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The 10 Best Short Hairstyles & Haircuts To Try This Year

Photo by David Leong

Short haircuts always appeal to me with their rebel and strict vibe. Perfection of shape, enhanced with trendy color and accessories instantly take the whole look to the next superior level, boosting up self-esteem and even mood. Don't wait for the new things to come, when you can feel your life with new energy right away, by trying out new short haircut. So, are you ready to join the short-haired lady club, but need some hairstyle inspiration? No problem, lovelies, here are 10 short haircuts for every taste you have to try now. From soft and romantic pixie cuts, framed with flirty curls to futuristic asymmetrical shapes and galactic coloring - which one would you dare to wear?

How To Instantly Define Your Silhouette With Shapewear

beautiful girl in sport swimsuit
Photo by Morgan Harris

What comes into your mind when you hear the word 'shapewear'? I bet 90% of us imagine something between infamous enormous panties worn by Miss Bridget Jones and tightly-laced Scarlett O'Hara's corset. Luckily, those days have already gone and good old granny's panties gave way to a sexy and seamless shapewear we are all using today. Apart from looking like a real-life fashion masterpiece, modern shapewear does a much better job at taming those curves and instantly defines feminine silhouette. Today's blog post I created in collaboration with Loverbeauty, an online store of the most beautiful and comfortable shapewear that helps everyone to overcome body issues and boost up self-esteem. So, stay tuned to find  out what is the best shapewear for you.

Dipped In Blue: Minimal Nail Design For Spring 2020

blue ombre nail look tutorial

According to Cosmopolitan's nail polish color compilation, pale blue is going to be pretty hot this spring season. With only one month and few weeks left until the beginning of spring, I've decided to give my nails refreshing, spring-time appropriate makeover, and share the results with all of you, my lovelies. Of course, the final result does not look as pale and subtle, as the color from the round-up, but I like it even more! And what do you think, lovelies? In any case, prepare your nail polish stash and imagination, because we have some nail design to do.