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My Everyday Makeup | Step by Step Tutorial

light makeup, easy makeup tutorial

Good morning, cuties! How is your day going on? Today I`m going to show you how I do my everyday makeup. It is a very easy and beautiful neutral look which you can wear everyday to school or work. Usually I`m choosing a very pale neutral shades for my everyday makeup. To make my daily makeup more dramatic for evening time I just intensify the colour of eye shadows.
light makeup, easy makeup tutorial

1. First step is to put a light neutral eye shadow on the lid;

2. Using pencil brush put chocolate brown matte eye shadow on your crease;

3. High light your brow bone area using white eye shadow;

4. Blend all transitions between the colours. No harsh lines in this look. Line your eyes with liquid eye liner;

5. Put a white eye pencil on your water line, you can also high light inner corners of your eyes. Finish with your favourite mascara and don`t forget about your brows, just don`t make them very dramatic.

For my lips I`m also using neutral beige or pink shades, like this lipstick by Essence #  52 - in the nude. It is perfect for light everyday makeup.

So that`s all very quick and easy makeup for everyday. Please let me know if you liked my makeup in a comments down below and tell what`s yours makeup for everyday. Don`t forget to follow my blog . I wish for everyone an amazing day and I`ll talk to you soon, bye bye!

Lots of love,
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