beautiful girl in hoop earrings

If your job relies on you looking professional, there can be certain things to avoid in terms of how you dress. Whether you are in a senior role talking to prospective clients or you are working in hospitality which requires a stricter dress code, earrings can be a smaller detail that makes all the difference. 

You communicate how you want to be treated and approached by others with the way that you dress. Moreover, when it comes to your earrings, you don’t want them to be too distracting if you are in a more corporate environment, for example:

You want to edge towards the more minimal side often when considering the workplace environment and opt for chic silver hoop earrings from Silver By Mail. You will also find a range of smaller hoops that still promote elegance and add that touch of interest to your outfit.

woman in lace blouse is wearing hoop earrings

Picking The Best Hoop Earrings For Work 

When wearing hooped earrings in the corporate world and anywhere that requires you to have more of a chic, refined look, follow these general rules: 

  • Keep it real. - We are talking in terms of metals. If you are going for gold or silver, ensure it’s the real deal. If it shows signs of tarnishing or discolorations you could risk it looking cheap and tacky. Instead, sterling silver and authentic gold carry off an effortless elegance and look of chic. 

  • Match hoops with your skin tone. - When it comes to skin tone matching, think about which suits your skin. For example, if your skin tone is warm then it may be a great idea to mix up the color that matches your outfit instead.

  • Match with your outfit. - If it matches your outfit then you are onto a winner. This means that it won’t detract from your overall look but will instead complement it. 

beautiful girl in hoop earrings

  • Go with something stronger. - If you want the hoops to highlight your look, don’t be afraid to go with something stronger or wider. If they are too flimsy then it could mean they will move around too much. However, if you are doubting then it’s always best to go for smaller hoops. 

  • Formal suit? - Try diamond hoops. Depending on your attire, you may wish to add a few diamonds to the mix. This can work really well as long as they aren’t too obvious but if not, you will want to save it for more formal events. 

  • Always get a clasp. - To keep things safe, it’s a good idea to go with clasp earrings so that they are secure when you are moving around and don’t poke the side of your neck. 

These are all great pieces of advice when shopping for hooped earrings in the work environment. Hopefully, you'll find your perfect hooped pair that matches your formal work attire and ideally completes the look. Please, let me know what are your favorite work jewelry and accessories, I will be happy to know your fashion thoughts and tips!

Lots of love,