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Magic Eye Easel Contact Len Klenspop | Review & Demo

eye enlarging big anime eyes lens review pictures before after makeup gyaru makeup tutorial huge doll eyes

Hello, angels, it is me again with a new circle lens review. This time we are going to take a detailed look on Magic - Eye Easel Contact Lens* by brand Polytouch, and they were sent to me by lovely online store Klenspop. They have a huge range of different contacts for any tasty - natural, colored, cosplay and Halloween lenses. You can buy regular lenses or order them with the prescription you need.

Innocent & Cute Eyes | Tear Bag Makeup

eye enlarging makeup tutorial big anime doll makeup liz breygel

Hi my angels! How do you feel today? I hope you`re all are in a good mood for another interesting experiment on my blog. This time I was trying to recreate one very famous trend in asian makeup industry - a Tear Bag Makeup look (or smiley eyes). Tear bag is a small puffy area under the eye and everyone has it naturally. By accentuating this tear bag area our eyes suppose to look bigger, younger and cuter :) To achieve this look you will need to follow just a few easy steps:

1. First of all we need to conceal under eye area very well, because if we not do that our tear bag line, which we`ll draw later, will not look good. Set the concealer with a tiny amount of translucent powder to keep it on place.

2. After this take an eye shadow or eye pencil few shades darker than your skin tone and draw a thin line where is your natural tear bag area appears. To discover it just smile a little bit :)

3. Blend this line with a small synthetic brush and highlight with a white eye shadow or pencil the area between the tear bag line and the lower lash line. And your smiley eyes are done!

eye enlarging makeup tutorial big anime doll makeup liz breygel

I didn`t expect that I`m going to like my little experiment so much and by the way this makeup technique is not only popular in Japan. For example I was watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Hermione also had an accent on her tear bag area, just check out these pics!

eye enlarging makeup tutorial big anime doll makeup liz breygel

Lots of love,
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Xiang Nai Xin Whitening Peel - off Mask | Review

Xiang Nai Xin Suction Peel Off Mask Freckle Rejuvenation asian beauty mask products review pictures
Xiang Nai Xin Suction Peel Off Mask Freckle Rejuvenation asian beauty mask products review pictures
Xiang Nai Xin Suction Peel Off Mask Freckle Rejuvenation asian beauty mask products review pictures

Hi angels! You probably know already that I`m a huge fan of Asian beauty products, and I always like to try something new when I have an opportunity. Today I`m going to be talking about Xiang Nai Xin Whitening Peel - off Mask, which were formulated to make the facial skin brighter and cleaner. The packaging claims that it could even remove freckles and scars. Let`s take a detail look!

Xiang Nai Xin Peel - off mask comes in a regular mask packaging and contains 40 ml (1, 35 oz) of the product. Almost all the description and instructions for this mask are in Chinese language and I could find just a bit of information about this product in English. The mask looks like almost clear gel with a sticky structure. And I know that it is not the main point for the beauty product, but I wish it has a better scent. For me it smells like PVA glue :) Xiang Nai Xin is suitable for any skin type and you can use it simply as a purifying mask, of you don`t need to whiten your skin.

How to useapply a thin layer on the face and leave it for 10 -20 mins (till it dries out), then peel the mask off and wash your face with warm water. For better result it is suggested to use it 1-2 times ever day. 

Overall I received a very positive first impression from this mask and it will take some time to see results. I personally bought this mask to reduce my freckles, because sometimes they annoy me very much, but I can recommend  Xiang Nai Xin mask for everyone who wants to treat acne scars or excessive pigmentation. 

Lots of love,
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Easy Nose Contouring Step by Step Tutorial

Make Your Nose Look Smaller Thinner slimmer step by step Contouring tutorial pictorial liz breygel blogger january girl

I was never a fan of nose contouring, maybe because I never could reach a beautiful subtle result. My nose was always looking like it was dirty or something, but not like it was professionally contoured. and highlighted. However recently I've invented a very easy and fun way to contour my nose and I was so excited to share it with you. Basically, you can use this method to highlight and contour any part of your face, the only thing you will need is to take some time and prepare the best stencil that will fit to the shape of your face.

Buff`d Mineral Cosmetics | Review & Swatches

mineral makeup cosmetics review swatches opinion pictures buy
Buff`d Mineral Cosmetics / Review & Swatches liz breyegl janaury girl makeup blogger

I always loved mineral cosmetics and most of the famous makeup artists say that it looks better on the skin and it is more easy to work with it. So when these samples of the Buff`d Mineral Cosmetics* have arrived I was super excited to test them out. And I need to admit that I`m impressed with the quality of Buff`d makeup. 

