you. 

Things You Should Know About Bold Lipsticks

como aplicar labial escuro blogueira de beleza beauty and makeup blogger

With fall, the season of bold and rich colors has finally arrived. It means the return of grey skies, yellow and orange leaves and a new color palette. It is time to wave goodbye to the light and pastel tones of the summer and embrace darker colors such as wine, chocolate, orange and blackberry. Putting on bold lipstick is one of the easiest and sexiest ways to update your look and add some sophistication. Experimenting with bold colors can be fun. However, if you want to create a look that you can rock all the time, here are some tips that you should know.

Why You Need to Add a Face Oil to Your Skincare Routine

how to add benefits of skin care oil face oils and how to use them

Some women use oil to add moisture and shine to their hair, and it can provide similar benefits to your skin! Despite what we’ve been taught our whole lives, using oil-based creams and cleansers doesn’t necessarily increase oil production and result in breakouts, provided that you use high-quality products, and—more importantly—that you use them correctly. Keep reading to find out why face oils are so great for your skin, and exactly how to use them.

Top Three Fall Wedding Color Schemes You Will Adore

ideias de casamento outono cores e temas

Are you planning to have your wedding ceremony during the most romantic time of a year? Fall is one of the best seasons for wedding, therefore you will want to incorporate warm and smoky colors in your wedding theme as well. Nowadays, your options for autumnal wedding decor are limitless: from fallen leaves, pumpkins and candles to the rustic lights and pumpkin-spiced meals for your guests. At times, it can be so hard finding the right concept and course of actions. In case you need some unique wedding inspiration, here are few seasonal and vibrant ideas for your fall wedding. Together with online wedding store MillyBridal, I've combined three gorgeous fall wedding themes, that will fit your autumnal wedding ceremony and will be remembered by you and your guest for a very long time!

Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Easy SFX Vampire Bite Mark

maquiagem para halloween vampira como fazer maquiagem  de vampiro gotica passo a passo

Hey lovelies, can you hear that weird and disturbing sounds? I guess that it Halloween creeping towards the back door, waiting for the perfect time and place to begin trick-or-treating ritual. Did you know that All Hollows Eve is one of the oldest celebrations in the world. It is believed to be originated over 2000 years ago from ancient Celtic harvest festivals and brought to the United States by immigrants from Europe in the late 1920's. Today Halloween is the most popular and beloved autumnal festivals, associated with traditional activities such as pumpkin hunting, ghosting and dressing up in sinister costumes.

Fashionable Hunters: Wearing the Right Gear

fashion beauty blogger hunting gear outfit ideas pictures girl round glasses fedora hat

Stylish Hunters

Although the words fashion and hunter are not exactly synonymous with each other, we may be able to find some connection with these two nouns if we think about it carefully. Indeed, hunters who wish to look their best whenever they go on the hunt for foxes, rabbits or deer may very well look online for articles about how to tie a hunting scarf in a stylish manner. By taking the time to scour the internet for blogs related to wearing cool-looking hunting clothes and accessories, fashionable hunters might be able to create the look they wanted.

Trying Nail Stamping For The First Time | Black Roses On Pink Manicure

pink and black rose pattern manicure liz breygel janaury girl beauty blogueira de moda e beleza blogger

You have definitely heard about nail stamping. It is one of those quick and easy methods to get neat designs and patterns onto your nail plate in no time! Nail stamping this technique allows you to achieve a perfect nail design at home, therefore almost every nail polish junkie have already tried this simple and convenient nail art method. All you need to have are three items: nail polish, nail stamper and a plate with pre-made designs.

Fashion Month Street Style

blogueira de moda e beleza sloppy street style outfit ideas

Photo by Flaunter.com 

As the fashion month is finally behind us, it’s about time we shared our fashion report and informed you about the hottest trends when it comes to street style. Here are three of them that were most frequently spotted in Paris, London, Milan, and NYC, so check them out and step up your fashion game with the trendiest pieces out there!

Black Friday 2018 Fashion Wishlist

O Que é a Sexta-Feira Negra blogueira de beleza e moda

Black Friday is one of those hidden reasons, why I love autumn so much and this year I'm absolutely prepared for the upcoming huge sale. It is very important to start saving money and planning your shopping leisure at least few weeks before the actual event. Makeup junkies and fashionistas know, that a well-planned sale event is going to save you a lot of time, money and nerves! That's why today, with a help of online fashion store Fashionme, I've decided to put together all of my latest fashion cravings and compile them in one Black Friday wishlist. Let us begin!

