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Dressing trendy and beautiful is challenging by itself, yet, when the air outside of the house is so hot you could cut it with a knife, looking your best can be even harder. Is your wardrobe situation ready to face the upcoming heatwave challenge? With the official summer, arriving just in a few days, I've decided to put together a simple, yet practical summer guide, which will help you to dress for the hot days with little to no fashion effort. From lightweight and breathable materials to trendy cuts and other little summer hacks: here are some of the best ways to survive the summer heat.

1. Lightweight, Breathable Fabrics for Summer

First of all, let's decide on the summer-appropriate fabrics. Despite being very practical and easy to exploit, synthetic fabrics are not as breathable as natural materials. For the hottest summer days choose clothing made of high-quality linen, cotton, chiffon, silk, or jersey. These natural materials don't only feel light and breathy on the skin, they prevent excessive sweating, preventing your body from overheating.

 For instance, linen is one of not so popular summer fabrics, yet is it the best for the summer because of its special properties. Coming from the flax plant, linen is cool to touch and dries much faster than cotton, which makes it a great and original alternative. Linen summer dresses look both stylish and comfortable, beautifully fitting the boho style. And men's linen trousers look just as cool as jeans but are far more convenient for summer.

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2. Stick to the Light Colors in the Summer

Even though there are a bunch of creative fashion hacks to style dark and black clothes for summer, light colors are less likely to 'attract' sunlight and heat. Stick to the light colors with minimal prints. One of the best light shades for hot weather is all pastel shades: lavender, blue, yellow, and light pink. Try to stay away from saturated colors, dark gray and black. Instead pick a flowing dress with leafy print or men's floral t-shirts, which are easily styled with previously mentioned natural fabrics and accessories.

3. Heat-friendly Cuts & Styles

Spacious loose styles and cool cuts are much more comfortable and fresh, than tight clothing. Loose clothing creates a layer of cool air between your skin and hot surrounding, preventing overheating. When shopping for summer clothing, look for the deep-cut neckline, crop tops, and men's designer shirts that feature trendy cuts. Another comforting fashion rule you want to follow during the hot days ‒ the more skin covered, the better. Long sleeves and a broad hat brim cover your body from sun exposure, protecting you from harmful UV rays. 

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4. Clothes for Hot Summer Nights

Summer nights are as hot as summer days, while days are as hot as summer itself. Therefore, surviving those long hot and humid nights can be almost unbearable. For summer nighttime, settle on affordable silk pajamas or cute silk baby dolls. Silk is one of the finest and most breathable natural materials, therefore it allows your skin to feel comfortable and adjusts to your body temperature. Ideal for those who tend to sweat at night or have dry hair and skin, silk is not the easiest material to maintain, yet it's so worth it. If natural silk isn't available for you, pick faux silk clothing. Some of the faux silk pajamas are just as breathable and light, as the real silk lounge and bed wear.

5. Hot Weather Footwear & Accessories

While some accessories, like hats and sunglasses, are essential for hot and sunny summer days, others may only bother and even irritate you on a hot summer day. Avoid the unnecessary disruption by opting for accessories, made of natural eco-friendly materials: feathers, stones, crystals, wood, and dry flowers. Choose breathable footwear to evade swollen and sweaty feet. Canvas, rattan, thin leather, and cotton are going to be the best friends of your feet in the summer.

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