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Gothic Lolita Halloween Eye Makeup Tutorial: Black Enlarging Lenses & Blushy Eyes

brown eye close up with dramatic Gothic makeup

Lovelies, oh how I missed doing a step by step makeup tutorial for you!  It is one of my most favorite and well-liked rubrics on January Girl.  The whole process of creating a piece of temporary art on your eyelids always intrigues and inspired me.  It's been almost six months since I've posted my last makeup tutorial here, it was bubblegum pink Valentine's Day makeup look with and nontrivial winged eyeliner. But this time I have prepared something even better!

Mac Cosmetics Pro Longwear Paint Pot Controversy: Is It As Great As Claimed?

a close up of MAC's pro paint pot in shade Painterly on white, furry rug

It is almost impossible to find a professional makeup artist or common makeup lovers, who have never heard of infamous MAC's Pro Paint pots - a long-lasting cream product that can be worn on the eyelids on its own or used as an eyeshadow base for loose and pressed eyeshadows. This multi-functional makeup product extends the longevity of the eye makeup, concealing the appearance of fine veins and other skin discolorations. Sounds like a must-have product for makeup enthusiast, isn't it? But do not hurry to grab it at Sephora, as there are a ton of polar reviews on this product. Let's find out if the MAC's paint pots are as great, as some people claim!

What Do Doctors Say About Eyelash Growth? | Debunking Eyelash Myths With Hers

debunking eyelash growth myths and confirming the facts

Voluminous, luscious lashes is every woman's dream! Of course we like to enhance them with mascara, curl them with special curling tools and extend their length with special eyelash extensions, but how often do we care about the health of our lashes? Eyelashes play an important role - they protect our eyes from dust, sunshine, foreign objects and even minor damage, therefore taking good care of their health is just as important as taking care of the skin and overall health. With the support of Hers and dermatologist Sandy Skotnicki's guidance, we are going to discuss the eyelash health and answer some smoldering questions about their health.