Makeup Trend Dissection: Major Bushy Eyebrows & Eyebrow Tutorial

how to create full eyebrow makeup look celebrities with bushy eyebrows

It is not a secret, that eyebrows hold the maximum powder over our faces and makeup looks. They can drastically change our facial expression, make us look older or younger and even give us a non-surgical face lift. Our eyebrows is like a natural frame for our face and we have an incredible ability to change the way it looks. But fashion and makeup industries have their own solid rules and our eyebrows follow these standards. For the past 10 years eyebrows have grown stronger and bolder, making their own, very special niche in the beauty industry. You may love a major statement eyebrows, or hate this makeup trend, but it is here to stay. Today we are going to dissect a major bushy eyebrow trend and find out how to nail the art of eyebrow shaping!

Chocolate Mint Cut Crease | Nicki Minaj Inspired Makeup Tutorial

eyeshadow eyeliner cheat for small eyelids hooded eyes step by step tutorial how to cut crease makeup look

Hi lovelies, how are you been doing lately? I'm a huge fan of cut crease makeup looks. It is fascinating how this well-defined crease shape can transform your eye shape, making them look very attractive and seductive. Some people are trying to stay away from cut crease makeup, because they think, that small eyelids or hooded eyelids don't have enough space for such dramatic look. Interesting to know, that cut crease makeup look works especially great on smaller and hooded eyelids, because you can create any crease shape you want, 'faking' a bigger eye lid shape. 

Masculine Fashion Style Ideas For Women | Secrets to Simplifying Your Wardrobe

unisex fashion style tips tricks and outfits for women

Women taking cues from men and actually ‘borrowing’ their clothing items and sometimes making masculine-inspired female ones is not novel. Women have been stealing male style ideas for a very long time. In fact, according to a blog post titled History of Women Wearing Men's Clothing, this trend began with the rebellious women's rights activist, Amelia Bloomer. Of course, who could forget Coco Channel, the pioneer of androgynous dressing, who designed elegant suits for women that were clearly inspired by menswear. Then, there were groundbreaking style icons such as Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn who all wore men’s’ suits and actually looked better in them than men themselves. We even have Diane Keaton, who dressed like a man in the cult movie Annie Hall, for which she reportedly used much of her own clothes as costumes for the film.

The Yummiest Skin Care Product: Balea Hand Foam Cake Pop Almond

german beauty drugstore brand balea cosmetics liz breygel January girl review

Seasonal weather changes always affect my skin condition - it gets dry, irritated and flaky. Chilly autumn wind tend to dehydrate our skin, making it uncomfortable and more susceptible to bacteria. That's why it is so important to hydrate the skin during the cold months of the year. Lately I can't stand using heavy moisturizers and butters and prefer a light moussy textures on my skin. Thus I want to talk about my favorite hand moisturizer at the moment - a featherweight and yummy Cake Pop hand foam by affordable German brand Balea.

5 Photography Ideas Worthy of Instagram

beautiful women is posing for Instagram in the field

The prom is a time to let your hair down and party and of course, we absolutely must fill our memory cards with images and video as a reminder of this very special occasion. Taking pictures is a bit of an art, although this has been made a lot easier with the arrival of the smartphone, and if you would like some inspiration for photoshoot poses and setting, here are a few that are guaranteed to please.

Raven Wing Gothic Eyes Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

maquiagem gotica passo a passo Como Aplicar Maquiagem Gótica bloguiera

Hi, lovelies, how are you doing today? Autumnal weather inspires me to wear Gothic and smudged makeup look and I can't stop experimenting with black eyeliner, long lashes and black eyesahdows. Today I have prepared a very beautiful and dramatic Raven Wing Gothic eye makeup look and a very simple step by step  tutorial, that will help you recreate it. I hope for some of you this look will be somehow useful.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Shoe Trends

moda tendencias outono inverno blogueira liz breygel

Fall is officially here, which means it is time to swap out favorite summer open toe heels and sandals for something more convenient and fall-appropriate. Together with alluring fall fashion pieces designers released a huge range of stylish footwear. Fur, latex, crystals, lace and kitsch embellishments - here is what we are going to see on a sidewalk this fall. And today, with a help of  FSJ shoe brand, we are going to take a look and discuss the latest fall/winter 2018 shoes trends.

Flower in Sunshine Holographic Duochrome Nail Polish | Review & Swatches

esmalte para unhas holografico blogueira resenha born pretty store

I love to manicure my own nails and never go to the nail salon. DIY manicure is an excellent method of stress relief, it helps me to relax and gives me some quality time with myself. I know it sounds a little too egoistic, but I highly suggest you do your manicure at home. Even though, my current nail situation isn't how I want it to be (I'm trying to regrow my nails after an incident) I still love my short nail and try to treat them with a new manicure each week. This week I'm wearing enchanting duochrome nail polish called 'Years'* by Born Pretty nail store.

