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Bourjois Flower Perfection Loose Powder / Review

bourjois pówder review swatches
bourjois pówder review swatches
bourjois pówder review swatches
Hi ladies, how do you feel today? I have another beauty review for you. Today I'm going to talk about translucent powder by Bourjois which calls Flower Perfection. I always wanted to try translucent loose powder, because everyone says so many good things about it. So Flower Perfection became the pioneer in my collection.

Bourjois Perfection Loose Powder comes in a standard container for loose beauty products like mineral eyeshadows. It has a special cover - safety seal, with few holes on it. To reach the product you need to open the cover and turn container upside down. Then you dip your brush or puff in the product. This container contains just 5 g of loose powder, I wish Bourjois put more of it, because in this way it is kind expensive.

I took a look in the powder's ingredients, because heard somewhere that it contains extract of flowers. And it was true, Bourjois Powder has an exctract of Rhododéndron leafs. It may be some flowers like azaleas or roses. Sounds very attractive :) And , by the way, powder really smells like flowers, you will enjoy!

And now lets talk about the formula. Bourjois Flower Perfection is a very finely ground powder, almost like a dust. So after you apply it on your face it reaches every pore and your skin becomes very silky and smooth. It comes in one universal shade which will fit every skin tone. The huge plus of this powder is SPF 15 - I always forget to protect my skin from sun. But I don't think it will work good for girls with a super oily skin. Powder is very sheer, so you will need to refresh it again and again. But if you want your makeup to be very light and natural this powder should be your choice. I have normal skin, it becomes oily just when the weather is too hot, so in my case powder did a very nice job. My skin stays matte all day long.

Overall, I like Bourjois Flower Perfection Powder very much, it does it's job good, but I probably will not buy it again. But if you are a big fan of girlish things, this powder may add some cuteness in your collection, because it smells and looks adorable and a little bit vintage too :)

Kisses and hugs,
Lizzie xoxo