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Like it or not, Instagram has become an inextricable part of our lives and we’re all more than happy to obey it. Call it the 21st-century social schizophrenia if you will but not a single person that’s living in the now would ever pass on scooping the latest and hottest trends on Instagram, whether those be fashion, books, photography trends, or other pleasantries of the modern world. 

Although we are used to getting our basic, uncompromised outfit inspiration from the likes of Vogue, Cosmo, Elle, and other big fashion magazines, Instagram has become the quicker, more instant solution to the daily fashion inspo.

Why Instagram, exactly? It’s simple: while the magazines' fashion stories are one-sided and directive, Instagram is offering a more interactive approach to fashion. By following stylish Instagrammers we’re actively getting inspired to put together our own little outfits, try them out and see how they work with our personalities. Additionally, we are sharing our own fashion numbers and getting feedback from our immediate internet family. It’s fun, it’s fresh and it’s very stimulating! 

So, if you are looking for the best outfit options to pull off, those that will have your entire Instagram feed fall in love – read on to get inspired:

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Ruffle Romance

No one, and we mean NO ONE can stay immune to the ruffle magic, not even the most demanding crew from your Instagram feed. You’ve probably noticed that 2017 has been all about flashbacks to a more romantic time: dropped shoulders, ruffles, pastels, stripes and other elements evocative of gentility and love have occupied most of our fashion stunts, and we have a feeling this obsession is only just starting. You can use a special hashtag generator to find the best nostalgia-related hashtags and promote your looks. So, spruce up your outfit with an oversized, ruffle top in a gentle color to get everyone’s attention!

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Photo: EVG Culture

Drop it like it’s hot

The sensuality of cut and femininity of color combined in what’s popularly known as a drop-shoulder top or dress is the type of outfit that never fails – not on Instagram, not in real life. Whether they are super tight tops or oversized with loose shoulder ends, dropped shoulders or shoulder cutouts did occupy our attention all throughout 2017. 

What we absolutely adore seeing on Instagram are those stripy dropped shoulders, like pajama-inspired gorgeous women’s tops and shirts, with a lot of volumes that work perfectly with both skinny and not-so-skinny ladies. They add charm and femininity, and there’s just something impossible to resist them at this point.

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Pajama Controversy

Roll out of bed, style your hair into a messy pony, add a little lip gloss and you are ready for your big downtown contract signing! Wait, what? Exactly. But you know it, already – if Wintour gave her blessing for this pajama-inspired trend, who are the Instagrammers to contradict it, right? Wear your little silk pajama-inspired outfit (preferably with cute embellishments and appliqués) or your super-sexy silk cape, snap a mirror selfie, and show your Instagram audience how hot you are! Paired with a sleek heel in an unusual color (we love the idea of pastel pink, yellow or royal blue), the outfit will get an element of unexpected sexiness and daring. How can anyone resist a sleepy bombshell, really!

Forever Body Confident

Thank you, Kim Kardashian, for encouraging us not only to parade our thick thighs, round bums, and breasts but emphasize them in bodycon dresses that follow the body line like a dream! Fitting in both sports elegance and a super sexy outfit, bodycon dresses look phenomenal on girls who are curvy and want to show it. Paired with sneaks, oversized bomber or denim jackets, and backpacks, a bodycon won’t leave anyone indifferent! An elevated bodycon paired with a heel and a cardigan - this outfit is perfect for a semi-casual dinner, a night on the town, or a first date. Khm, someone says Insta 23874298 likes? Yes, please.

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