a close-up picture of an opened naked flushed palette by urban decay on a plain background

I have always been a fan of powder contouring. Unlike cream contouring, it feels like a more suitable contouring method for light skin. In today's beauty review, we are going to take a look at the Naked 'Flushed' palette by Urban Decay. It was released a few years ago, back in 2013, but it still continues to gain popularity among makeup fans even today. I don't think I ever heard so much positive feedback on any other makeup product, and, once I received the package, I was super excited to try the palette myself.

Packaging and Colors

Urban Decay's 'Flushed' palette includes three essential makeup products for subtle contouring – a light-brown bronzer, rose-petal blush, and a champagne highlighter with a pearly finish. All three colors are packed in a compact, travel-friendly plastic case with a magnetic closure and a mirror. I would say, that all three products have medium pigmentation, which looks natural on light and medium skin tones.

a close-up picture of an opened naked flushed palette by urban decay on a plain background

The 'Flushed' bronzer has an absolutely matte finish on the skin. Unfortunately, it has a slight yellow undertone to it, and I'm not a big fan of it. Still, it looks beautiful and natural on the light skin. The blush is fantastic. It features some reflective particles and gives a very soft glow to the skin

I believe that blush is the most pigmented product on the palette. The fresh, rose-petal color with an orange undertone is versatile and looks beautiful on most skin undertones. The third product in Urban Decay's palette is a highlighter, with a soft pearly finish and a beautiful champagne shade. 

Texture and Application

All three products in this compact trio are smooth and silky. It is such a pleasure working with these powders, as they blend absolutely easily on the skin. You can use them to lightly touch up your skin, adding dimension to the face. It is nice to have three products packed comfortably in one place. Another advantage of Naked Palettes is the paraben, fragrance, mineral oil, and alcohol-free formulation. Those of us with sensitive and acne-prone skin always appreciate the care.

a close-up swatches on the light skin of colors and texture of naked flushed palette by urban decay

Final Verdict..

For those beauties, who may find Naked's bronzer too yellow for the skin, Urban Decay has three more contouring palettes – Streak, Native, and Strip. These palettes have slightly different undertones and color intensities. And, I think, it is nice that it is nice to have various options to choose from. Have you ever tried Urban Decay's palettes? If yes, which one is your favorite?

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