close-up of an eyebrow gel by Etude House

Eyebrows are one of my favorite topics on January Girl, I can talk about eyebrow styling for hours! The peculiar thing is that before the early '2010s there was no specific eyebrow fashion. Of course, ladies prefer grooming and shaping their eyebrows in a particular manner, but no one gave so much attention to them. In my high school years I have never even touched them, just plucked with tweezers from time to time, but makeup never touched my brows. 

With the advent of eyebrow fashion (if we can say so) everyone started taking care of their eyebrows, shaping, grooming, growing, and bleaching those hairs above the eyes. Today I feel like the makeup isn't complete without fully filled and 'carved' eyebrows and eyebrow gels help to tame the hairs, setting them in place. Here is a review and demonstration of yet another eyebrow product for mischievous eyebrows – Etude House's Color My Brows mascara that combs and fills eyebrows with color.

a close-up of Color My Brows eyebrow gel by Erude House

A Few Words About Etude House

Etude House is one of the most popular South Korean cosmetic brands in the k-beauty industry. All of their makeup and skincare products come in the most original and cute packaging, which definitely pleases the eyes of any makeup appreciator. Unlike many other products, Color My Brows mascara comes in pretty simple packaging, but I adore such a pretty simplicity. The wand-applicator featured in the packing is short and dense, which allows it to comb through the short eyebrow hairs and place just the right quantity of product on the eyebrows.

The idea behind the Color My Brows product is that it allows you not only to set the eyebrow hairs in place but cover each individual hair in pigments, so your eyebrows can look lighter/darker and match the colored hair on your head. The color is so opaque, that you can literally hide your black eyebrows behind it. Coloring eyebrow mascara by Etude House is available in five different shades: rich brown, light brown, red-brown, natural brown, and blondie brown. 

All of these colors correspond to the natural colors of the eyebrows, yet they miss a few cool-toned shades in this range (ash blond, mushroom brown, etc...). I have color #1 called rich brown and, as you can see in the picture, it is still too warm for my liking. Upon closer examination of the swatch, you can spot a few reflective particles, which are not visible when applied to the eyebrows.

eyebrow coloring mascara swatch

One of the best things about this coloring mascara is its lightweight consistency. It feels like nothing on the eyebrows and does not glue the hairs to each other. The application process is simple, and fast, just comb your eyebrows with the wand upwards and your eyebrows are on fleek! If you need more defined and dramatic eyebrow makeup you can define the shape with a pencil. And even if you have no eyebrows hairs whatsoever, use Color My Brows mascara to draw the hair-like strokes on the skin, imitating the hairs.

The Takeaway

All things considered, I have to say that Color My Brows mascara by Etude House is a pretty great product, especially considering its affordable price and convenience of application. Certainly, makeup enthusiasts would be happy to have more shades at their disposal, but warm-haired beauties are going to love this coloring mascara. I want to say a huge thanks to YesStyle, who allowed me to test out this product, my eyebrows are more than satisfied with the look. And what about you, lovelies, do you like using eyebrow gels and mascaras? If so, what are your favorite products at the moment?

Lots of love,