close-up of Liz Breygel's face with water droplets all over the skin

For as long as I remember my skin has always been on the dry side. Not the Mojave desert, of course, but somewhere close to this climate. The condition of my dry skin gets somewhat better during the warm periods of the year. In fact, it gets pretty oily around a T-zone. Plus, my crater-like pores always attract dirt, making the overall situation less than pleasant. 

Anyways, since the time when I finally started to take care of my skin, I have tried various products trying to replenish the hydro balance. Lightweight daily and nighttime moisturizer has certainly helped my skin to feel and look better, but I always felt like this wasn't enough for me, especially in winter. But the solution to long-lasting skin hydration was so obvious, that it took me by surprise and today I'm going to share this secret with all of you, my lovelies.

close-up of female shoulder with water droplets all over the skin

The Hydrating Skincare Puzzle

The skincare puzzle started to get solved a few years ago when I received a Banish Acne kit for a review. Together with a few skin masks that help to cleanse pores, I was lucky enough to try Banish Face Spray. It is an incredible product! I wanted to be using it in the summer to refresh my thirsty skin. But, one day, I decided to use this meadow in a spray bottle in an unusual way. Let me share the details.

Have you ever seen Johnson's Baby Oil commercial, where a lady applies oil on her skin right after the shower? She applies a portion of baby oil on wet skin, without drying it off with the towel. The idea of such a skin-hydrating method is simple – oil is heavier than water, so it locks it in the skin, not allowing it to evaporate. So, I thought, if it works with water and baby oil, why wouldn't it work with facial mist and moisturizer? And I tried to apply my night moisturizer on my face after I generously sprayed it with the mist. What do you think, did it work?

close-up of a bottle with elemento mineral agua floral

Simplicity Is Genius

It was a shocking revelation that such a simple method of skin hydration worked wonders for my skin! And why haven't I tried it before? Well, as you can see, it took me millions of years to have finally tried it out, but better later than never, I guess. Ever, since this skincare experiment, my skin feels a lot more hydrated and glowing. I even include this step as part of my glass skin routine for that flawless, youthful glow.

Água Floral or Flower Water by Brazilian skincare brand Elemento Mineral is an all-natural toner, which I use daily to hydrate my facial skin and neck. All it has in the ingredients –  water and rose petals' extract, which calms down irritation, refreshes, and rejuvenates the skin. Rosewater is recommended for acne-prone skin, eczema, and different types of dermatitis. It not only refreshes skin but also helps to remove excess skin oil and dirt. 

a close-up of woman's skin with water droplets all over the skin

There are a few ways to use rose water in your skincare routine. First, use it as a skin toner. Apply a small amount of water on a cotton pad and cleanse the skin after you wash. Rosewater toner will remove the remaining dirt and old skin cells. The second way to use rose water is to spray it evenly on your face and neck before applying moisturizer. As I mentioned earlier, this method will lock the water and vitamins in the skin and prevent early evaporation. The next way is to substitute regular water in a clay mask preparation with rose water. It is less rough than tap water and will infuse a clay mask with extra benefits and oils. I like to mix my green clay and white clay with lavender with rose water. 

This hydrating trick works wonders on every skin type: from dry and flaky, to oily and acne-prone. If you have any other issues with your skin – hypersensitivity, eczema, Rosacea, or battling tsw, then this low-key skin hydrating trick will surely relieve any unpleasant symptoms. You can try it on any part of your body like dry elbows, knees, feet, and even on your hair!

a close-up of woman's chin with water droplets all over the skin

This Works on Hair Too!

This hydrating method works on the hair just as good. Right after the shower, I dry it gently with the old cotton t-shirt to remove the majority of water and then I apply coconut oil or serum to water my thirsty hair cuticles. Try this low-key hair hydrating method and you'll feel (and see) improvements after the very first time. Your hair will be softer and look more shiny and smooth, plus you'll feel the difference when you're going to brush your deeply-hydrated locks.

And what about you, lovelies, how do you keep your skin and hair hydrated? Maybe you have some product suggestions for me and other readers to try? Please, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, I'll be happy to hear your opinions! Thank you for reading my post, hopefully, it was interesting and somehow useful to you. I'll talk to you soon!

Lots of love,