a close-up picture of an eye with smokey eye makeup look

Hi, cuties! I think that smoky eyes are my favorite makeup. Even though it is not makeup for every day, I was using it all the time in my rebellious youth. There are so many different tutorials for smokey makeup on the internet but today I decided to share my own variation of the classic smoky eyes looks. Everything you will need to create this makeup is a simple black eye pencil, black eyeshadow, white eyeshadow, neutral matte eyeshadows (skin color or grey), and a few basic brushes. I like my smoky eyes to be dramatic, but you can play with the intensity and change colors as you wish. Let’s begin! 

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There are some important rules about the perfect smoky look:

1. Even skin tone without any imperfections;

2. Perfect eyebrows;

3. Neutral colors for your lips;

4. Foundation goes after eye make up;

smoky eyes step by step makeup tutorial, black eye shadows

I don't use an eye shadow base for smoky eyes. This look is all about the blending and the eyeshadow base may complicate the process. So, I primed my lids with regular face powder. Let's hope it will be enough.

1. The first step is to line your upper and lower lashline. The line should be thick and don’t worry if it is messy;

2. Smudge the pencil. Take a time to fill the spaces between your lashes;

3. Start to put black eyeshadow dabbing it on your eyelid;

4. Take a blending brush and put some grey matte eyeshadows to blend the blackout;

5. Highlight your brow bone. After, go back to the blending brush and work out the transition again;

6. Finishing steps - put a generous coat of mascara and line the waterline with a black eye pencil. Don’t forget about the eyebrows.

That's all for my smoky eyes, I hope this tutorial was useful for you. Please follow my blog and leave your opinion about this makeup look in the comments. I will talk to you very well, cuties, bye-bye!

Lots of love,