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Winter 2017 Hottest Fashion Trends

fashion winter 2016 2017 outfits trendy stylish trends

Can you believe 2016 is nearly over? It did fly by rapidly and brought us a whole bunch of brand new fashion and beauty trends. Some of them were an absolute staple throughout the whole year, I still can`t take off my plaid hooded shirt and statement choker, but other trend were an absolute disaster. Clown contouring, glitter eyebrows and women loafers may have been very popular in 2016, but we all hope they`re never coming back in 2017. However some of them might hold tight during the winter season. Today I've decided to put together some old and new fashion trend that will come back or remain in the upcoming winter 2017.

Bargain Contour Palette for Powder Contouring | Review & Demo

breygel beauty blogger review how to contour face makeup

Contouring and highlighting is everything we need today to create a beautiful makeup look. No matter how perfect is the eye makeup, or how beautiful is the lipstick shade, the makeup always looks incomplete without a touch of bronzer and a pinch of highlighter on the cheekbones. There are so many contouring products on a beauty market nowadays, but not all of them worth the hype and the price. I'm a big fan of a budget beauty, because most of the times the cheaper makeup options are just as good as the high-end products and I sincerely believe that we can look our best without breaking the bank.

Best Christmas Party Outfits

Christmas party

The Christmas Eve is getting closer and closer each day, there is only two weeks left before we can finally exchange earlier prepared presents, drink few relaxing cocktails and finally had a cozy casual conversation with your long family relatives. There is only one question we need to figure out before our party starts is what to wear? It is always easier to decide when the party is promised to be casual and simple, but just in case you are going for a fancy celebration this Christmas I decided to share with you 3 different party outfit combination you can adopt this year. With the help of Milly Bridal - online beauty and fashion retailer of the most beautiful and stylish dresses for a special occasions I put together my favorite festive outfits for this Christmas Eve.

Danimer Matte Black Lipstick # 5 | Review & Swatches

beauty breygel blogger nur besten lipstick makeup review

When it comes to lip makeup winter is all about those bold and unusual lipstick colors: deep purples, cold browns and 'vampy' reds - the options are endless! But there is one classic color that sticks out most from the others - Gothic black. Matte black lipstick is "universally" flattering color that looks great on every skin tone and hair shade, so it is a must for any lipstick junkie. Today I`m going to review the Danimer Black Lipstick* - the perfect `statement` lipstick to treat your inner Goth this winter.

MeNow 12 Colors Eyeliner Set | Review & Swatches

breygel beauty blogger MeNow Korean makeup cosmetics

Hi guys, it seems like ages since I have done an eyeliner review on my blog, so today I'm super excited to talk about this MeNow 12 Colors Eyeliner Set* and demonstrate you the swatches. The MeNow Eyeliner Set comes in a tight box and includes 12 pencils 0,6 / 0.021 oz each. These pencils are twistable which means no sharpening is needed, but I really would like them to be regular pencils. You can use these pencils as an eye, lip liners and even as an eyeshadow base to create various makeup looks, there are so many good shade to play with.

You Are Not Your Skin | Banish Skin Care Kit Review & Impressions

Banish products buy online acne prone acne scars blogger before after

It is very common to have skin problems in winter, freezing temperatures and low humidity leave our skin dry and weak. Acne invasion tends to get even worse during this time of year, because baterias that cause acne flourish in the absence of UV light. But no need to worry, while you are busy with holiday preparation, Banish Acne Scars will take care of your skin. Today I’m going to review each of the product that comes in the Banish Starter Kit* and share with you my own experience.

Black & Gold Glamorous Christmas Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

step by step new year christmas makeup tutorial ideas smoky eye blogger liz breygel

On Christmas I always go for a classic smokey eye look, but this year I've decided to add a pinch of gold glitter for a sexy and festive look. As you have guessed, I have prepared a very easy step by step makeup tutorial for those who want to get glammed -p before a Christmas party. Don’t be afraid to add an extra drama to your eyes by mixing matte and shimmer eye shadow textures, the glitter on your eyelids will make your eyes pop. To create this glamorous black and gold Christmas makeup look you need to follow these easy steps.

