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Minimalist Punk Manicure For Short Nails | How To Use Nail Art Studs?

minimal simple nail manicure born pretty store nails review

minimal simple nail manicure born pretty store nails review
minimal simple nail manicure born pretty store nails review
minimal simple nail manicure born pretty store nails review

Good day, sweet ladies! Do you prefer to keep your nails short and convenient? Let's face the truth, the most daring and cheeky nail designs look more beautiful and organic on shorter nails. You can pull off the most dramatic manicure, embellished with crystals, rocks and glitter, if your nails are short and cute. I hope are you feeling bold and daring today, because you definitely need to try out this sassy nail manicure. I have never tried decorating my nails with little studs, but Born Pretty store gave me an opportunity to try out these frisky Black Nail Studs*. I couldn't miss the chance to play around with these decoration and show you the result.

Born Pretty Nail Studs came in a little plastic bag and you are going to receive approximately 3g/0.10 oz of decorations. I haven't counted these little dots, hearts and triangles, but can assure you, that this amount of nail decorations will serve you a long time, especially if you are a fan of minimal nail designs. As a huge makeup junkie I pretend to use these studs to create some crazy eye makeup looks, so I hope to have to save these babies for makeup purposes as well. Nail studs are made of super thin and light metal, which you can even bend a little, if needed. They look very simple and beautiful on the nails: tiny, shiny and stylish. The back part of studs is concave, which allows the shape of the decoration to lay more secure on the nail. Nail studs look voluminous, but not too bulky.

How to apply these voluminous nail decorations? It is very simple and fast. First you need to apply nail polish, that will beautifully with the color of your nail studs. Black studs won't be very noticeable on a black nail polish, that's why you need to find a favorable color. After you have finished with you nail polish start apply one layer of top coat and, while it is still sticky, carefully press apply decorations on your nails, creating a desirable design. Regular eyebrow tweezers can help you with this task. To make your nail studs last longer, seal them with your a top coat and let your nails dry. You can also use a special nail glue to make your decoration last even longer.

In a nutshell, I loved wearing this punk rock manicure even more, than I thought I will. What I like the most about these nail decorations, is that you can have so much fun, creating interesting designs for your nails and even eyes! My minimalist punk nails lasted longer than a week and took the design off, just because I wanted to try something new, not because I started loosing my studs. Liked something and want to try out? Then don't forget to use a a special code LIZH10 to receive 10% discount off your purchase, you can click the banner below to check out the whole range of the nail and makeup products. Until next time lovelies ♥

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