a close up picture of n eye with Christmass makeup look

On Christmas, I always go for a classic smokey eye look, but this year I've decided to add a pinch of gold glitter for a sexy and festive look. As you have guessed, I have prepared a very easy step-by-step makeup tutorial for those who want to get glammed up before a Christmas party. Don’t be afraid to add extra drama to your eyes by mixing matte and shimmer eye shadow finishes, the glitter on your eyelids will make your eyes pop. To create this glamorous black and gold Christmas makeup look you need to follow these easy steps.

step by step new year christmas makeup tutorial ideas smoky eye blogger liz breygel

1. Start by shaping and filling in your eyebrows, choose the long-lasting matte pencil for this mission. To make your eyebrows extra neat use some concealer to clean up the edges. 

2. Now start your eye makeup by priming your eyelids, you can use a glittery eye primer or greasepaint, but a regular concealer will work as well. We want our Christmas makeup to be smudge-proof and last all night long, so we can forget about touch-ups and enjoy the party.

3. Start to put black eyeshadow on your crease, creating a beautiful wing on the outer corner.

4. Line your eyes with an eye pencil and put a black eye shadow on the top of it, using the angled brush.
Create a sharp outer corner using the same eye shadow.

5. Line the waterline and finish your makeup look with mascara.

6. Don’t forget to add some false eyelashes to your Christmas Makeup look, falsies are glamorous and perfectly suitable for any holiday party. I would even say that the dramatic falsies are a holiday beauty must-have!

step by step new year christmas makeup tutorial ideas smoky eye blogger liz breygel

Classic red lips are a staple for the holiday season, but you can make them extra glamorous by adding a coat of shimmering lip gloss on the top of your red lipstick. But for those who are extra brave and agree that the holidays are the perfect time for some ultra-shimmer and creativity, I suggest going for gold and glittery lipstick and keeping an open mind - there is no limit. 

This glamorous black and gold Christmas makeup look is ideal for all those holiday parties you are going to be visiting this December. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, thank you for supporting me and my blog throughout the whole year, I want to wish you all the best in the world for the next year! 

Lots of love,