collage of two makeup look before and after

High school is the best and the worst time of our lives. I definitely don't want to ever go back to high school, but with a huge interest want to analyze how I did my back-to-school makeup look. Welcome to the 29th day of my challenge, and today we are going to go back in time and look at how horrible my makeup was about ten years ago.

  • Then

First of all, I never wore eyeshadow primer, that is why my eye makeup always creased and eyeshadow looked almost transparent. I liked wearing a semi-smokey eye when the inner corner of your eye is very light with silver shimmer and the outer corner is black. I used eye kohl to draw ugly cat eyeliner. For the inner corner, I used a silver shimmer pencil and I thought it was fabulous.

And what about eyebrows? Apparently, I didn't know you can put makeup on your eyebrows and my mom convinced me, that my eyebrows are just perfect the way they are! I never curled my eyelashes and just applied a huge amount of mascara. And what about some concealer under the eyes? Forget girl, dark circles are trendy!

  • Now

I like how semi-smokey eyes, it is the perfect makeup for those, who want to extend their eyes and add a bit of mystery to the look. Always apply eyeshadow primer or at least a foundation on your eyelids before applying makeup. An eyeshadow primer will make the powdery pigment 'stuck' onto the skin. After I tightline upper and lower waterline with black eye kohl and line my eyes with liquid eyeliner.

My eyebrows I fill in with a matte eyebrow pencil and neat them up with concealer. Want to learn how to create Perfect Instagram Eyebrows, click the link to see my detailed step-by-step makeup tutorial. And finally, curl the lashes with an eyelash curler before applying makeup. An eyelash curler never helps me to drastically change my eyelash game, but still, it is better than leaving them as they are.

Lots of love,