demonstration of Neutrogena face wash gel texture

Finding the right face wash that truly satisfies your skin's needs can be just as complicated as finding a nice moisturizer. Some don't remove impurities, leaving you with unpleasantly oily skin, while others strip away natural oils and leave your face terribly dry. 

But, finding the right one isn't impossible! I found a nice and affordable face wash that deals with both issues: it deeply cleanses the skin, without making it thirsty. Here is my review on Neutrogena Deep Clean face wash – a mild, yet refreshing facial cleanser with a gentle formula and the yummy scent of tropical grapefruit.

neutrogena face wash in woman's hand

  • Packaging and Ingredients

Deep Clean gel by Neutrogena face gel comes in a regular squeezable tube with a cute gradient-like effect on it. Half of the tube is transparent, so you can control the amount of the gel left in the pack It is filled with awesome ingredients, which cleanse and refresh the facial skin, without drying it out. But one of my favorite ingredients of them all is Salicylic Acid and you know why I love it so much? 

This ingredient washes away skin impurities, hidden deeply in the skin, it also removes blackheads and prevents the formation of new ones. As a person who struggles with these nasties, I couldn't be more thankful for this magical ingredient. 

Citric Acid is another very common, but oh-so-necessary ingredient, because it serves as a gentle skin peeling, removing the outer layer of dead cells, skin oil, and dirt. The gel itself has a nice runny texture and creates a good amount of cleansing foam.

demonstration of Neutrogena face wash gel texture

I love using Deep Clean at the end of the day, applying a few drops of this gel on my favorite exfoliating sponge and gently massaging it on my face. T-zone, chin, and area around the nose receive intense care because these are the areas where my blackheads and whiteheads like to live. 

One minute of soft, gentle massage is enough to clean the dirt and excess skin oil. Once rinsed out, the skin feels so refreshed and clean. It almost feels like a little skin rebirth!

Final Verdict...

Overall, I'm very satisfied with Neutrogena's Deep Clean gel. Normally, my skin gets very dry and even tight after my bedtime cleansing routine, so I'm usually counting down the minutes until I can finally apply some moisturizer. But that unpleasant feeling is completely absent when I use Deep Clean gel. It has a great formula, a refreshing grapefruit scent, and an affordable price ta

It is one of the best skin cleansers for the colder times of the year when you want your facial skin to stay clean and refreshed, but safe with the natural water balance. And what is your favorite face wash at the moment, lovelies?

Lots of love,