cute everyday makeup look by blogger

Good morning, cuties! How is your day going on? Today I'm going to show you how I do my everyday makeup. It is a very easy and beautiful neutral look which you can wear every day to school or work. Usually, I choose a very pale neutral shade for my everyday makeup. To make my daily makeup more dramatic for evening time I just intensify the colors of current eye shadows.

cute step by step makeup tutorial for everyday

1. The first step is to put a light neutral eye shadow on the eyelid;

2. Using a pencil brush put chocolate brown matte eye shadow on your crease;

3. High light your brow bone area using white eye shadow;

4. Blend all transitions between the colors. No harsh lines in this look. Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner;

5. Put a white eye pencil on your water line, you can also highlight the inner corners of your eyes. Finish with your favorite mascara and don`t forget about your brows, just don`t make them very dramatic.

For my lips, I`m also using neutral beige or pink shades, like this lipstick by Essence in the nude. It is perfect for light everyday makeup. So that's all very quick and easy makeup for every day. Please let me know if you liked my makeup in the comments down below and tell me what's your makeup for every day. Don`t forget to follow my blog. I wish everyone an amazing day and I`ll talk to you soon, bye-bye!

Lots of love,