3 Day to Night Looks to Get You From Hustle to Happy Hour by Liz Breygel on January Girl blog
Photo: Inga Seliverstova

You are a woman on the move and, quite frankly, you expect your wardrobe to work (and move) with you. With a calendar as packed as yours, we know that you don’t have the luxury of mid-day costume changes. Don’t worry, girl, we feel you – and we’re oh so ready to help make your life a little easier. Check out our tips on what to wear this summer to get your multi-tasking sexy self from daytime glam to nighttime sizzling with just a little bit of planning and a whole lot of style.

Karaoke with the Coworkers

We know you’re meant for greatness -- but even Wonder Woman had a day job when she wasn’t saving the world. Save your coworkers from the torture of a drab work week by getting the word out about weekly karaoke happy hours sure to raise their spirits. 

What to Wear: 

Spare yourself the dread of changing under the harsh fluorescents of an office bathroom and instead wear an outfit you can take to the office and dress up for the night. Think trendy wrap skirt and crisp button-down that can easily be untucked with rolled sleeves and then tied at the waist. Because honestly, a night out with you is a gift.

Birthday Drinks with the Girls

Birthdays are a great excuse to cut loose with your best gal pals – especially if adulting currently has you overextended with more have-to obligations than want-to hangouts.

What to Wear:

It’s not easy coordinating a night out with your friends but when you do you have to make every minute count. Channel your carefree self and keep a pair of sexy heels at the ready to dress up any daytime work dress for a night on the dance floor. And don’t forget to switch out that neutral matte lipgloss for a sexy red oil tint to give your lips that ‘come hither’ sheen guaranteed to land a birthday kiss before the night is over.

Dinner with the Crush

Picture it: you’re powering down after a killer week at work when all of a sudden that hottie from accounting you’ve been not-so-secretly stalking on Instagram leans against your desk and finally (finally!) asks you to dinner. Tonight. 

What to Wear:

Sure, had you known you were going to be breaking bread with your crush you might have found a way to shove your fave LBD in your handbag and change in the bathroom stall? However, on second thought, you realize it’s probably better to look cute and casual and make him do all of the work to win your praises instead. Leave the blazer in your office drawer and adjust the strap on your stylish handbag to long – you know, like your lashes. Add some fresh tint and let down your hair and you’ll be ready for anything the night has to offer. How’s that for a dream date?!

Lots of love,