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Top Three Fall Wedding Color Schemes You Will Adore

ideias de casamento outono cores e temas

Are you planning to have your wedding ceremony during the most romantic time of a year? Fall is one of the best seasons for wedding, therefore you will want to incorporate warm and smoky colors in your wedding theme as well. Nowadays, your options for autumnal wedding decor are limitless: from fallen leaves, pumpkins and candles to the rustic lights and pumpkin-spiced meals for your guests. At times, it can be so hard finding the right concept and course of actions. In case you need some unique wedding inspiration, here are few seasonal and vibrant ideas for your fall wedding. Together with online wedding store MillyBridal, I've combined three gorgeous fall wedding themes, that will fit your autumnal wedding ceremony and will be remembered by you and your guest for a very long time!

Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial | Easy SFX Vampire Bite Mark

maquiagem para halloween vampira como fazer maquiagem  de vampiro gotica passo a passo

Hey lovelies, can you hear that weird and disturbing sounds? I guess that it Halloween creeping towards the back door, waiting for the perfect time and place to begin trick-or-treating ritual. Did you know that All Hollows Eve is one of the oldest celebrations in the world. It is believed to be originated over 2000 years ago from ancient Celtic harvest festivals and brought to the United States by immigrants from Europe in the late 1920's. Today Halloween is the most popular and beloved autumnal festivals, associated with traditional activities such as pumpkin hunting, ghosting and dressing up in sinister costumes.

Fashionable Hunters: Wearing the Right Gear

fashion beauty blogger hunting gear outfit ideas pictures girl round glasses fedora hat

Stylish Hunters

Although the words fashion and hunter are not exactly synonymous with each other, we may be able to find some connection with these two nouns if we think about it carefully. Indeed, hunters who wish to look their best whenever they go on the hunt for foxes, rabbits or deer may very well look online for articles about how to tie a hunting scarf in a stylish manner. By taking the time to scour the internet for blogs related to wearing cool-looking hunting clothes and accessories, fashionable hunters might be able to create the look they wanted.

Trying Nail Stamping For The First Time | Black Roses On Pink Manicure

pink and black rose pattern manicure liz breygel janaury girl beauty blogueira de moda e beleza blogger

You have definitely heard about nail stamping. It is one of those quick and easy methods to get neat designs and patterns onto your nail plate in no time! Nail stamping this technique allows you to achieve a perfect nail design at home, therefore almost every nail polish junkie have already tried this simple and convenient nail art method. All you need to have are three items: nail polish, nail stamper and a plate with pre-made designs.

Fashion Month Street Style

blogueira de moda e beleza sloppy street style outfit ideas

Photo by Flaunter.com 

As the fashion month is finally behind us, it’s about time we shared our fashion report and informed you about the hottest trends when it comes to street style. Here are three of them that were most frequently spotted in Paris, London, Milan, and NYC, so check them out and step up your fashion game with the trendiest pieces out there!

Black Friday 2018 Fashion Wishlist

O Que é a Sexta-Feira Negra blogueira de beleza e moda

Black Friday is one of those hidden reasons, why I love autumn so much and this year I'm absolutely prepared for the upcoming huge sale. It is very important to start saving money and planning your shopping leisure at least few weeks before the actual event. Makeup junkies and fashionistas know, that a well-planned sale event is going to save you a lot of time, money and nerves! That's why today, with a help of online fashion store Fashionme, I've decided to put together all of my latest fashion cravings and compile them in one Black Friday wishlist. Let us begin!

Makeup Trend Dissection: Major Bushy Eyebrows & Eyebrow Tutorial

how to create full eyebrow makeup look celebrities with bushy eyebrows

It is not a secret, that eyebrows hold the maximum powder over our faces and makeup looks. They can drastically change our facial expression, make us look older or younger and even give us a non-surgical face lift. Our eyebrows is like a natural frame for our face and we have an incredible ability to change the way it looks. But fashion and makeup industries have their own solid rules and our eyebrows follow these standards. For the past 10 years eyebrows have grown stronger and bolder, making their own, very special niche in the beauty industry. You may love a major statement eyebrows, or hate this makeup trend, but it is here to stay. Today we are going to dissect a major bushy eyebrow trend and find out how to nail the art of eyebrow shaping!

Chocolate Mint Cut Crease | Nicki Minaj Inspired Makeup Tutorial

eyeshadow eyeliner cheat for small eyelids hooded eyes step by step tutorial how to cut crease makeup look

Hi lovelies, how are you been doing lately? I'm a huge fan of cut crease makeup looks. It is fascinating how this well-defined crease shape can transform your eye shape, making them look very attractive and seductive. Some people are trying to stay away from cut crease makeup, because they think, that small eyelids or hooded eyelids don't have enough space for such dramatic look. Interesting to know, that cut crease makeup look works especially great on smaller and hooded eyelids, because you can create any crease shape you want, 'faking' a bigger eye lid shape. 

Masculine Fashion Style Ideas For Women | Secrets to Simplifying Your Wardrobe

unisex fashion style tips tricks and outfits for women

Women taking cues from men and actually ‘borrowing’ their clothing items and sometimes making masculine-inspired female ones is not novel. Women have been stealing male style ideas for a very long time. In fact, according to a blog post titled History of Women Wearing Men's Clothing, this trend began with the rebellious women's rights activist, Amelia Bloomer. Of course, who could forget Coco Channel, the pioneer of androgynous dressing, who designed elegant suits for women that were clearly inspired by menswear. Then, there were groundbreaking style icons such as Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn who all wore men’s’ suits and actually looked better in them than men themselves. We even have Diane Keaton, who dressed like a man in the cult movie Annie Hall, for which she reportedly used much of her own clothes as costumes for the film.

The Yummiest Skin Care Product: Balea Hand Foam Cake Pop Almond

german beauty drugstore brand balea cosmetics liz breygel January girl review

Seasonal weather changes always affect my skin condition - it gets dry, irritated and flaky. Chilly autumn wind tend to dehydrate our skin, making it uncomfortable and more susceptible to bacteria. That's why it is so important to hydrate the skin during the cold months of the year. Lately I can't stand using heavy moisturizers and butters and prefer a light moussy textures on my skin. Thus I want to talk about my favorite hand moisturizer at the moment - a featherweight and yummy Cake Pop hand foam by affordable German brand Balea.