Winter Trend Alert: Jumpsuits Are Back!

stylewe buy fashion clothing online breygel

Did you know that jumpsuit was originally referred to the highly functional one - piece clothing and was widely used by skydivers and factory workers. Who would have thought that starting from the 1960s, jumpsuits will suddenly become so attractive to a high-fashion designers. By the 1980's one - piece jumpsuits, playsuits and rompers have conquered the world of fashion and a special place in the fashionistas` hearts. The jumpsuit combines style, comfort, and eliminates the problem of matching top with the bottom - perfection!

Everyday Winter Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin

winter skin care blog for sensitive dry oily skin beauty products liz breygel

Winter is here! The most exciting and festive season of the year will bring us a whole bunch of sweet holidays together with three cold and long months. This also means that now it is a perfect time to change your regular skin care routine a little bit. The freezing temperatures and low humidity leave our skin dry and flaky, so the most important thing during the cold winter months is to keep our skin nourished and moisturized. Today I want to show you some of my favorite skin care helpers, that keeps my skin healthy, hydrated and cozy in winter.

Steampunk Angel Wing Statement Necklace

fblogger fashion vintage rosegal Steampunk Angel Wing Statement Necklace blogger review liz breygel

When it comes to jewelry and fashion accessories my taste is usually very moderate. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings first of all must be comfortable to wear and easy to look after. Steampunk Angel Wing Statement Necklace* by the online fashion and beauty store Rosegal is exactly one of those jewelry pieces, which look bold and striking without too much effort.

Cobra Combat Ankle Boots & Black Friday Giveaway

fashion blogger liz breygel boots shoes review pctures cyber monday giveaway

The grungy boots with a heavy chunky heel was my favorite fashion item all the way through my high school and university days. I was wearing them on a daily basis and there were no rules or appropriate occasions for me and my bad-ass boots. I’ll be absolutely sincere with you, I’m glad those teenage days are in the past. But a pair of rebel combat boots with chunky heels was something I missed to own, so when I saw these Cobra Combat Ankle Boots* at Zaful store I knew they are coming back in my life.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask For Dry Lips | Review

bblogger liz breygel yesstyle Laneige Lip Sleeping Water Mask lip care balm Blogger Review Korean Beauty

As a matte lipstick wearer I know the struggle of having a smooth 'baby - like' lips' skin. I have naturally dry lips and they constantly lack of hydration, especially through the cold winter months. But, frankly speaking, a proper lip care routine is not something I strictly follow and most of the regular chapstick don’t seem to offer a long-term hydration. That's when the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask* comes to the rescue, it is not only feels super-moisturizing, but provides lips with a very special intensive treatment.

12 Colors Greasepaint Palette | Review & Swatches

liz breygel born pretty store party makeup beauty palette beauty blogger

It is always so exciting to receive a brand-new makeup palette and even though the next Halloween Event will return to us only the next year, from time to time I get the urge to get creative with my makeup. Today I want to show you a very special Sua Mei 12 Colors Greasepaint Palette* - a perfect makeup palette for those who like to play around with their makeup and use their imagination. This palette is a must - have for every makeup artist' kit, so let me tell you more about it.

Ultimate 'Single's Day' Gift Guide

Ultimate Single`s Day double eleven 11 Gift Guide ideas  liz breygel blogger

What is Double Eleven? The 11th of November date is made of four ones (11.11) and number `1` looks like a stick, single stick in Chinese language `guang gun` stands for single boy. So this day is officially a Singles' Day or Guanggun Jie, a day of the year when all the solitary people can celebrate their relationship status and glorify the fact that they are proud to be single. Double 11 festival or Bachelors' Day was initially held at various universities in Nanjing city during the 1990's, but since then more that 97 % of the countries in the world participated in the Double Eleven event.

Liphop Eye Brow Gel | Review & Demo

nur besten makeup review swatches buy online liz breygel blogger

We all know how important is to have nicely shaped and filled eyebrows but what is even more important is to keep your eyebrows looking natural. That is why eyebrow tints and gels were invented and became so popular nowadays, they always make a freshly filled eyebrow look flawless and help to keep those stubborn eyebrow hairs in place. Today I'm going to review Liphop Eye Brow Gel* - an affordable product that have become my favorite staple in my everyday makeup routine.