In my package I received 7 little plastic bags with 4 different products - 2 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 2 powder foundations and illuminating dust. Here are the names and the links to each of the product: 

Gracious Satin Pearl Eye Shadow
Mousy Satin Pearl Eye Shadow
Chilled Pearl Blush
Haunt Velvet Matte Blush
Candlelight Illuminating Dust
Medium Light Mineral Foundation  in Neutral, Light Formulation
Medium Light Mineral Foundation in Beige, Original Formulation


Buff`d Mineral Cosmetics foundation powder Review Swatches pictures samples

The left swatch is the foundation in Neutral Light Shade and Light formulation, for those who prefer a light coverage and great oil absorption. The texture of this foundation is very light and the colour perfectly suits my complexion - it has no dominant yellow or pink undertones. There is enough product in the sample pack to wear this foundation once or even twice.

The right swatch is the Buff`d Foundation in Beige Shade and Original formulation. I found the texture a bit more stout, than in the light formulation. The shade is described as peachy beige with the slightest yellow undertones. 


Buff`d Mineral Cosmetics blushes chilled haunt Review Swatches pictures samples

I loved this blushes so much! Their colors are perfect for the late autumn and winter time. The left swatch is Chilled blush with satin pearl finish. The color is described as cool pink - like your cheeks when you come out at the cold weather. It is very pretty and looks natural, so it will fit any skin color.

The right swatch is blush called Haunt and it has a matte velvet finish. The color is described as dusty plum pink, but I think it has a slightly terracotta shade in it. I need to confess that I`m very tempted to try both blushes as eye shadows as well :)


Buff`d Mineral eye shadows gracious mousy Review Swatches pictures samples

Both Buff`d eye shadows that I received have satin pearl finish and it is very easy to work with them. But I would recommend to use a good eye shadow primer to make them look even more pigmented and long - lasting. Gracious is a pretty pastel lavender shade with a very soft shimmer, and the mousy is cool medium brown with silver and golden shimmer. This shade reminds me of the Christmas and I even don`t know why! 

Illuminating Dust

Buff`d Mineral Cosmetics illuminating dust highlighter Review Swatches pictures samples

And the last, but definitely not least product we are going to talk about is the Buff`d Illuminating dust in color Candlelight. The texture of this illuminator is the same as an eye shadow, but the it looks more sheer on the skin and gives a beautiful radiant glow. 

I need to say that I`m very impressed with the Buff'd Cosmetics' color ranges - you can literary find any possible color of eye shadow you need and any possible foundation shade. But the biggest advantage of Buff'd Cosmetics are ingredients  that they to create their makeup products. Buff'd Mineral Cosmetics are made with the natural minerals and pigments, oils and waxes, which are all free from toxins and hypoallergenic to your skin. Also all of their products have been formulated without being tested on animals.

Do you like to use mineral cosmetics? 
Lots of love,
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DIY Homemade Avocado Face Mask

facial skin care homemade recipes masks fruit masks all skin types Homemade Organic Avocado Face Mask liz breygel janaury girl blogger DIY at home liz breygel blogger

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to share with you a recipe of my favorite homemade mask of avocado. This mask is so easy to do and it suits all skin types and conditions, unless you have an allergy to the ingredients. Avocado mask is especially good to deal with dryness and skin irritations, but you can simply use it for nourishment and hydration.

MeNow Waterproof Lipstick | Review, Swatches & A Crush Test

born pretty store buy online korean asian cosmetics review pictures

Hi, lovelies! Today I'm going to be doing a review for the MeNow Waterproof Lip Gloss*, which I would rather call a liquid lipstick. I was kindly sent this item by Born Pretty Store and I need to say I have a very pleasant experience with the Korean beauty products. More than that I'm already familiar with the MeNow products and even did a little review for their pencil set. So let's go ahead and take a closer look at the product.

Model in a Bottle Eyelash Curler | Review

model in a bottle cosmetics spray review pictures liz breygel

Hi, beauties! I'm going to make a review for the Model in a Bottle Eyelash Curler*. And before I'll talk about this tool I want to say that I have really straight lashes and it is hard to work with them. They don't hold the curve and volume, so if you are lucky to have fluffy long lashes, your result is going to be much better than mine.

