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6 Beauty Tips That Will Save Your Time

beauty makeup tips that will save your time

There’s no doubt that every once in a while we all fail to resist the temptation to press that snooze button. While you might come up with a great excuse for being late to work, you definitely cannot find any for looking too messy. Due to the following beauty tips that will save your time, you can look gorgeous even on your most hectic mornings. So, check them out!

How To Style A Waist Belt? | Everyday Goth Outfit

everyday grunge gothic dark outfit dress vintage fashion blogger

It is rather difficult to find a more feminine and provocative fashion garment than an old-fashioned corset. But, unfortunately, it is also complicated to incorporate this Gothic accessory in the outfit, especially in your everyday outfit. You can always choose a denim corset over a classic black piece with buckles, and lace but denim apparel will never look as seductive and cheeky. Luckily, there is one pretty innocuous way to style Gothic apparel and make it more "appropriate" for the gray reality of everyday life.

City Color Primer Oil | Review & Demo

budget beauty cosmetics review city color makeup oil non-greasy primer for dry oily skin care

The smooth, poreless skin is a key to a flawless foundation and net makeup look. However, most of us can't brag about the perfect-looking doll like skin. We all have fine lines, pores and blemishes. That's when face oils come in handy. So, my sweet ladies and gentlemen, my never-ending City Color Cosmetics epopee continues and today we are going to take a look at City Color Primer Oil* an unusual non-greasy oil that smooths and softens the skin, preparing it for makeup foundation. Why unusual? Let's discover the secrets this beauty potion holds.

Minimalist Punk Manicure For Short Nails | How To Use Nail Art Studs?

minimal simple nail manicure born pretty store nails review

Good day, sweeties! Do you prefer to keep your nails short and convenient? Let's face the truth, the most daring and cheeky nail designs look more beautiful and organic on shorter nails. You can pull off the most dramatic manicure, embellished with crystals, rocks and glitter, if your nails are short and cute. I hope you are feeling bold and daring today, because you definitely need to try out this sassy nail manicure. I have never tried to decorate my nails with little studs, but Born Pretty store gave me an opportunity to try out these frisky Black Nail Studs*. I couldn't miss the chance to play around with these decorations and show you the result.

3 Day to Night Looks to Get You From Hustle to Happy Hour

red dress boutique fashion style ideas

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You are a woman on the move and, quite frankly, you expect your wardrobe to work (and move) with you. With a calendar as packed as yours we know that you don’t have the luxury of mid-day costume changes. Don’t worry, girl, we feel you – and we’re oh so ready to help make your life a little easier. Check out our tips on what to wear this summer to get your multi-tasking sexy self from daytime glam to night time sizzling with just a little bit of planning and a whole lot of style.

Dressing Your Bed For Summer

bbloggers beauty blogger fashion blogger

You know it is time to change your cozy winter bedding, when on hot and stuffy summer nights you can't find a comfortable position to fall asleep. A good old sleeping position with one leg out from under the covers isn't working and you tend to wake up cold few hours later?

City Color Creamy Lips 'Chocolate Merlot' | Review & Swatches

dark gothic burgundy wine vampire lips lipstick

What is your favorite kind of wine? Everyone around me was always obsessed with white dry wine, but I have never shared the same feelings to this drink. As a sweet-tooth, I enjoy the sugary strength of dark, viscid red wine, usually used in the Divine Liturgy. I’m also a big fan of dark, burgundy lipstick and can wear it throughout the whole year, not minding the season behind the window. 'Chocolate Merlot'* is one of those lip colors, which I love the same way as the old-fashioned altar wine.

Fairy Tale Homecoming Dresses For Prom

feminine chiffon ball gown how to choose perfect ideal prom dress online fashion blogger

For most people, prom night only happens once in a lifetime, that's why it is so important to make this occasion the most memorable in your life. There's a lot that goes into planning your ideal prom night, but the most important thing for a young lady is her ideal prom dress. Prom is the best time to get all glammed up and make a major statement. Who needs an old-fashioned boring classic, when you can go bold with these beautiful homecoming dresses. Today I have gathered my favorite special occasion dresses inspired by well-known fairy tales.

Summer Vacation Wishlist | I ♥ Summer

fashion summer vacation what to take to the trip journey plane vacation

Summer is the perfect time to explore new places and take adventurous trips. The days are long and warm, the nights are hot and romantic and all we need to think about is what to bring for a summer vacation. To help you deal with this uneasy packing task I've decided to gather up few essential vacation items and put them together in one summer wishlist.

Choosing Your Perfect Stylish Prom Dress

Beautiful girl with long hair in prom dress

Prom night is probably the biggest and the most important night for every young lady. After a long and difficult school year an ideal prom dress of your dream will help you to sum up this phase of your life. But how to choose a perfect prom dress? It is both a very difficult and thrilling task, but let`s concentrate on positive side and find out what prom dress will beautifully emphasize your style and personality.

Chameleon Magnetic Cat Eye Nail Polish | Review & Demo

holographic short nail nail manicure dark grunge gothic nail art nails

Some time ago I received an email from Born Pretty store with an awesome proposition to try out their new nail polish product. I didn't know what product they are going to send me, but was excited to receive the package. There was no limit to my happiness, when I finally opened the package and found out that I received a magnetic nail polish with a chameleon effect from a new series with a romantic name 'Aurora' .