a portrait of a young woman with a Halloween makeup look isnpired by dia de los muertos
Photo: Miguel Gonzalez

Do you remember that jaw-dropping quote from Mean Girls, when Cady Heron stated: “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” I remember bursting into tears and hysterical laughter after I heard this joke for the first time! As funny and truthful as it might sound, not every woman likes to dress up all sexy for the Halloween party. 

If you prefer your Halloween style to celebrate the strength, independence, and devotion of women, then you are in the right place. Here are the top 15 inspiring female characters that deserve to be praised! Which one will be your choice for this year?

Ellie fromThe Last of Us Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Ellie | The Last of Us

Let's begin with one of the most iconic characters in gaming history – Ellie Williams from the Last of Us game series. Are you excited about the upcoming  HBO TV series, by the way? I'm hoping it will be just as great as the game was. But, anyway, Ellie's survival/casual outfit featuring a pair of distressed jeans, a long-sleeved black top, and an orange t-shirt layered on it is a very affordable and simple Halloween costume idea for teenage girls. It is easy to DIY and every single piece of this Halloween costume can be reused.

Eleven from the Stranger Things Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Eleven | The Stranger Things

Next goes Eleven also known as Jane "El" Hopper from the Netflix series The Stranger Things. Eleven is just as strong and inspiring as Ellie. Both characters share sad backstories, which makes them who they are. But, when it comes to Eleven, there are so many options for Halloween costumes to choose from. I liked her iconic pink dress with a white collar and plisse gown. You can pair it with a blonde wig to make the look even more recognizable!

Kiki from the Kiki's Delivery Service Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Kiki | Kiki's Delivery Service

Who doesn't love Kiki from the studio's Ghibli anime film Kiki's Delivery Service? She must be one of the bravest and nicest young characters we all love and know. An amazing role model for teenagers and adults as well. And, her talking cat Jiji deserves a special round of applause! Her look is an ideal simple Halloween costume: a baggy blue dress, a pair of flats, and a large red ribbon in her hair. Pair it with a huge broom and you are ready to fly to the Halloween party!

Judy Alvarez from the Cyberpuk 2077 Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Judy Álvarez | Cyberpunk 2077

If you like the idea of dressing up like a video game character for Halloween, then Judy Álvarez may be your next inspiration? Judi is a very skilled braindance techie, strong, and beautiful woman. To DIY her Halloween costume you'll need a white crop top or a t-shirt you can cut, a faux leather jumpsuit with a studded punk belt, and a pair of comfy ankle-high tennis shoes. Of course, the most eye-catching feature of her look is a badass Cyberpunk haircut in green and purple colors.

Arya Stark from the Game of Thrones Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Arya Stark | Game of Thrones

Enough said about Arya Stark of Winterfell. She is a woman, a fighter, a no-one, and everyone! A true legend and strong female character, isn't she? If you want to look like Arya Stark for Halloween, you'll need some serious sewing skills, a costume store where you can buy and try on your look, or help from a tailor. The variety of her looks from the series is impressive, so it won't be a problem to find something fitting according to your age and liking.

Player 067 from the Squid Game Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Player number 067 | Squid Game

The first season of Squid Game survival drama is Netflix's most-watched series ever. It was a truly captivating and interesting watch, though at times controversial. The series is full of interesting characters, but player number 067, played by HoYeon Jung, stands out of them. Her Halloween costume is simple! All you need is a teal-colored uniform with white stripes a pair of basic white sneakers and a matching t-shirt with a number of your choice. 

Alice from the Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Alice | Alice in Wonderland

Are you surprised by this choice? But, why? Alice is a great example of a curious and brave female character. I envy her cleverness and fearlessness. Moreover, Alive is one of the most popular and recognizable characters, making her look a great choice for your Halloween costume. Regardless of age, her blue dress with a white apron and black shoes always stands out. Want something a bit more dramatic? The American McGee's Alice is quite a peculiar interpretation of this character. 

Sarah Connor from the Terminator 2 Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Sarah Connor | Terminator 2: Judgment Day

If you are familiar with the Terminator franchise, then your favorite female character would be Sarah Connor. Everything is perfect about her: she is a fierce, wild, and strong mother. And she has a stunning outfit! It is definitely a simple and easy-to-DIY Halloween-worthy look, isn't it? Connor's iconic look features a pair of black cargo pants, a dark gray tank top, an ammunition belt, and a pair of combat boots!

Ellen Ripley from the Alien Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Ellen Ripley | Alien

Lieutenant First Ellen Ripley or simply Ripley deserves just as much appreciation as Sarah Connor. They share a pretty similar background, fighting inhumane creatures and protecting innocent people they care about. In the movie, Alien Ripley wears a simple uniform consisting of a dark-blue jumpsuit with a basic white tank top and a pair of ankle-high Chuck Taylors. This simple Halloween costume is both easy to DIY and recognizable. 

Beth Harmon from the Queens's Gambit Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Beth Harmon | The Queen's Gambit

If you still haven't watched The Queen's Gambit, it may be a great opportunity to start! A successful Netflix series about a young chess player Beth Harmon took over the world. And her look French bob hair look became popular once again. If you want to portray Beth Harmon on Halloween, you can try her black turtleneck sweater with a waist-high bell skirt. A chessboard and a hairstyle are mandatory!

Beatrix Kiddo from the Kill BIll Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Beatrix Kiddo aka Black Mamba | Kill Bill

Bruce Lee or Beatrix Kiddo? That is a million-dollar question! And the costume is, of course, a secondary thing about both characters. Black Mamba doesn't need to be introduced to anyone. She is the manifestation of strength and revenge. Yes, revenge is a useful quality for a character, whether it is good or evil. Finding the famous yellow suit for Halloween won't be a trouble.

Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Wednesday Addams | The Addams Family

Wednesday Addams has been a spirit animal for thousands of gloomy teenagers. Thanks to the upcoming Netflix comedy series, her cold charm and weirdness are revived once again. If you searching for a recognizable, yet simple Halloween costume that represents a strong female character, Wednesday Addams is a wonderful choice! A pair of braids, a black dress with a white collar, and a bottle of improvised 'poison'. 

Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Katniss Everdeen | The Hunger Games

The next For the adventurers and skilled DIYers! Unlike some of the previous simple Halloween costumes, this requires sewing, cosplaying, and even archer skills. Of course, you can always find it on Amazon, but making your own Halloween costume is what puts you into the celebratory mood. Am I right? Thankfully,  Katniss Everdeen has a variety of looks: from stunning nightgowns to simple everyday dresses.

Galadriel from the Lors of the Rings Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Galadriel | The Lord of the Rings

After the success of Rings of Power, I couldn't exclude the "Lady" of the woods of Lothlórien –Galadriel. Her might, power, and strength are undisputable., making her a great female role model for younger and older girls. Certainly, The Lord of the Ring's Galadriel is different from her portrayal in the Rings of Power, but nonetheless breathtaking. Which one do you prefer for your Halloween look?

Mulan Halloween costume idea and original outfit

Mulan | Mulan

And, lastly, I would like to include the strong and courageous Mulan, from Disney's adaptation. A young female warrior disguises herself as a man to stand up for her family. Her story will be told for years! And, again, she has a range of looks to choose from for your Halloween costume: from everyday tops and shorts to gorgeous Kimono and full-body armor!

The Takeaway

There is nothing wrong with looking attractive or sexy, but not everyone wants to bring out this vibe to the world. There are a bunch of inspiring characters from pop culture, which are both motivating and kicking ass! All you need is to choose your favorite role model and find a matching outfit for Halloween.

Lots of love,