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I Tried Wearing Instagram Makeup For A Week | Instagram Face Challenge

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Around two days ago I was scrolling a Cosmopolitan web page and stabled across a very enthralling article by incredible Victoria Jowett called "I wore Instagram makeup for a week, and this is what happened...". The name of the article is self explanatory, you can check it here. Victoria was sharing her unusual everyday experience and how it changed, once she turned her makeup routine upside down and started wearing full face makeup, just like those beautiful Instagram makeup gurus.

The Hottest Party Dress Trends | Spring Fashion 2018

The spring is rapidly approaching and we all need to take a closer look at some of the latest runway trends that are going to be hot spring/summer fashion season. But today, we are not going to talk about everyday outfits, but check out some special occasion trends. With a help of an international online supplier of the trendy dresses Dresshopau I have gathered the hottest party dresses, which are going to blow out any boring social gathering.

Cute Bunnies Nail Art | Easter Inspired NOTD

Hi lovelies, have you prepared your nails for the spring? Lately I've been obsessed with all things blooming and that is why today I'm going to talk about this incredibly cute and spring friendly Rabbit Nail Stickers* by Born Pretty Store. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at these cute bunnies!

So they nail stickers come on a plain white sheet of paper and look like a regular stickers. They are very thin and printed on a transparent plastic base with an adhesive. You don't need to worry about those inconvenient nail glue and struggle with an application. Overall, there are around 40 little pictures and five bigger stickers for thumb and ring finger nails.

Wondering how to apply nail stickers? First of all you need to do a basic nail manicure with a color of your choice. For my Easter inspired nails of the day I chose a pastel blue nail color. I like to apply two thin coats of nail polish and dry them, before applying nail stickers, After you are done with manicure you can start to apply nail stickers on your nails. Choose a sticker from the sheet and gently peel the sticker with a tweezers. Now you can apply the sticker on your nail plate and press it with your finger to spread the wrinkles. To secure the sticker on the nail apply a transparent top coat and your manicure is done!

Overall, I must say I liked using these nail stickers and I can absolute recommend them for everyone, who likes to decorate their nails with beautiful ornaments, but always fail to draw on their own nails. These nail stickers last for a long time and prevent mail polish from chipping ad cracking. But, of course, an easy application process is a true advantage of this stickers.Want to try out these stickers? You can use a special code LIZH10 to receive 10 % discount on your purchase, click the banner below to check out the whole range of beauty and nail products.Until next time 

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Spring Fashion Wishlist

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Blue Floral Backless Dress | High Top Sneakers | Casual Gray Crop Top | Casual Nude Coat | Sexy Lace Bralette |  PU Leather Crossbody Bag | Spaghetti StrapTank Top |

Spring season is nearly here and with the warm winds of spring, breathing into our lives, it is a perfect time to start reviving our fashion closets, letting in new trends.  Here are some of my favorite  picks, which I've collected with a help of Newchic fashion and beauty store. They might not be very trendy, but I really want to add these pieces to my arsenal.

Sexy Valentine's Day Makeup Look Step By Step Tutorial

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Oh Valentine's Day! Probably the most exciting, sweet and romantic day of a year. Everyone wants to look great and impress their partner on this special day. And sometimes the only thing you need to rock the night is a very sexy and breathtaking makeup look. Let's demonstrate our crazy makeup skills on Valentine's Day date! Follow my simple step by step tutorial to recreate this sexy and seductive eye makeup.

Bilou Cherry Kisses Foam Lotion Limited Edition | Körperlotion Cremeschaum Review

skin care body lotion foam mousse cute packaging cherry fragrance
skin care body lotion foam mousse cute packaging cherry fragrance
skin care body lotion foam mousse cute packaging cherry fragrance
skin care body lotion foam mousse cute packaging cherry fragrance
skin care body lotion foam mousse cute packaging cherry fragrance

Hi lovelies, it is been a while since I've posted a review on my blog. Winter weather conditions can be hard on the skin, so I though it is a great idea to talk about my favorite skin care product at the moment - Bilou Cherry Kisses Foam Lotion. I literary can't stop using this cute little lotion and I'm very excited to share with you some details about this  lovely skin care product.

First of all I want to state that I'm deeply in love with this cute packaging! It is always hard to resist when the product comes in a hot pink bottle with a sweet little drawings on it. The packaging may remind you of a hair styling mousse - a regular pump bottle, that you need to shake before use. Telling the truth, I have never used a foam lotion before, so I was as happy as a little child, playing with this pink bottle!

Foam lotion it very lightweight and its textures is saturated with air. It is water based, so when you apply it on the skin, lotion feels very subtle and even a little bit watery. But once lotion absorbs into the skin, the only thing you can feel is a sweet fragrance of mellow cherry. Bilou foam lotion doesn't leave an annoying grease residue on the surface of the skin and absorbs in no time. Two main ingredients of this cute lotion are: shea butter - it helps to nourish and hydrate the skin and panthenol - allows your skin to promote recovery and healing processes. I love how soft and smooth my skin feels after the usage of this foam lotion.

Overall, I'm in love with the Bilou Cherry Kisses Foam Lotion and definitely recommend you to check it out, while it is still available. It is always nice to treat your skin with something so sweet and cute as this foam lotion. By the way, Bilou Cherry Kisses is vegan and it is 100 %  free of animal byproducts. If you need more information about the product, you can check out official Bilou website. Cherry kisses ... xox

Lots of love,
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5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Skin After a Party

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Partying is fun. The music, the dancing, the tasty alcohol, the amazing company, it all makes us feel good as we spend the night laughing and enjoying ourselves. But then you wake up in the morning, exhausted and hungover, and you look in the mirror. With those dark, puffy under-eye circles and that sallow complexion, it looks like you’ve spent a month working in a salt mine, not just having a nice time with your friends.