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How To Instantly Define Your Silhouette With Shapewear

beautiful girl in sport swimsuit
Photo by Morgan Harris

What comes into your mind when you hear the word 'shapewear'? I bet 90% of us imagine something between infamous enormous panties worn by Miss Bridget Jones and tightly-laced Scarlett O'Hara's corset. Luckily, those days have already gone and good old granny's panties gave way to a sexy and seamless shapewear we are all using today. Apart from looking like a real-life fashion masterpiece, modern shapewear does a much better job at taming those curves and instantly defines feminine silhouette. Today's blog post I created in collaboration with Loverbeauty, an online store of the most beautiful and comfortable shapewear that helps everyone to overcome body issues and boost up self-esteem. So, stay tuned to find  out what is the best shapewear for you.

Dipped In Blue: Minimal Nail Design For Spring 2020

blue ombre nail look tutorial

According to Cosmopolitan's nail polish color compilation, pale blue is going to be pretty hot this spring season. With only one month and few weeks left until the beginning of spring, I've decided to give my nails refreshing, spring-time appropriate makeover, and share the results with all of you, my lovelies. Of course, the final result does not look as pale and subtle, as the color from the round-up, but I like it even more! And what do you think, lovelies? In any case, prepare your nail polish stash and imagination, because we have some nail design to do. 

DIY Your Own Natural Green Clay Face Mask For Skin Impurities

green french clay powder mask

Expensive packaging and innovative formula do not always mean better results for you skin. Sometimes all it needs is a good homemade mask your countryside granny used to apply on her face regularly (and she still looks young and beautiful). I am a huge fan of inelaborate facials, which are easily recreated at home and done under a few minutes. Chop this, whisk with that, apply on the skin and voilĂ  - it is refreshed, brightened and toned up! Doesn't it sound amazing?

Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner | Review & Swatches

essence liquid ink eyeliner close up

Every makeup lover knows that you can't have too many eyeliners in your beauty arsenal. All of them are very handy, when you need to provide an extra sass to the eyes. Pencil eyeliners and eye kohls are irreplaceable when it comes to smokey eye, gel eyeliners are best for the iconic smudged Megan Fox eye look and liquid eyeliners create the best, sharp as a knife's blade cat eyes. But, finding a good-working eyeliner could be just as hard, as defining those wings. Some makeup artists spend years and years in the search for high-performance eyeliner.

Save Your Money On Makeup & Beauty Products With These Tips

photo of pastel makeup flatlay

Let's be honest, lovelies, we don't need to have a ton of high-end makeup products to look our best. Of course, it is always nice to treat yourself with an expensive makeup palette or a newly-released foundation, yet we still come back to well-known brands that work well on our skin. Most makeup products have limited shelf life. For example, it is recommended to change mascara every few months, and who wants to spend those hard-earned pennies on mascara? Therefore, today we are going to talk about makeup products, which you can save your money on.

Five Universally Flattering Eyeshadow Palettes You Have To Try

modern renaissance makeup palette
Photo by Paola Aguilar

Every new year makeup brands develop and release a ton of new beauty products, yet despite this abundant diversity, which our grannies could only dream about, makeup lovers find it challenging to say yes to another eyeshadow palette. What if it won't fit complexion, eye colors or even the lifestyle you want to follow? Like many other bloggers in the new year I gave myself a promise not to waste any extra resources and treat every new purchase with responsibility. Therefore, no unnecessary makeup items can appear in my makeup arsenal this year, just useful products that work well for me. To ease your makeup hunt, today I've gathered five universally flattering eyeshadow palettes, that will completely cover your makeup needs. 

Dress to Impress: How to Dress for a Job Interview

job interview dressing tips
Photo by Chris Barbalis

Prepping for a big interview? Congratulations! You’ve already caught the attention of your potential new employer, which is half the battle, but now it’s time to ready yourself for the interview. One of the most important things you should do in the pre-interview process is to pick out an outfit that makes you feel empowered, confident and capable. Whether it be a power suit, a blazer with slacks or a brightly colored dress, the right interview look can mean the difference between an offer and a pass.

Five Fashion Goals For 2020: Quality Basics, Style & Silhouettes

2020 fashion goals
Photo by Ylanite Koppens

"New year, new me" is what I always say to myself at the end of every December month. The beginning of a brand-new decade is an ideal time to start following my old promises and to remember them all, this year I have finally decided to put together five most crucial testaments, which I shall thoroughly follow in 2020. Hopefully, some of you may find them useful and will join me on the path to better fashion choices. Shall we begin?

Yennefer Of Vengerberg |The Witcher Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

the witcher makeup look

I bet everyone had a chance to enjoy the latest Netflix original series based on a series of books The Witcher Saga by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Last year I had a pleasure to play and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt role-playing game based on the same game, so I was overjoyed to start watching the series. For every hardcore fan of the novels - give this adaptation a little chance, and for those who never heard about The Witcher - don't miss an opportunity to derive pleasure from books, games, and series.