Fallen Leaves Autumn Makeup Tutorial

red eyeshadow makeup step by step tutorial brown green eyes makeup

Hello, my beautiful lovelies! I was planning to do an autumn inspired makeup for such a long time and here it is, finally! Last year my warm autumn makeup tutorial was very popular and received many views and positive comments. So this year I decided to create another makeup this time inspired by the gorgeous colors of fallen leaves. This makeup is more dramatic, and bright and you can wear it on the evening date with your loved one or girlfriends. I really hope you will like it!

Easy Everyday Step By Step Makeup Tutorial

makeup look for everyday brown green eyes step by step tutorial with pictures

Hi, sweeties! About a week ago I posted a review on Beauty UK Posh Palette and also I promised to create a makeup tutorial for you with this palette. So today I want to show you how to do this simple everyday makeup look which fits with every eye shape and color. It is super easy and fast to do and you will still look very beautiful. Let's start!

NYX Eye Shadow Base | Review & Swatches

nyx shadow base review pictures buy

Hi, my lovely angels! Recently I was putting in order my makeup and remembered that I never did a review on my NYX Eye Shadow Base, which I use for most of my looks. I need to admit that at first I didn't like this eyeshadow primer at all. But when I saw an actual difference that it makes I was slightly impressed and now I use it almost all the time. Now let's talk in detail about the pros and cons of NYX Eye Shadow Base.

Waterproof Eyeliner Pen by Born Pretty Store | Review & Swatches

born pretty store eyeliner waterproof landbis black eyeliner

Hello, my angels! Today I want to talk to you about my latest love. It is a Landbis Waterproof Eyeliner Pen* which were sent to me for a test drive by Born Pretty Store. Eyeliner is my favorite thing in the eye makeup, I use it in most of my tutorials and on the daily basis as well. I think it is the best way to compliment any eye shape and eye color. And we all know how important is the quality of the eyeliner, because when the quality of the product is poor it doesn't last long and it looks not pigmented on the skin.

Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer | Review & Swatches

full coverage concealer review swatches before after

Hello, lovelies! How are you all doing? Today's post will be dedicated to all beauties who suffer from acne and post acne scarring. I had an opportunity to try out Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer*, which I think is an awesome alternative for a regular concealers because of it's healing power and full-coverage finish. Let's take a closer look at this product!

Beauty UK Baked Bronzer | Review & Swatches

beauty uk bronzer review swatches beauty uk cosmetics

Hi, my beauties! The first summer month is officially gone and if you haven't been on vacation yet I have an alternative remedy to give your skin a sun kissed look. This remedy is a Beauty UK Baked Bronzer* from their baked box collection and it was creating for hot summer days. So let's take a detailed look!

Skinue Sampler Set Review & GIVEAWAY! [Closed]

bblogger giveaway, acne prone skin products giveaway

Hi everyone, what an amazing day is today, isn't it? Today I have an amazing opportunity to share with you my thoughts about Skinue Sampler Set* and in the end to do a giveaway for everyone who would like to try these products. Skinue was founded by a beautiful woman scientist Penelope, and who can understand women's necessities better than another woman? Skinue skin care line contains all natural active ingredients, and the main ingredient is a camel's milk. It perfectly fits everyone, who is a fan of simple and natural skin care. So let's take a more detailed look at every product from the set.

Beauty UK CC Cream | Review & Swatches

beauty uk cosmetics review pictures

Hello, lovelies! I know that CC creams appeared on the beauty shelves a long time ago, but unfortunately I never tried them before. So when I received this Beauty UK CC Cream* I was very excited to share with you my thoughts and results. It is especially useful in the summertime, when we all need our foundation to be very light and contain SPF.

Eye Enlarging Step By Step Makeup Tutorial Without Contact Lenses

big anime eyes tutorial big eyes makeup

Hello, my beautiful people! Recently I received a request to do an eye enlarging makeup tutorial for you, but to tell you the truth, I already had this idea in my mind, even before the request.I decided to do it without circle lenses, so everyone can recreate this look at home. Bottom eyelashes I did by myself from the regular false lashes, but you can buy them without any problem at the drugstore. So let's start sweets, I hope you will like my makeup.