ToothBrush Shape Oval Makeup Brush Set | Review

how to use tooth brush oval shape artis makeup brush how apply makeup liz breygel blogger

It is official - I'm the last beauty blogger in the world who tried out and tested these infamous Tooth Brush Shape Oval Makeup Brushes*, these little cuties were on my beauty wishlist for a very long time, but the price of the original Artis or Mac makeup brushes is way too high. Luckily the online beauty and fashion retailer Rosegal has a remarkable dupe of this brush set that is so much cheaper than the original one, and today I'm going to share with you my first impression and find out if these brushes are really as good as they sound!

Boost Your Hair With RevivHair Placode Booster Serum | Review and GIVEAWAY!

hair growth serum before after pictures liz breygel blogger

Hair cells are the second- fastest produced cells in the body (after bone marrow), so hair is often the first thing to suffer from any unexpected weather and bodily changes. Reviv Serums launched a brand new remarkable product RevivHair Placode Booster Serum* that helps to reduce hair loss and stimulates hair follicle formation. My hair was always thin and pretty weak, so I was super excited to try out this serum and see the drastic results myself.

White Lace -Up Athletic Shoes by Rosegal

fblogger liz breygel shoe athletic review blogger pictures

I'm a loyal athletic shoe wearer, and even though I know that I must grow over this phase of my life, I can't force myself to look more feminine and start wearing something more girlish. At this moment of my life a choose comfort over the beauty for my wardrobe, but I'm slowly trying to push myself into an adult apparel. As a sport style addict, I would love to do something different on my blog today and review a pair of stunning White Lace - Up Athletic Shoes* by Rosegal - an online fashion and beauty store, that retains the most stylish and fashionable clothes at very affordable prices.

Graceful Triangle Choker Necklace

liz breygel beauty blogger fashion blogger choker Necklace Rosegal

I would never have guessed that such a simple, yet rebel jewelry as a neck choker can completely change your look and dress up any outfit. Despite all the negative rumors the choker necklace trend is still alive and made a significant appearance at Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Fashion Week. I'm more than happy that the choker made a comeback, because I fell in love with this sophisticated Triangle Choker Necklace* by an online fashion and beauty store Rosegal.

Palma Christie Ultra BB Cream | Review & Swatches

born pretty store bb cream review before after swatches blogger

Happy Monday lovelies, how are you? I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today I`m going to review Palma Christie Ultra BB Cream* - another yummy gem in my BB Cream collection. If you are only beginning your makeup journey BB Cream is a perfect product to start with, because of its natural - looking finish and skin care properties. And to tell the truth, I love using BB Creams a lot more that the regular foundations, because they always make my skin feel healthier and smoother, than a liquid or cream foundation.

Solid Crossbody Mini Bag With Buckle Zipper

liz breygel zaful beauty fashion blogger review pictures

Throughout my late teens I was completely certain that my oversized tote bag is my everyday essential item. I couldn't imagine my daily school routine without a huge makeup kit full of makeup items, few heavy books and notebooks, a bunch of papers and clearly a thermos of espresso. As the years have passed, I have realized that I don't really need all the stuff I've mentioned above. Furthermore, I'm sure that I was taking all that stuff just to fill in the emptiness of my tote. Increasingly I try to pursue minimalism, because it is a style you are definitely going to wear forever and I have found a better replacement for my beloved totes.

After 90 Matte Lipstick | Review & Swatches

liz breygel matte lipstick blogger review how to apply after 90 matte lipsticks swatches

Hi everyone, lately I've been a huge fan of matte textures and finishes in makeup. Matte finish always looks great on photos and real life and fits any time of a day and occasion. The simple formula of a perfect makeup look - go matte. I was more than just happy to receive a couple of After 90 Matte Lipstick* in two gorgeous shades and today we are going to talk about this gorgeous beauties.

Baroque Black Faux Gem Lace Necklace

beauty fashion blogger liz breygel gothic jewelry lace chocker review

Late autumn is all about Gothic vibes and dark energy, especially when the Halloween Eve is near at hand! Today I'm going to show you this Baroque Black Faux Gem Lace Necklace* by the online fashion and beauty retailer Zaful. I recently discovered this website and was fascinated with the range of stylish clothes and accessories Zaful provides.

