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Being sick is seriously the worst, especially if you need to work or study on these critical days. Wearing a full face of Instagram makeup isn't the best option on sick days, but there are some simple makeup hacks, that can make you look better and won't be too heavy for your skin.

• Substitute your full-coverage makeup foundation with something more lightweight like BB cream and don't forget to moisturize your skin before putting on any makeup. When we have fever, our skin tends to get dry and patchy, so nice moisturizer is crucial for sick day makeup look.

• Waterproof makeup is a good choice if your eyes are watery and swollen. For the same reason, skip the bottom lash part of eye makeup. Believe me, you will look fresh and beautiful if your bottom lashes will stay makeup free.

• Highlight and contour are c what will bring back dimension and life to your look. But don't use shimmers and blushers if you have redness or allergic symptoms. Blush will only emphasize redness and puffiness. Choose neutral matte eyeshadow and blush shades when on days when you feel sick.

• Put an accent on your lips, if they are not irritated. Hydrate them with a lip balm, line with lip liner, and use some juicy color. This trick will bring brightness to your skin and raise your mood. 

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