bride in a long dress holding bouquete and posing on the grass
Photo: Leah Kelley

Wedding ceremonies held in the spring are always special. The season of revival always brings a brand new approach to the old traditions, diluting them with a wave of new delicate colors and nontrivial solutions. And everything around seems to be helping with the cheerful mood: from the returning warm weather, first flower blooms, and even the fine rainfalls.

If you love the spring season and plan on getting married outside, in the fresh rain, you may want to hear some brand new ideas for the theme of your ceremony. Keep reading to learn the top three wedding ideas for the spring wedding. Who knows, maybe you’ll see something that will captivate your attention!

an aesthetic, inspirational collage with a romantic garden wedding theme for spring

  • A Romantic Garden Wedding Theme in Spring

The nights in the spring are finally getting shorter, while the length of the day is growing. So, the very first, simple, and affordable wedding theme, that reveals the beauty of spring nature, is the romantic garden wedding. Finding appropriate gardens won't be a big problem — there are various locations in almost every city in the world.

Depending on your color scheme, and the bridal dress you choose, you will be able to find your own, unique way to decorate the romantic gardens of your dreams. Pick a set of Sogeshome's dining room furniture for the comfort of your guests, and decorate them with greenery and flower centerpieces. Make sure to match every floral accent: from the flowers in your hair to embroidery on the bridesmaid's dresses of your friends. 

an aesthetic, inspirational collage with an enchanting under the moon  wedding theme for spring night

  • An Enchanting 'Under The Moon' Theme

The next spring wedding theme is much more unusual than a garden wedding, but at the same time, it is harder to pull it off.  An amorous wedding ceremony held during the phase of a full moon is a lifetime experience. Just imagine saying yes to your partner in the silence of a warm spring night, surrounded by people you love? Late-night weddings aren't so rare nowadays, so you will need to be prepared for every unexpected turn of events. 

Lighting the surroundings is going to be the most important aspect of the starry night wedding theme. Therefore, make sure to book a spacious venue, where a lighting specialist can install all the necessary equipment. From a neon sign on the tables, fluorescent garlands on trees, pin spotlights, and chandeliers, to candles and rustic gaslight – everything must be on-point for a late-night wedding theme.

As for the dress, pick a majestic bridal dress made of fabric that reflects light like silk, nylon, and satin. Gleaming sequins and rhinestones are going to add even more shine to your look. What are the best color palettes for a moon wedding? Dusty orange, sunset yellow, blush pink, and cream will look fabulous.

an aesthetic, inspirational collage with a simple and perfect backyard wedding theme for spring

  • Simple and Perfect: Spring Backyard Wedding

If you plan on saving some money on your wedding ceremony and holding a simple little ceremony just for the closest people, then a backyard wedding is a great choice. Favor a late springtime when the first greenery and grass have already unfolded. In case your backyard is too small and can't accommodate all of your guests, you can ask your relatives for a favor. Maybe it'll be your childhood garden near your parents' house, or your grandma will allow you to have your wedding in her garden. This can be her wedding gift to you.

Final Thoughts

As for the furniture, ask your guests to bring wicker tables and chairs, which you can decorate later with satin laces and leaves. A backyard wedding is a perfect option for those couples who prefer a more private wedding ceremony in a tight family circle or even tête-à-tête. Maybe you can even wear a dress in which your partner saw you for the first time? All this sounds even more romantic than a designer wedding dress!

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