close-up of a blonde braid from the back
Photo: Tamara Bellis

Thick and voluminous hair is the ultimate hair goal for many women. I'm not an exception from the statistics. Long and thick hair that goes down to the waist was my childhood dream. Of course, the look is achievable with years of growing your hair and the use of volumizing products. A few hair styling techniques such as blow-drying with a round brush or using rollers also help to achieve thickness. At least visually! But, what if your hair is currently short, and you strive to get the desired hair goal as soon as possible? 

If you are looking for a way to add volume and length to your hair without having to wait months for it to grow, there is a way to reach your hair goal fast. Hair extensions are just what you need! Hair extensions are a simple and stylish way to get the glamorous hair makeover of your dreams without any glue or heat to damage your hair. For today's post, I've picked five simple and cool ways you can wear hair extensions to add length and volume to your natural hair.

portrait of a young woman with long blonde hair styled in ponytail
Photo: @shaunaelizabethhair

#1. Ponytail with Hair Extensions for Lenght

One of the most popular ways to use hair extensions for maximum volume and length is to create a ponytail. The ponytail hairstyle is a classic and timeless hair look that has remained popular for decades. And everyone knows how to do a simple ponytail. But how to add hair extensions to this classic look?

selfie of a oyung woman with long, curly hair extensions

How to Get the Look?

To seamlessly incorporate hair extensions into your ponytail, start by gathering the natural hair at the back of your head. Secure the ponytail with a clear elastic hair tie. Clip-in ponytail hair extensions, and attach them to small sections of your hair close to the scalp. Blend the extensions in with your natural hair using a comb or your fingers.

portrait of a young woman with long blonde hair gathered in bohemian fishtail braid
Photo: @i_pasechnik

#2. Fishtail Braids with Hair Extensions

Braids are a great protective hairstyle, capable of adding volume and length to your natural hair whilst keeping it stylish and trendy. In fact, a braid is my favorite casual hairstyle! However, a fishtail braid is a better choice, when it comes to blending hair extensions with your natural hair. They can be worn loose and casually, with the braid hanging down the back or over one shoulder. Fishtail braids can also be dressed up and worn with more formal attire, such as a gown or evening dress.

close-up of a blonde, fishtail braid with hair extensions

How to Get the Look?

To achieve a full and voluminous fishtail braid, attach the hair extensions to either side of the head. Once you have added the extensions, divide your hair into two sections and begin braiding the fishtail braid. As you braid, be sure to incorporate the extensions into the braid along with your natural hair. Incorporating the hair extensions into each strand of the braid for extra volume.

long red hair styled in long waterfail braids from the back

#3. Long Waterfall Braids with Hair Extensions

A waterfall braid is a type of braid in which the hair is braided in a pattern that resembles a waterfall cascading down the back or side of the head. It is a more elaborate and intricate braid than a traditional three-strand braid, and it requires a bit of practice to master. Adding volume and length to your hair with hair extensions is easier than ever with waterfall braids. Whether you want to switch up your look for a special occasion or add some extra length to your natural hair, remy hair extensions can be the perfect solution.

woman from the back with a long, blonde hair and waterfall braids with hair extensions waves into the hairstyle

How to Get the Look?

To make long waterfall braids with hair extensions, start with a regular three-strand braid and add an extension at the end. Once you’ve added the extension, use it as an additional strand and continue to create a waterfall braid. As you braid, incorporate new strands of hair into the braid to create the desired look.

portrait of a young woman with long wavy hairstyle

#4. Textured Waves with Hair Extensions 

Textured waves are a hairstyle that features large waves textured appearance. They are often associated with a relaxed, bohemian, or beachy aesthetic. It makes textured wave hairstyles perfect for hiding hair extensions unnoticeably.

fishtal braid with hair extensions

How to Get the Look?

Hair extensions and textured waves perfectly blend together. Even if you aren't a big pro in hair styling, you'll easily get the desired hair look with this style. Attach hair extensions to your natural hair. To ensure a seamless, natural-looking blend try to match the color and texture of the extensions to your natural hair. Use products a few hair styling products such as pomade, wax, or clay to create texture and definition in your waves.

portrait of a young woman with long hair styled in a top knot hairstyle
Photo: @brittsully

#5. Top Knot Hairstyle with Hair Extensions for Extra Volume

A top knot is a hairstyle in which the hair is gathered and tied into a knot at the top of the head. It is a popular style for both men and women and can be worn as a casual or formal look. The simplicity of this hairstyle will allow you to add hair extensions seamlessly.

How to Get the Look?

To create a top knot, you will need to gather all of your hair at the top of your head and tie it into a knot using an elastic band or hair tie. You can leave some strands of hair on the front of your face loose for a more relaxed look. Some people also add hair accessories and headbands to their top knot for added flair.

Final Thoughts

This characteristic makes hair look more voluminous all the way down to the end of your hair. So, if you are looking to add volume to your hair along with length, double-drawn hair extensions are your best bet. However, you will have to learn how to take care of natural hair extensions to extend their lifespan and use them in the best way possible.

Lots of love,