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Gothic Smokey Eyes Tutorial

step by step smoky eyes gothic makeup tutorial

Hi girls and happy Tuesday! I have one awesome makeup tutorial, which I wanted to show you  for such a long time. It is one of my favorite smoky makeup and I think it looks so beautiful on any eye shape and color. And even though this makeup is very dramatic, it looks very elegant and absolutely not vulgar. To create this smokey and slightly Gothic look you need to follow few steps: 

step by step smoky eyes gothic makeup tutorial makeup brown eyes

1. Let's start from priming and filling our eyebrows. The next step is to put white eye pencil on the inner corner of the eye and smudge it with your finger;

2. Now we will highlight inner corner with white eyeshadow and put some light grey on the eyelid;

3. Now take the black pencil and start to create a shape on the outer corner of the eye. It will be a base for the black eyeshadow and will make it last longer, line your lower lash line;

4. Set the black pencil with matte black or glitter eyeshadow and highlight your brow bone;

5. Line your eyes with liquid or gel eyeliner, don't forget about the inner corner. 

6. Last steps: put black waterproof pencil on your waterline, add some mascara and false lashes.

You can easily transform your daily makeup to this evening Gothic look and it will not take too much time. The main colors here are black and white, which are universal for any outfit you will wear. But you can easily substitute shades to match your dress. Hope you liked my tutorial, don't forget to follow my blog for more amazing looks and review. Bye, bye ladies, I'll talk to you very soon :)

Lots of love,

MeNow Eye and Lip Pencils | Review & Swatches

asian cosmetics menow pencils menow cosmetics

Hi, lovelies, how are you today? Recently I was walking around on the online beauty stores and trapped on these eye and lip pencils by MeNow. 12 pieces of beautiful pencils just for few dollars sounded very seductive at that moment so I decided to buy and try them out. All Asian beauty products, which I picked previously were super amazing and I was satisfied with their quality. So let's see if these pencils by MeNow are good as well.

Model in a Bottle Eyebrow Sealer | Review

model in a bottle cosmetics review swatches opinion
model in a bottle cosmetics review swatches opinion
model in a bottle cosmetics review swatches opinion Model in a Bottle Eyebrow Sealer Review liz breygel january girl eyebrows
(before) - my natural eyebrows; (after) - filled eyebrows with Model in a Bottle Eyebrow Sealer

Hi everyone! Girls we all know how it is important to have a beautiful eyebrows, they are like a frame for our face. And sometimes small imperfection or slattern shape can ruin the whole makeup look. The best way to make sure that our brows will stay on their places is to set them with a special gel. It is like a hair spray or mousse for our hair. And today I will tell you about recently discovered eyebrow product - Model in a Bottle Eyebrow Sealer*. 

It comes in a small 15 ml bottle which looks like a nail polish. But instead of the brush you receive a small applicator, which looks like a mascara's wand. It is very comfortable to apply eyebrow sealer and comb your brows at the same moment. To tell the truth I never saw eyebrow gels in such packaging, but I like it very much and I guess it is more economic. You will also receive another brush, in case you prefer a different way to apply the product. The sealer itself has a liquid consistency and almost transparent rosy color. 

Model in a Bottle Eyebrow Sealer is an amazing product. It holds eyebrows for the whole day. No flakes, no dust, no shine. It dries with a matte finish and works well with any product you will use to fill your brows. And the most amazing is that a little of this product goes a long way. You will need just few drops of long lasting eyebrow sealer to hold your brows all day long. I applied it early in the morning and took a look on my brows just at night - wonderful result, my brows looked freshly done.

My verdict - I strongly recommend Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer. Especially now when the weather is hot, and the skin becomes oily and wet, we all need to make sure that our make up will last all day long. I think this product will suit everyone because it is transparent, it has dual applicator system and works whether you use to fill your brows - pencil, wax or powder. Thanks to be with me ladies, I'll see you very soon. Bye!

Lots of love,

Revlon Top Speed Nail Lacquer in Lily | Review & Demo

revlon nail polish review swatches, revlon cosmetics review

Hello, lovelies! In my recent post I told you my first impression about this springtime-ready nail lacquer by Revlon. I started to love pastel lavender shade right after all this 'pastel Gothic' obsession and I really think every girl should own clothes and products in his shade. Not because it is popular or something, but just because lavender shades are very feminine and make you look younger. But anyways, now it is time to talk about Revlon Top Speed Lacquer in detail and show you some pictures.

Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart | Review & Swatches

revlon cosmetics review pink lipstick swatches

Hello, lovelies! Hope you had a great weekend, mine was just awesome. Today I want to talk about my new favorite lip product - Revlon Lip Butter in `Sweet Tart`. I need to confess that it was my first meeting with Revlon Lip Butter, but now I can't imagine my life without it anymore. I decided to try Revlon Lip Butter just because many beauty bloggers were saying such amazing things about it. They purchase and repurchase Lip Butters again and again. And I actually never believed that it is so amazing as people say, so I decided to give it a try. And I was so excited to share with you my thoughts and swatches. So here we go!

Little Beauty Haul | Revlon, OPI, Bourjois, Too Faced

OPI, Revlon lip butter review, maccosmetics brush

Good day, my lovelies! Recently I bought a few beauty treats for me and decided that it will be fun to show them to you and share my first impressions. And sure I'll write a detailed review for these products with my opinion and swatches. But for now here is a brief overview of my recent beauty purchases...