eyeshadow eyeliner cheat for small eyelids hooded eyes step by step tutorial how to cut crease makeup look

Hi lovelies, how are you been doing lately? I'm a huge fan of cut crease makeup looks. It is fascinating how this well-defined crease shape can transform your eye shape, making them look very attractive and seductive. Some people are trying to stay away from cut crease makeup, because they think, that small eyelids or hooded eyelids don't have enough space for such dramatic look. Interesting to know, that cut crease makeup look works especially great on smaller and hooded eyelids, because you can create any crease shape you want, 'faking' a bigger eye lid shape. 

Today's makeup look is inspired by the iconic Nicki Minaj's makeup with a sharp mint eyelid, matte brown crease and long false lashes. I've decide to change her makeup look just a little bit, making it more wearable. Instead of minty green color you can use any eyeshadow color you like, complimenting the beauty of you natural eye color or outfit. Follow this easy step by step makeup tutorial to recreate this chocolate mint cut crease look, which Nicki Minaj loved to wear on her eyes.

eyeshadow eyeliner cheat for small eyelids hooded eyes step by step tutorial how to cut crease makeup look

  • Start your cut crease makeup with an eyeshadow primer. Apply the primer all over your eyelid, up to the brow bone and blend it with a ring finger. Give the product some time to absorb into the skin and fill in your eyebrows. Follow my easy step by step eyebrow tutorial to shape your eyebrows;

  • Sharpen your favorite matte brown eye pencil and start lightly applying it on your crease. If you have small or hooded eyelids you can draw a new 'fake' crease above your natural crease. Use a soft synthetic brush to blend the pencil upwards, leaving the crease part well-pigmented;

  • Now it is time to apply brown matte eyeshadows over the pencil. To make the blending process easier use two or three matte eyeshadows: dark brown, light brown and nude colors. Apply the dark brown color on the crease with a help of pencil brush and start to blend it with a fluffy blending brush. To make the gradient between colors softer use a light brown and nude colors and blend the crease towards the brow bone;

  • Going back to the crease, let's re-apply eyeshadow primer on the lid, using small synthetic brush and cleaning the edge of the cut crease. Apply beautiful mint green eyeshadow on the lid, gently dabbing the brush with the color on the eyelid. You can use the pencil to refresh the line of the cut crease;

  • Tightline your upper waterline with a black eye kohl and draw a beautiful, long winged eyeliner with cream or liquid eyeliner. Nicki Minaj is famous for her long dramatic wings! For the bottom lash line use dark brown eyeshadow and apply brown waterproof eye pencil on the lower waterline.

  • Curl your lashes and apply a generous coat of your favorite mascara. Finish your chocolate mint cut crease with false eyelashes and some blinding highlighter! Apply highlighter on the inner corners of your eye, brown bone and on the highest point of your cheekbones!

eyeshadow eyeliner cheat for small eyelids hooded eyes step by step tutorial how to cut crease makeup look

Together with the chocolate mint eyes, Nicki Minaj wore fuchsia pink lipstick and a huge amount of dramatic cream contouring on her cheeks and nose. Strong face contouring looks great on pictures or red carpet, but not in real life. I recommend you to substitute contouring with more subtle sculpting, you can check out my contouring and highlighting tutorial  and learn how to do it. For the lips I recommend you to use coffee brown lipstick with a velvet finish, instead of fuchsia color.

Cut crease makeup look is easier to create, than you might think at first. Of course, any makeup look demands practice, but nothing is impossible. Lovelies, if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment down below, I'm excited to know your opinion on this chocolate mint cut crease makeup look inspired by Nicki Minaj. Have a nice day and I hope this tutorial was somehow useful to you, until next time ♥

Lots of love,
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