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Professional shots and publications according to a strict content plan are not equal to millions of likes and worldwide fame. Even microbloggers are trusted more than millionaire stars. The secret to this is following the trends and using a few tricks to shake up your beauty blog. And how to do this, we will tell below. Let’s dive in!

Ten years ago, we were thumbing through magazines to find out what perfume our favorite actress chooses for the new season. Today, the opinions of hundreds of thousands of people are influenced by people like you and me – the only difference is that they have upgraded their personal brand in social media and created a community of a loyal audience.

You can do that too! Talk about your favorite products, share beauty or blogging tips, confide from different angles – and of course use life hacks to improve your beauty blog.

Design Your Blog

If you think that writing posts about beauty products is enough, then you’re wrong. We are all people, and we love with our eyes. A beautiful visual is 90 percent of your beauty blog's success. The pics must contain fully developed images of models, interesting light and compositions, and unusual fonts. Yes, everyone is used to seeing naturalness in a blog, but when it comes to a beauty blog, no one will refuse to see the richness of colors.

Experiment with visuals, try new things and learn how to work with photo editors.

Write From the Heart

The audience becomes sad when it sees the official narrative. Making up boring posts is the biggest blogging mistake. People love when information is presented with funny examples and funky words. When writing posts, try to fit yourself into them, and not parody someone. If there is no mood for a large-scale post, ask a question to communicate with the audience. This is what the next paragraph is about.

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Photo: Karolina Grabowska

Stimulate Discussion

The old “support with likes and comments” no longer works. Nowadays, there are numerous effective tricks to increase blog post engagement. Find another way: ask a question at the end of the post so that a person can answer it in detail.

Ask not general, but specific questions: for example, do subscribers like the movie, what beauty product they bought last, and what are the names of their pets? Furthermore, ask simple questions: don't ask about logarithms or quantum physics.

You should be interested in the opinion of users. Some just-for-asking questions usually get fewer answers than those asked from the heart.

Another way to stimulate discussion is to make an ad-hoc post to a newsbreak that's important to your audience. But be careful: if you express an unpopular opinion or go too far with creativity, you can get a lot of negativity in the comments. Although it also boosts audience engagement.

Try Different Formats

Simple how-to posts reach only a few readers. These types of blog posts may seem too vague and nonoriginal. Try spicing up your blog's content by adding real-life arguments, feedback, or fresh beauty-related gossip. This will elevate the content to a whole new level! You can achieve it by inserting an HTML widget that links to selected Reddit or Twitter posts.

Another cool thing to incorporate into your blog is the good-old video format. I know that everyone does that, but this trick truly works! You can use your videos not only for your blog, but also for Facebook, TikTok, or Pinterest. A user-friendly editor will help you to glamorize your beauty videos for YouTube shorts.

However, you will have to learn a thing or two about studio lights, camera gadgets, and video editing software. This certainly sounds a bit overwhelming! If this seems too complicated for you, start with making a video from photos. Static is already a thing of the past, and the video format, even from static photos, can hook the viewer to stay in your blog for longer.

Participate in Challenges

It's been mentioned in the previous paragraph about the need for challenges in your blog. Look for inspiration on TikTok – it has many challenges to try like art makeup.

Such experiments go beyond makeup and turn into real art (albeit short-lived!). Transform into a fairy, draw a landscape, or transform into a comic book character… and it's all on your face! You can watch and admire, or muster up the courage to try it yourself.

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Photo: George Milton

Collaborate with Beauty Influencers

The concept of influencers is fairly new. About five or seven years ago, brands didn’t even think of paying for advertising, not to celebrities, but to “ordinary” people. Today, many beauty brands love micro-influencers, bloggers with a small audience: their subscribers like more, comment more, and eventually buy more.

Invite such a person to your interview, do a joint project, or just learn something from another blogger. A well-known name will bring you great reach and excite your audience.

Get Help From Humor

Your goal is to show subscribers that you are a go-to person and also know how to have fun. This is especially important if you are interacting with millennials. It would seem that such a simple manipulation… But the result will impress you!

Share memes and funny situations from life, and combine usefulness and humor. Add a bit of humor to the informative post – and millions will follow you.

By the way, humor is not only about text content. Shoot a funny video to improve your blog – and you will understand how essential a competent presentation in video content is. But remember to always find a balance between humor and professionalism.

The Takeaway

Over the past ten years, the popularity of many beauty bloggers has grown exponentially. That is why it is simply not possible to maintain a boring blog today, releasing monotonous articles, and retaining the audience simply won’t work. Shake your blog! Hopefully, these little tips helpful and useful for you and your blog.

Lots of love,