a bride in a white gown from the back is running towards the forest
Photo: Alex Grodkiewicz

If the last year's bridal fashion was guided by simplicity, clear lines, and flowing fabrics, the new 2020 promises us a whole new approach to bridal trends. To celebrate its beginning, with the incomparable help of Bmbridal store, I've decided to assemble the top wedding dress trends every new bride must inspect before diving into the magical world of wedding preparations. From non-trivial gown colors, vintage-inspired laces, and restricting corsets to romantic drapes and see-through fabrics - read on and pick the perfect wedding dress for the upcoming ceremony.

a beautiful bride in a long, vintage-looking dress

Vintage Pureté

I would like to start with my favorite wedding dress trend of all time—the vintage-inspired lace, which gracefully which extends over the entire length of the skirt and sleeves. Such subtle, yet overwhelming detail creates a statuesque appeal to the whole bridal ensemble. The best color choice for lace or crochet dress like so would be dusty blush, ivory or eggshell. And what about the veil? Go for a full-length veil, also known as floor-length—these veils add an extra volume to the silhouette, making it even more noble.

a beautiful bride in a long, vintage-looking dress

Drapes & Ruffles

Those ruffled elements will never go out of wedding style, so feel free to decorate your 2020 wedding dress with these voluminous elements. Wear the feminine fabrics all lover your skirt to give your bridal dress slightly rural or bohemian sense, on the sleeves for a puffy, bubble-like effect or even around the neckline to create an illusion of alluring drapes. There are so many creative ways to apply this trend to your dress and dresses of your wonderful bridesmaids.

a beautiful bride in a long, vintage-looking dress

One-Shoulder Neckline

The new 2020 year has no time for boring colors, styles, and fabrics. But, if massive floral embroidery, glittery varnish, and colorful gowns sound a bit too harsh for your taste, you can always experiment with the length of the skirt or neckline cut. Inspired by our favorite divas Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, the one-shoulder neckline is back on the fashion track., thankfully, this classic trend works with almost every fabric and dress style. How do you like it?

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