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A Guide To Styling A Pixie Cut For The Prom

girl with pixie haircut at prom

The prom dance is a milestone in every girl’s life, and looking anything but your absolute best is not an option. Obviously, you will acquire a great designer dress for this very special occasion, and if you have short hair, a pixie cut is ideal. With that in mind, here are some novel style tips to make sure you turn some heads.

Amazing Hair Color Trends That You Need To Try While You Are Young and Wild

girl with silver hair lays on the grass

Among the numerous ways through which one keeps the zest alive and celebrates the spirit of life is coloring hair. 2019 has brought amazing hues in the market which upholds the true spirit of the young and wild. While many choose to color their hair with these vibrant shades, many opt for the hassle free hair extensions that are available in the market. So, let’s check the different colors that teens and young are availing this season.

How to Care for Hair Extensions With TedHair

how to choose wash heat protect natural virgin hair extension
Brooke Cagle
Hair extensions are amazing! You can add volume and length to your natural hair, using only few clip-on extensions. Want to experiment with different hair styles and color, but don't want to damage your natural hair? Feel free to do all kind of hair experiments with human hair extensions. But, just like any natural hair, hair extensions demand a special care.

Brazilian Hair Guide With BestHairBuy

brazilian remy virgin 100 % natural hair extensions how to guide

Picture by Averie Woodard

Weaves and hair extensions become more and more popular among women these days, because they allow us to have long, beautiful and full-looking hair, with minimal professional care and effort. Virgin Brazilian hair considered a 'gold standard' for hair extensions. They are beautiful and have naturally smooth and silky texture.