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Wiccan Nail Look & Black Desire Holographic Nail Polish Review

black holographic manicure close up picture

I love the way black nail polish looks on long, witch-like nails. It gives your nail a super-edgy and dramatic appeal and makes you feel more confident and sexy. Plus, black nail polish is one of the most versatile colors for every occasion and skin complexion. I always feel more confident while wearing black manicure, but black holographic nail polish gives me even stronger boost of self-confidence. Who said you can't wear witchy manicure on a daily basis? Today I'm giving myself a witch-worthy nail makeover and trying out new holographic nail polish by Born Pretty.

Top Three Spring 2019 Romantic Wedding Themes

just married couple is kissing, sitting on a bench next to the lake

Spring wedding season promises us a brand new approach to traditional wedding ceremonies, diluting them with a wave of new trendy colors and nontrivial solutions. I just love the beauty and elegance of VaniaDress , so today with a help of this online retailer I'm going to share with you my top three spring 2019 wedding color schemes and dress trends for brides, bridesmaids and their lovely mothers. Are you planning on getting married outside surrounded by friends and family, or have a private wedding in more traditional surroundings? In spite of this details you are going to need some fresh ideas and I hope my post is going to be useful to you.

Makeup Trend Dissection: Faux Freckles & Step By Step Tutorial

close up portrait of ginger girl with freckles on her face

Is there anything better than even skin with no spots, discoloration and other imperfections that make us so unique? Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and for many people, including myself, tiny imperfections make the person special and memorable. For example, glowing with health skin densely covered in coquettish freckles looks incredibly attractive and desirable. Therefore, there is nothing more beautiful than these little patches of pigmentation on someone's skin. As you might have guessed, I continue dissecting my favorite makeup trends and today we are going to discuss one of the cutest trends beauty industry, that made a major comeback - faux freckles!

Alexandrite Why People Love This Unique Stone

Fire Agate and Alexandrite necklace

Of all the gorgeous gemstones to be found on our amazing planet, alexandrite is perhaps the most enchanting of all. Chrysoberyl is the technical name for this yellowish gemstone that comes with a tinge of green, and fine examples are used to cut stones for jewellery. The unique thing about alexandrite is that its colour changes when viewed from a different angle, which is largely due to twinned crystals that have a hexagonal appearance, and what’s more, this colour changing occurs in both natural and artificial light.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Grapefruit Gel | Review

demonstration of Neutrogena face wash gel texture

Finding the right face wash, that satisfies the needs of your skin type is just as complicated as finding a nice moisturizer. Some of them don't remove skin impurities, leaving your skin unpleasantly oily, while others strip away natural skin oils and terribly dry the gentle facial skin. But, nothing is impossible! I guess, I found a nice and affordable face wash which deals with both issues: deeply cleanses the skin, without making it thirsty. Here is my review on Neutrogena Deep Clean face wash - mild facial cleanser with gentle formula and yummy scent of tropical grapefruit.

Comparing Different Makeup Primers| Which One Is Better?

makeup primer is laying over the opened book in portuguese language

Priming your face before applying foundation is just as important as setting your makeup, curling the lashes or lining your lips. Perhaps, at first glance, this little step looks unnecessary and many makeup lovers often skip the primer. Some years ago I constantly ignored makeup primer: this important makeup product always lie on the bottom of my shelf, waiting for the expiration date to come. But, as the years passed, they struck me with enlarged pores and additional fine lines around the eyes. These two skin conditions reminded me about makeup primers and their magical possibilities to smooth the skin and hide little imperfections. Today I'm gathering up all the makeup primers I have in my collection and revising their formulas and textures to find out which one of these magical potions are the most effective.

Fairy Dust Nails: K-Beauty Inspired Nail Design

beautiful sparkly manicure in lilac and white colors

The mysterious moon glow always appealed me with its silent beauty and soft, almost weightless veil of something indescribably, mystical. Some tales tell us, that fairies are born under the glow of fulfill-midnight . Later they fly through the old forests and meadows, reviving fallen nature with a special powder - fairy dust! Today, I'm going to show you how to have the vigor of fairy dust with you everywhere you go. All you have to do is to generously apply it on your nails! An iridescent nail polish called Mimosa Pudica* by the name of annual flowering plant and holds the power of fairy dust in its little bottle.

A Guide To Styling A Pixie Cut For The Prom

girl with pixie haircut at prom

The prom dance is a milestone in every girl’s life, and looking anything but your absolute best is not an option. Obviously, you will acquire a great designer dress for this very special occasion, and if you have short hair, a pixie cut is ideal. With that in mind, here are some novel style tips to make sure you turn some heads.