YesStyle Korean Beauty Box | Unboxing & Review

yesstyle korean beauty box blogger review liz breygel asian makeup skincare

Hi everyone, you all probably know how much I love Korean beauty products and fashion, so today’s post will be very special to me, because I've received a bunch of lovely beauty and skincare products for my collection by the amazing YesStyle store. The YesStyle is a Hong - Kong - based online retailer that provides the best fashion and beauty Asian products for the most affordable prizes. You will find anything you ever need to feel beautiful and stylish on their website. About a month ago they kindly sent me the YesStyle Korean Beauty Box* full of top Korean beauty treats for the review and today I`m going to share my opinion and first impressions with you.

Biotherm Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer Under-Eye Gel | Review

Biotherm cream gel review under eye routine skin care blogger liz breygel

The skin around our eyes is very different from the rest of our face, it is always more delicate and thin, so the under-eye area needs a special skin care routine and it`s own products. As we age the skin around the eyes becomes even thinner and the fine lines, dark circles and puffiness become permanent residents on our face. One of the things that I'm always on the lookout for is a good under-eye product, that can moisturize the skin around my eyes and `erase` the dark circles and fine lines on my face. Today I`m going to talk about the Biotherm Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer - an under-eye area gel that instantly refreshes and de - puffs tired eyes.

Top 3 Cold Weather Hand Creams: Cien, Balea & Mengkou

cold weather winter autumn hand skin care routine remedies blogger review

Usually I do not suffer too much from dry skin, but as the weather gets colder the skin on my hands starts to feel super dry and itchy. The situation gets even worse after a usage of cleaning products on a daily basis. The only thing that seems to fix the problem is a nice moisturizing hand cream and a pair of soft mitts to protect the skin from the severe surroundings. So I would like to dedicate today's blog post for all of my angels who consider themselves hand cream junkies and skin care addicts. 

Street Fashion Style with DressLily

liz breygel beauty angel fashion beauty blogger casual street fashion style

Looking through fashion magazines and online fashion platforms I often stumbled across a street fashion style column, with pictures of bright young people in extraordinary outfits. I never understood the canons and rules of the street style but it always drew my attention. So, as you have guessed already, today I’m going to discover the meaning behind this style, how it appeared and what are the latest trends in the world of high street fashion.

Beauty Angel BB Magic Cream | Review & Swatches

liz breygel beauty blogger best bb cream cc cream korean japanese review swatches

Did you know that BB cream was originally formulated in 1960's in Germany by doctor - dermatologist to protect patients' skin after facial procedures? I'm totally sure that if I ever got lost and appeared alone on a desert island my survival kit would certainly contain a tube of my favorite BB cream, it is basically everything I need to feel good anywhere. I recently found myself running low on my favorite Pleotopic BB Cream by 3 Concept Eyes so I've decided to substitute it with a couple of Korean BB creams by Beauty Angel.

Essence Gel Nail Polish 'Play With My Mint' | Review & Demo

liz breygel beauty blogger nails of the day essence cosmetics review

Hi angels, how do you feel today? Remember my Essence Gel Nail Polish Haul where I showed you my top pics from the new Essence collection? Today I wanted to tell you more about my favorite shade from the entire haul - a lovely pastel mint shade `40 Play With My Mint`. It is a perfect spring color, but I love this nail polish so much and can’t stop wearing on a daily basis, even though it is summer time.

I ♥ Autumn Zaful Fashion Wishlist

liz breygel fashion blogger fall autumn 2016 haul wishlist

Autumn is my favorite time of year, it is the most beautiful and romantic season and a perfect period for new beginnings in your life. And by the way, autumn is a nice excuse to shake up the wardrobe and treat yourself with brand new garments. Inspired by the fragrance of the fallen leaves I've decided to create a little autumn wishlist with the help of an online fashion store Zaful for all of my lovely angels. But there are so many beautiful items, so I ended up by creating two different outfits, which I'm craving to wear this autumn.

Back To School Everyday Step By Step Makeup Tutorial & Tips

liz breygel makeup bridal soft simple everyday makeup look tutorial blogger pictures

Can you believe that summer is almost at the end? The back to school time is only a few weeks away, so we better be prepared. Stressful? No way, it is the most exciting part of the whole school journey. Back to school makeup and stationery shopping together with a wardrobe update is so much fun, actually it feels more like a therapy than an exhausting routine. August is a perfect time to start a new life. So as you have guessed already, today I wanted to show you how to create a very beautiful , yet very quick and simple everyday makeup look for school, and don’t worry nothing boring or tedious, I promise it will be fun! Ready? Let's start.

