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Easy Purple & Red Makeup Step By StepTutorial

easy step by step dramatic eye makeup cat eye liner purple and red burgundy liz breygel blogger

Good day, lovelies I wanted to share this look for such a long time, but always forgot to process the pictures and create a step by step guide for you. But finally, it is done! One of the most attractive and easy at the same time eye makeups I ever did. As always you can vary the eye shadow colors and texture as you wish. I chose a loose purple pigment for the eye lid and a muted burgundy eye shadow for the crease. And here is detailed step by step tutorial.

Red & Black Gothic Lips Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

Halloween Makeup step by step tutorial, sexy red  lips step by step tutorial blogger gothic makeup

I’m such a big fan of bold lipstick and today I want to show you how to make them look a little bit more interesting. I know that spring and summer are not a time for dramatic makeup looks, everyone prefers a natural and fresh-looking makeup looks. But I decided to take this risk and share with you this Gothic lips makeup tutorial. I found them perfect for any evening occasion along with a natural eye makeup and dramatic contouring. This is also a perfect lip makeup for those who wants to make their lips appear bigger and plumper. To create this seductive Gothic lips you'll just need to follow a few simple steps and here they are.

NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse | Review & Before After Results

auto self tan product mousse naked skin tinted tan application review buy liz breygel

Hey, my beauties! The beach season is knocking on our doors and I bet everyone wants to have a beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. So get ready for the long post with lots of pictures and demonstration of the results, because today I’m going to share with you my first ever self-tan experience with the product called NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse* in Medium color.

SImple Eyeliner 'Cheat' for Hooded & Small Eyelids

makeup for hooded eye lids blogger step by step tutorial winged eyeliner for small eyes hooded liz breygel

Hello, lovelies! I know that many women around the world are suffering from hooded eyelids. If you have a small crease, or you have a mature skin, you may perceive that the actual wing of the eyeliner that you apply appears deformed. I also have a slightly hooded right eye and most of the amazing makeup tutorials, that I try to wear, don’t work so good for me. But I want to assure you that hooded eyes could look very charming and sexy, if you learn how to apply eyeliner in a special way. Today I`ll teach you a little eyeliner `cheat`, which works even for the most severe and heavy hooded eyes, just follow these simple instructions:

My Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes: Revlon, OPI & Sally Hansen

opi isn`t that precious sally hansen bamboo shoot revlon lily isabelle dupont faberlic nail polish lacquer

I know that I'm kinda late with such post, because most of the bloggers probably talked on their blogs about their favorite Spring Beauty Products. But recently I've become a happy owner of an amazing pastel nail polish, which fits perfectly to this fresh, romantic time of the year. So here is a list of my Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes, which I love to use. Hope you will enjoy it!

For Vision On & On Blue Contact Lens | Review & Before After

blogger review contact color lenses liz breygel pastel noodles korean china lenses buy

Good day, lovelies, I’m back with another contact lenses review, this time I'm going to tell you about For Vision On & On Blue Contacts*, which were kindly sent to me by Pastel Noodles. This company has been in circle lens industry since 2009 and sells comfortable and safe lenses produced in South Korea and China. Here is some basic information about the circle lenses I've received:

Back To Black | My Favorite Black Jewelry

liz breygel blogger favorites jewelry fashion haul review

When I was a teenager I was a big fan of everything grungy and Gothic and I can't say that my love for the dark, but beautiful and romantic things had vanished till today. As all we know any outfit would be complete without a stylish jewelry, so my today's post I want to dedicate to some of my favorite black-colored accessories, which have become a part of me. And even though I'm a minimalist by nature I can’t walk through a shop with beautiful earrings or bracelets, I just have to own them. You know this feeling ladies... Unfortunately, for most of the pieces in this post I couldn't find a direct link, but I’ve added links to the items, which look pretty similar, so you can purchase them, if you like something.