two wedding rings on the autumn leaves

Together with the chilly winds and rainfalls, pale September brings us new opportunities for wedding ceremonies, because there is nothing more romantic than pumpkin-flavored, wondrous weather. In today's post, together with the online wedding store Bmbridal, we are going to find out more about one of my favorite wedding locations, that were made for autumnal festive occasions — the pumpkin patch wedding ceremony. Halloween vibes on the wedding, anyone?

beautiful wedding dress for rustic ceremony

Color Theme & Decorations for Pumpkin the Patch Wedding

Probably, the most suitable wedding theme for the pumpkin patch ceremony is rustic, because it remarkably fits the color of the ripe gourds and autumn foliage. Decorate your venue with garlands made of fallen leaves and dry flowers, a banquet table with tiny pumpkins and apples, and serve the guests warming brews with delicious seasonal dishes. Establish a few cozy hiding places, just in case of sudden rain, and stock up with the patchwork blankets — keep your friends and family warm in the evening.

chic, short bridesmaid dress for rustic wedding ceremony

Wedding Dress for the Pumpkin Patch Wedding

Now, when you have finally decided on the theme of your ceremony, it is time to pick the dress. But what are the best wedding dress for such a ceremony? Nothing will complement the atmosphere of a rustic pumpkin wedding than a feminine floor-length dress decorated with delicate lace and flowing chiffon plum. 

Complete your look with the contrary elements — massive cowboy boots, and a rustic bouquet featuring dry wildflowers and leaves. Finding beautiful, matching bridesmaid dresses is the second most important step. It should be just as feminine and tender, yet with few rural elements in the look — a wreath made from cotton flowers and wheat spikelets is exactly what you need.

Among various fall-appropriate wedding locations, a pumpkin patch venue is pretty affordable, especially if you plan to have a small ceremony together with your closest friends and family members. It is also easier to find a proper pumpkin patch venue than a mountain place or vineyard — not everyone lives in a country or a city with a particular climate, yet pumpkin vines grow almost everywhere! Isn't it an ideal place for your elopement vow ceremony?

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