Christina Aguilera Perfume | Review

Christina Aguilera buy online liz breygel beauty blogger review Christina Aguilera Perfume fragrance aroma description

Bring me back my 2007! The time passed so fast I can’t believe it's been almost 10 years since Christina Aguilera performed to the world her very first fragrance. The one called Christina Aguilera perfume is described as a very feminine and seductive fragrance, components of which have a special meaning for the singer. The parent company of the perfume is Elizabeth Arden and since 2007 they partnered with so many famous singers and actors like Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and many others. Sounds very intriguing, let's take a closer look on this perfume.

I Want Tem All: FashionMia Fashion Dresses

fashion blogger wishlist  Fashionmia liz breygel dresses women woman buy online store fashion outfits

Dresses are my weakness, I can spend hours and days looking through Lookbook and admiring those beautiful garmentsYesterday I was laying in my bed and trying to fall asleep as usual, as I found an amazing fashion store called FashionMia, because let`s be honest. I don`t even remember when I was in a real fashion store for the last time! FashionMia,is an online store that sells affordable accessories and all kind of dresses for women. Feminine summer gowns, strict office dresses and comfy sport outfits - you`ll find all kind of fashion clothing for any occasion on FashionMia.

Macely Good Afternoon BB Cream | Review & Swatches

makeup korean macely skin food bb cream review nur besten coupon code blogger swatches liz breygel

My skin has always been on the dry side, so when it comes to foundations I always choose BB or CC cream over a traditional liquid foundation. The other reason why I chose BB cream is because of its caring formula - a special blend between skincare ingredients and a light pigment. Of course it will never provide such a full coverage as a regular foundation, but it never bothered me. Today on my blog I wanted to talk about the Macely Good Afternoon BB Cream* and share my thoughts on this little cutie.

Mering Loose Powder by Nanda | Review & Demo

Mering Loose translucent Powder Nanda Review Swatches 3 concept eyes liz breygel

I’m such a huge fan of translucent powders, I've tried my very first loose powder (it was a Bourjois Flower Perfection Powder) a few years ago, but before I was always a loyal fan of pressed pigmented powders. I'll be honest with you, one of the main reasons why I decided to purchase Mering Loose Powder by Nanda is the packaging, isn't it gorgeous? It was so hard not to become an owner of this tiny cutie! So let me tell you more about this product.

Avon MagiX Prime and Set Spray | Review

avon cosmetics setting spray mist review blogger liz breygel buy avon

We all want our makeup to last hours, days and weeks! Unfortunately, a long-lasting makeup without any extra `support` or help is almost a fiction for those who have problematic skin types, especially when the weather outside is terribly hot and humid and people who live in the subtropics will absolutely agree with me. But there are tons of beauty products which help us to extend the staying power of the makeup look. And today I wanted to review and share my opinion on one of these little helpers - Avon MagiX Prime and Set Spray - multifuncional invisible mist that primes and sets up the makeup.

3rd Anniversary Blog GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

beauty fashion lifestyle blog blogger giveaway makeup haul giveaway prize to win free makeup cosmetics sample liz breygel beauty angel blog

Recently I was lucky enough to hit 3k followers on my Google Friend Connect and my 3 years of blogging experience. I never thought that blogging will take a massive part in my life, I literally can't imagine my life without my `Beauty Angel`. And to celebrate my 3rd anniversary I'm hosting a giveaway for all my lovely readers, who have been with me all this wonderful years. Good luck lovelies !

Black Venomous Ombre Lips | Step By Step Tutorial

Ombre Lips, Gradient Lips liz breygel blogger tutorial step by step makeup plump full kylie jenner

One of my favorite lip makeup is an ombré or gradient lips. It is so easy and fast to create an ombré lip look and the variations are endless, you can combine any color you want the result will always be outstanding! I was in my favorite Gothic mood while creating this tutorial, so the look turned out to be a bit grungy and glam at the same time. And, by the way, it was also inspired by a famous bjd doll makeup look, so I hope you will like it!