Madison Street Beauty Primer | Review & Demo

Madison Street Beauty cosmetics review pictures, best eye shadow primerMadison Street Beauty cosmetics review pictures, best eye shadow primerMadison Street Beauty cosmetics review pictures, best eye shadow primerMadison Street Beauty cosmetics review pictures, best eye shadow primerMadison Street Beauty cosmetics review pictures, best eye shadow primerMadison Street Beauty cosmetics review pictures, best eye shadow primer

Hi, ladies and gentlemen, today I'd like to tell you about Madison Street Eye Shadow Primer* which were recently sent to me with few loose eyeshadows for review purposes. To tell the truth before I used eye primers very rare, usually I primed my eyes with eyeshadows or pencils. I never really compared how eyeshadows look without and with a primer on the lids. But when I did few pictures for this review I was impressed with Madison Street Beauty Primer. Let's look in details.

Bourjois Flower Perfection Loose Powder | Review

bourjois pówder review swatches Bourjois Flower Perfection Loose Powder Review liz breygel january girl blogger

Hi, lovelies, how do you feel today? I have another beauty review for you. Today I'm going to talk about translucent powder by Bourjois which calls Flower Perfection. I always wanted to try translucent loose powder, because everyone says so many good things about it. So Flower Perfection became the pioneer in my collection.

Celebrity Skin Collagen Retinol Moisturizer | Review

celebrity skin cosmetics review pictures

Hi, my lovelies, and happy Thursday! Recently I had an amazing opportunity to try out Celebrity Skin Collagen Retinol Moisturizer* and now I want to share with you my thoughts on this product. I already tried Skin Polish by Celebrity Skin and I was impressed with the ingredients and results that I received. Let's look in details.

Beauty UK Posh Pout Lip Crayon | Review & Swatches

Beauty UK Posh Pout Lip Crayon would I lilac to you

Hi, my lovelies! Did you know that one of my favorite colors ever is lilac. I love this fresh pastel shade, but I never was courage enough to try this color on my lips. Recently I had an opportunity to try out Beauty UK Posh Pout Lip Crayon*, exactly in my favorite pastel shade, which is called `Would I lilac to you`. Stay with me if you are interested to know my opinion about it.

Madison Street Beauty Mineral Eye Shadows | Review & Swatches

Madison Street Beauty cosmetics review Madison Street Beauty Mineral EyeShadows Review Swatches liz breygel january girl

Hello, my lovelies, today I'm going to share with you my thoughts on gorgeous mineral eye shadows by Madison Street Beauty*. This company offers all natural and environmentally friendly products for a very affordable price. And the main idea of their philosophy is to show people that they don't need to pay a huge price for high quality cosmetics, which don't hurt the environment. So let's take a detailed look on Madison Street Eye Shadows.

Beauty UK Define - FX Mascara | Review

beauty uk mascara review Beauty UK Define - FX Mascara / Review liz breygel january girl
beauty uk cosmetics review swatches Beauty UK Define - FX Mascara / Review liz breygel january girl
beauty uk mascara review  Beauty UK Define - FX Mascara / Review liz breygel january girl

Hello ladies! Today I want to perform you another beauty treat by Beauty UK. This little pink cutie is a Beauty UK Define - FX Mascara* which will provide an awesome separation and lengthening effect to your lashes. Anyways, let's talk in details.

Define - FX Mascara comes in a bright pink packaging with a glossy silver letters. It is so cute :) It has a rubber wand with short bristles - they perfectly separate and free your lashes from clumps. You know that my lashes are a disaster, they are super short and super straight. But as you can see from the picture Define -  FX did a pretty good work and my lashes look great.

As for me Beauty UK Define - FX mascara has a unique formula, I never tried mascaras which dry out on your lashes so fast. It helps to build it up layer by layer without making pauses between process. And even after few coats of this mascara your lashes will not look like spider legs, they will still be without clumps and feel very light. And one more great benefit of Define - FX is it's scent. For me it smells like concentrated orange juice! I don't know what ingredient gives mascara this fragrance, but I wish all mascaras smell like this.

Overall I really like Define - FX, I think it is just perfect for everyday makeup. You can buy it on Beauty UK official website for £2.99, they have an international delivery so it won't be a problem to receive their products. Thanks everyone for reading my post, I wish you an awesome day! Bye, bye Xxx

Lots of love,

My Eyebrow Routine

how to fill in your eyebrows step by step tutorial  liz breygel january girl blogger

Hi ladies! Today I'm going to do a little update for my eyebrow routine. In last few months I have changed products I was using to fill in my eyebrows and also I've slightly changed the way I was filling them. If you are interested girls I invite you to take a look at this eyebrow tutorial I made for you.