How To Care of A Long Hair Wig?

how to wash and comb long human hair wig lace extensions

Taking care of a long hair wigs can be challenging, especially if your natural hair is short and you have never long hair before. Natural long wigs require an extra maintenance and care to look beautiful and new. Inn order to achieve maximum lifespan and the beat appearance it is important to properly wash, dry and store your natural hair wig. Here is a simple guide, that will help you to take the best care of your long natural hair wig.

Autumn 2018 Fashion Wishlist

outono 2018 moda feminina blogueira liz breygel fashionmia dresses

As the leaves fall off the trees, covering the frosty ground with the colorful crispy blanket, I feel like my wardrobe needs an urgent upgrade, according to the latest fashion trends. This autumn season I drew my fashion inspiration from the Coach's fall/winter 2018 collection, that was influenced by the American Gothic style, witchcraft aesthetic and autumn forest charm. Therefore, I want and hope  to fill my closet shelves with pieces, which closely resemble this enchanting style. From faux fur, leather fringe and silver accessories to flowing feminine fabrics, ruffles and sophisticated floral prints. I'm in love with every small detail and can't wait to incorporate these fashion trends in my autumn wardrobe. 

Makeup Trend Dissection: Glossy Eyelids

pálpebras brilhos maquiagem trend blogueira liz breygel january girl

Who said you should wear your lips gloss only on your lips? When it comes to creating a new eye makeup look, no limit exists to a makeup artist, they use everything in their arsenal to achieve the goal. Glossy eyelids aka “the latex-look lid” is one of the hottest makeup trend, loved by thousands of insta gurus, celebrities and makeup junkies. It is not a surprise, because we all know a very simple makeup verity - the glossier, the better! Glossy eyelids instantly add an unusual twist to any classic makeup look, making it a little bit more interesting and edgy. Let's find out, what makes this makeup trend so iconic, how can we recreate the glossy eyes at home and is it really as cool, as it looks.

Fall 2018 Homecoming Dress Trends

what to wear to a homecoming dance party fashion blogger

Every lady wants to feel beautiful and special during her homecoming dance. An appealing and trendy dress will makes you feel great on this special occasion. Homecoming dresses are usually less formal, than prom dresses, so you have more options to choose from. And today, together with online dress store MillyBridal, I've rounded up the biggest homecoming fashion trends for the fall 2018 season. From vivid fruity color, sparkly sequins and ruffled skirts to strict classic silhouettes and black atlas fabrics - there is a trend for every fashion taste. Shine bright and be bold on this homecoming event.

What to Wear for a Cozy Fall?

liz breygel january girl fashion blogger autumn outfit ideas

The weather is getting colder, the leaves are changing colors, and the pumpkin spice latte is back. It’s official: fall is finally here! And if you’re like me, you’re hyped for the changing weather, because now it’s time to dress for the seasonIf you ask me, fall is unquestionably the most comfortable time of the year. When else can you wear fuzzy, soft clothing all day long (seriously, my fall wardrobe is basically made of blankets)? Here are a few pieces you have to wear if you want to live your best, warmest, and coziest life this season.

Perfect Black Nail Lacquer? | Basic Black Nail Polish Review & Swatches

esmalte unhas preto antes depois blogueira disconto de born pretty loja

Hi, lovelies! About two months ago I had an unfortunate accident, that led to the loss of one of my beloved nails, a middle finger nail. That accident inspired me to create an edgy and minimal nail manicure for short, but very proud and unbowed nails. Few weeks later, when my middle finger nails started to grow, I broke it again, this time even shorter and, yes, it was painful! As difficult as it was, I had to accept my short nails. Painting them pure black was a great decision, this color perfectly summarizes my manicure mood. The Basic Black Nail Lacquer* by my favorite Born Pretty store helped me create another minimal manicure for my affected nails.

Fall 2018 Hottest Runway Makeup Trends

Au Jour Le Jour Elisabetta Franchi Bora Aksu Kate Spade  Emporio Armani, Tom Ford  Carolina Herrera makeup

Fall season is one of the most enchanting and charming time of a year, when leaves on the trees change into their multi-colored dresses, slowly preparing for a long winter sleep. Fashionistas and makeup junkies are also prepared to embrace chilly weather, because we all know, that fall season is a perfect time for a little wardrobe and makeup renovation. Today I want to sum up the most exciting and roaring fall makeup trends, seen on the runways shows at New York, London and Paris.From bold red lipstick to dusty smoky eyes and Swarovski embellishments, these are the hottest makeup trends you definitely need to try out these fall season.

What To Wear To A Homecoming Dance? | Classic Evening Dresses

blushing pink nude homecoming dance dress vestido para dança fashion blogger

Ladies are you going to the homecoming party this year? Homecoming is more than just a traditional reunion with your old friends, it is an ideal networking event, which will help you strengthen your relationship with colleagues and find new employment and co-op opportunities. Whether you are going to a homecoming party to reboot your relationship with your school friends, find romantic partner or discover new horizons, you need to look your best!