Avon Nutra Effects Micellar Cleansing Water | Review

Micellar water avon review blogger liz breygel skin care blogger buy online

Micellar water is one of the most incredible beauty products ever invented and there are a lot of reasons why we should substitute the oil-based makeup removers with this magical solution. Originally Micellar water was created in the '90s in France, to help women deal with the harsh water in regions. Some people claim that micellar water can replace the whole skin care routine and tons of expensive skin care products, we like to use on a daily basis.

Balea Refreshing Cleansing Gel | Review

liz breygel balea dm skin care Balea Erfrischendes Waschgel review vegan beauty blog

After finished my Stemology Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser, I was ready to try out something new and different. And as I have promised a million years ago today I`m finally going to review Balea Erfrischendes Waschgel or Refreshing Cleansing Gel by one of the most popular European brand Balea. This brand develops a whole bunch of budget-friendly skin care cosmetics and makeup products and it is widely famous in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and other countries.

Important Hair Care Tips You Have Never Heard Before

long ginger hair

  • Water is Life

The first thing ever touches your scalp and your hair after you enter the shower or dive into the bath tube is the water. And what is important for your hair and skin stay healthy is the quality of this water and the temperature. And please girls take it seriously. I want to share with you a little story from my life. Once I was on the sea side on a vacation, in the town that was in a mountain area. The water was very heavy, full of different salts, minerals and metals. Even the best hair treatment cosmetics couldn't save your hair from such a strong water influence. So what I want to suggest that if you have a heavy water running in your area is to install some water filter in the shower. It will make such a big difference to your hair and skin condition.

Tarte Energy Lip Duo | Review & Swatches

tarte cosmetics blogger review liz breygel buy online swatches

Hi everyone, few days ago I received a lovely present by one of my favorite beauty platforms Glam Express. Last month I've become a Spotlight Member of the month on the website and won the Tarte Energy Lip Duo .There are two products in the Tarte Energy Lip Duo set - Deluxe Skintuitive Cheek Stain in Energy (0.17 oz) and Deluxe Lip Surgence Skintuitive Lip Gloss in Energy (0.05 oz). Both products have a lovely girly design and thanks to their miniature packaging they are travel friendly and they have a special place in my bag now.

100% Pure Konjac Angel Cloth | Review

100% Pure Konjac Angel Cloth the original sponge konjac konjak review how to use liz breygel

About a year ago I was lucky enough to try out and fall in love with the Konjac Facial Sponge - probably one of the best skin care products, that was developed to gently exfoliate sensitive facial skin and remove the oil and dirt of the pores. So when the Konjac Sponge Co proposed me to try out their new award winning product with a beautiful and sweet name Angel Cloth, I couldn't hold my excitement and was counting the days till it`s arrival.

Simple & Elegant Bridal Makeup Step by Step Tutorial

beautiful easy makeup tutorial for everyday step by step liz breygel  bridal wedding cut crease eyeliner wing

When I was getting ready for my today`s blog post, I've realized I haven`t done any makeup tutorial in a long time and, to tell the truth, I've missed them very much. Today I`m going to show you how to create a very simple, but elegant eye makeup for festive occasions like wedding, for example. Some of you may think, that such a dramatic cat wing is a little bit too much for wedding, but you can easily adjust this look for your own taste. Here are few little steps to follow:

Diadermine Lift Instant Effect Capsules | Review & First Impressions

liz breygel january girl  Diadermine Lift+ Soforteffekt Kapseln or Lift Instant Effect Anti Wrinkle Aging Capsules skin care anti aging blogger liz breygel review

Hi, lovelies, my previous post was about Diadermine Lift Intense Eye Care Cream, I liked this product so much that I've decided to don’t wait too long and test out another anti-aging skin care treatment by Diadermine. And today I'm going to share with you my experience with the Diadermine Lift+ Soforteffekt Kapseln or Lift Instant Effect Anti Wrinkle Aging Capsules, product that helps to activate natural collagen production in the skin.

Diadermine Lift Intense Eye Care Cream | Review

liz breygel beauty blogger Diadermine Lift Intense Collagen Activator Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream review

Some of you may think it is too early to start under eye care cream on a regular basis before 30, but staying awake all night, unhealthy diet or weather changes may cause unwanted fine lines, wrinkles or even dark circles under the eyes. Time to time we all need a special beauty product to treat gentle under eye area. Today I want to talk about Diadermine Lift Intense Collagen Activator Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream, that helps to reduce swelling, tightens the under eye area and smooths the fine lines.