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Following a particular fashion trend, when preparing for a special celebration, instantly adds a few points to your style karma. Some say, people, who thoroughly follow the latest fashion trends, have lower depression rates and, overall, feel more confident about their appearance. Wearing a trendy wedding dress is one of the easiest ways to boost up your confidence, but will it go in style with the chosen wedding theme in general? Moreover, there are so many timeless wedding dress styles, which deserve your attention just as much, as the current trends. I and Yesbabyonline are going to talk today about one of such wedding dress trends ‒ the mermaid silhouette dress.

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A Few Words About The Mermaid Dress Style

First of all, let's understand what a mermaid dress is. The mermaid dress or a fishtail dress is a classic dress silhouette, characterized by the tight-fitting tailoring from the torso to the hips (sometimes even lower). The distinctive feature of the mermaid dress is the long, mermaid-like flare of the skirt. The fishtail part of such a dress usually starts just above the knees but can begin a bit lower. It is usually made from a flowing, light material like silk, satin, or chiffon, which freely 'swims' in behind. The name mermaid or fishtail dress comes from the exceptional shape of the hemline, which reminds of the mermaid's tail. 

Of course, mermaid wedding dresses are considered to be glamorous, because of the tight-fitting of the figure and the train (long tail section), which can be dramatically extended for the maximum jaw-dropping impression on the guests. Usually, the mermaid wedding dress looks moderately simple throughout the bodycon part and can be densely decorated with ruffles, lace, or embroidery along the hemline. As for the neckline, mermaid wedding dresses have no straps or can have some bateau (boat neck) or off-shoulder neckline. 

Timeless Wedding Dress Trend: Elegant & Sophisticated Mermaid Dress by Liz Breygel on January Girl

Why You Should Try a Mermaid Dress?

Tall, hourglass-shaped figures are best suited for a fishtail silhouette. This style profitably emphasizes the waist and shoulder areas, accentuating the hips and 'hiding' your legs. It is going to make you look both sexy and elegant on your special day. Your bridesmaids will enjoy wearing a cheap bridesmaid dress in a beautiful mermaid silhouette just as much as you do. Pick complementary colors for the bridesmaids and similar materials for their dresses, so every little detail works wonders in your wedding symphony.

If you plan to hold your wedding during the spring/summer period of the year, then you might like an idea of a high-low mermaid dress. Such variation of the timeless classic may look too extravagant for some tastes, so consider it more of a modern approach to the mermaid silhouette. Ready to show off your beautiful long legs? Then say no to the dramatic train skirt and opt for a below-the-knee length of the bodice with just a small flare-out skirt. Why hide your gorgeous legs and exclusive bridal heels, when you can have both?

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