a close up picture of BJD doll makeup look on lips

Hi, lovelies! As you can tell from the title today I decided to share with you my little makeup experiment. I was watching different videos on Youtube and came across the video playlist called Faceup Stories, where the BJD master was showing a makeup routine for one of her ball-jointed dolls. The whole process was so interesting, that it inspired me to create my own BJD doll lip look.

Over the past decade, BJD dolls have become very popular among doll collectors. They are more than just toys, they are art masterpieces. Each doll has a name and unique appearance. Together with her style, and hair, it creates a wonderful composition between something regular, and magical. And don't even start with the whole breathtaking process of creation. I can spend a whole day watching these videos on Youtube. BJD artists work so hard to create a one-of-a-kind makeup look, that gives their doll life.

Doll makeup look step by step tutorial, bjd doll lips breygel antes depois lábios de boneca

BJD's lips are very tender, and pale, they are smaller than eyes, but at the same time are plump. The corners of the lips usually look down. It makes the whole look appear sad but so cute. Most of the time dolls have an ombré transition, but I decided to create a different look. But if you are interested in Ombré Lip Makeup, you can check my simple step-by-step tutorial. In the future, I will definitely try to do the whole BJD makeup look, but for now, let's look at how I create these cute lips.

How to create the BJD Doll Lip Look?

1. First of all, I applied the lip balm, to moisturize my lips and make them easy to work on;

2. I took a very light brown eyeshadow and lined my upper and lower lips, creating a desirable plump shape. I added a line on the corners of my lips as well.;

3. Now it is time to line the center of our upper lip, under the cupid's bow. It will help our lip to look plumper and doll-like;

4. Place the same eye shadows on the center of the lower lips and blend them;

5. Now it is time to add some pale pink or red lip gloss. The finished look should be very glossy!

That's all for this makeup tutorial, dolls, I hope you liked this look. I had lots of fun creating these doll lips. Please let me know your opinion or suggestions in the comments. Maybe you are interested to see something specific in my next tutorial? Thank you, lovelies, for reading my blog and I wish you all a good day. See you very soon!

Lots of love,