Makeup For Eyeglasses | Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers

nerd girl in round vintage retro harry potter eyeglasses

Hello lovelies, did you know that eyeglasses are considered just as hot and sexy as garters, lace and heels? The times when girls with eye glasses were ''uncool'' have passed, now ''geeky ''girls rule the world! Some time ago I received a package with the most iconic Round Eyeglasses*, which was kindly sent to me by online store Banggood. Some girls feel confused, when they try to pick eye makeup, that will look beautiful under the glasses, so I've decided to write a blog post with few useful makeup tips for eyeglasses wearers. Let's don't waste a minute and learn a few useful makeup hacks that will allow you to combine your favorite makeup look with eyeglasses.

Sensational Silver Jewellery: Rings for Fashionable People

blogger beauty fashion bloggers silver jewelry necklace rings review
Image by bruce mars on Unsplash

Precious People

Although there are plenty of people who love to treat themselves to a well-planned or impromptu trip to town to buy some silver jewellery, many of the silver jewellery designs in shops or online are purchased by someone’s partner. Guys looking to treat their long-term girlfriend with an exquisite silver pendant encrusted with a precious stone have certainly got lots of options in online suppliers of these trendy jewellery items.

Geo Elamis Azul Blue Circle Lenses | Pinky Paradise Review & Before After Demo

lentes de contato coloridas antes depois resenha blogueira doll like blue eyes enlarging lens

Hello, lovelies, how are you all doing today? I hope you are ready for another colored circle lenses review, because today I have a perfect candidate. Azul Blue circle lenses enlarge my dark brown eyes and turn them big and doll like. Azul Blue Contact Lenses* were designed and co-developed by the leading brand GEO Medical and Pinky Paradise.

How to Look Like a Beauty Influencer?

how to be beauty blogger lifestyle beauty tips

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Let’s call a spade a spade – we all long for that flawless lit from within skin, perfect even-toned complexion as well as slaying makeup looks. There used to be a time when we roamed the drugstores and makeup stores aimlessly, trying new products, sometimes hitting the jackpot and other times failing miserably. It wasn’t that long ago, but it seems like ancient history. Now, we have our beloved and trusty beauty bloggers, our gorgeous peers to steer us in the right direction, provide us with the best advice, tell it like it is, and often show us exactly how to get that look – God bless reviews and tutorials. It’s true, most of the members of the younger generation won’t even consider purchasing a product unless it has their favorite blogger’s stamp of approval. So, today, we are bringing you some top notch advice from some of the most influential beauty gurus, so follow them, let them guide you and achieve the looks you covet and crave so much.

Magic Spells Vintage Diary Review | Back To Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

blogger bullet planner diário do vintage blogueira de beleza

A new school year is knocking on the door, and once again shelves in stationery stores are filled with all kinds of stationery and writing implements. I am abnormally attracted to all kinds of stationery. Stationery departments and office supply stores are my secret places of power. Slowly walking among the densely packed retail display stands is one of the best ways to heal stress and relieve tension in mind and body. 

TTDeye Real Aqua Colored Contact Lenses | Review & Before After Demo

dark brown to light blue eyes colored contacts lens before after anime eyes lens olhos antes depois

One of the biggest reasons why I love wearing colored contact lenses is their awesome ability to change your appearance drastically, but only temporarily. There are so many unbelievable looks you can achieve by completing your image with a pair of colored contact lenses. Today I'm going to talk about Real Aqua colored lenses, which were kindly sent to me by TTDeye company that specialized in colored contact lenses. I can't wait to share my experience and opinion with you guys, so let's take a closer look at these babies.

How to Take Care of Natural Hair Extensions & Wigs | BestHairBuy Guide

beauty blogger tips hair care

A good quality, beautiful and comfortable wig or hair extensions can release you from so many troubles. But who would've thought that sometimes maintaining a wig is more complicated, than caring about your natural hair. Unlike synthetic wigs, which never have to be styled, natural hair wigs and extensions demand styling, shaping and coloring. A proper care for your hair extensions and wigs will extend their life span and keep your hair looking great. No worries ladies and gentlemen, today, with the help of online store BestHairBuy, we are going to learn how to take a good care of wigs, hair extensions, hair bundles and weaves at home. 

The Ultimate Wardrobe Detox Guide

closet uncluttering guide fashion tips blogger

After a while, your wardrobe can be compared to your post-holiday body; burdened by the unnecessary weight and in dire need of a good cleanse or detox. A loaded closet is a common thing for most women, and for many reasons. Some of us are just too busy to conduct regular clean-ups, others get sentimentally attached to garments and become unwilling to let them go, and then there are those who are addicted to shopping and just add new members without getting rid of a single old piece.