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Shape Your Curves For Summer With Comfortable Shapewear

summer shapewear

The summer is nearly here, and that means we are going to change restricting jeans and oversized sweaters with light and breezy dresses. Of course, to make the silhouette exceptionally perfect and emphasize the beauty of the body type we are going to need some help from the reliable body shaping pieces. Ultralight and breathable shapewear which repeats your movements would be the best substitution for those warm winter pieces. And today's little fashion tips will help you to shape your curves and prepare your wardrobe for summer heat. Are you ready to begin?

Etude House Color My Brows | Review & Swatch

eyebrow coloring mascara swatch

Eyebrows are one of my most favorite topics on January Girl, I can talk about eyebrow styling for hours! The peculiar thing is that before the early '2010s there was no specific eyebrow fashion. Of course, ladies prefer grooming and shaping their eyebrows in a particular manner, but no one gave so much attention to them. In my high school years I never even touched them, just plucked with tweezers time to time, but makeup never touched my brows. With the advent of eyebrow fashion (if we can say so) everyone started taking care of their eyebrows, shaping, grooming, growing, and bleaching those hairs above the eyes. Today I feel like the makeup isn't complete without fully filled and 'carved' eyebrows and eyebrow gels help to tame the hairs, setting them in place. Here is a review and demonstration of yet another eyebrow product for mischievous eyebrows - Etude House's Color My Brows  mascara that combs and fills eyebrows with color.

Top 9 Plain Wedding Dresses 2020

best simple wedding dresses for 2020

You're finally preparing for one of the most important moments you've been waiting for years. All you need now is a perfect wedding dress. With countless options out there, this blog is aimed at helping you narrow down the choices. Top 9 plain wedding dresses 2020 are listed here to help girls make the decision. I'm sure that all of you will find elegant bridal gowns that offers the chic look.

Something You Should Know About Lace Front Wigs

ginger beauty
Picture by Pedro Sandrini

Why are front lace wigs made from natural hair for women so popular? What should we consider when buying human hair lace front wigs? These are two questions everyone wants to know the answer to. If you are a regular front lace wig wearer you may know all the answers, but if you are new to the whole wig culture, then stay tuned to find out all of the answers about wigs before buying yourself one.

Top 12 Tight Prom Dresses 2020

Best Women Prom Dresses

How to find the right dress for you to stun at the special prom night? Where to buy the most gorgeous dresses for prom? If you're struggling with these questions, I'm sure this blog will help you. Since there are many gowns to choose from, girls may feel it a little bit hard to decide. This is just the aim of this blog. To save your time, a collection of Top 12 tight gowns for prom 2020 is given here. Before you start shopping, take a look at these 2020 red prom dresses to gain some insights.