a close-up picture of an eye with a beautiful and dramatic gothic makeup look

Hi, everyone! How did you spend your winter holidays? I hope you all had a great time and you are ready for the new 2016 year. In my first blog post this year I decided to dedicate myself to my most favorite makeup style ever - dramatic Gothic eye look. When I was younger this was my go-to makeup, and I even didn't care what time of day it is. Sure in time my makeup skills became better, and I improved this look a little bit, but it is still very simple and easy to create. You’ll need just a few basic makeup products for this makeup look, it is both beginner and purse-friendly.

a close-up picture of an eye with a beautiful and dramatic gothic makeup look

1. Let's start with a primer. Prime your eyelids and the eye pencil will go on the skin smoothly. Start to create on the outer half of your eyelid a wing, that will connect your lower lash line and the crease. Don’t worry to be a bit messy on this step, it is only a base for the eye shadow.

2. Blend out the edges of the pencil and set it with a black matte eye shadow. 

la step-by-step pictorial of a beautiful gothic eye makeup look with instructions

3. Put a shimmering gray eyeshadow on the other half of the eyelid, blend out the transition between two shades. 

4. Line your waterline with the black eye kohl and create a beautiful wing with a black liquid eyeliner. Add a few strokes on a bottom lash line if you prefer.

5. And the last step is mascara. Add a generous coat on your lashes, put on some falsies if you want. And your Gothic eye makeup is done.

a portrait of gothic woman with a beautiful dramatic eye and lip makeup look

This makeup tutorial is very basic, you can use absolutely any color you want to add some brightness to your look. I decided to stay simple and used grayish purple lipstick to complete the whole makeup. Please, let me know what you think about it in the comment section. Have an awesome day!

Lots of love,